One Piece Chapter 060


  • Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 19 – Formation! The Richie Pirates.
    You can see Richie, who has defeated Cabaji and Mohji and is now celebrated as the new captain.


Gin feels the need to point out to Luffy and Sanji that they should have escaped when they had the chance. Sanji and Luffy, however, can only smile wearily at this. Then Creek’s gang interferes, saying that they can’t do anything anyway, since they’re up against the strongest gang in the East Blue after all. Luffy, however, proves them wrong by saying that they are only strong because of their large numbers.

Now the pirates want to go after Luffy, but are held back by Creek. He then asks Luffy who is more likely to get the title of Pirate King. Luffy resolutely replies that it would be him. The cooks are heartily unenthusiastic about this, and ask him reproachfully if he could be nice for once. Creek takes a similar view and immediately attacks. However, as is his wont, he turns it back into a lie. He tells it was poison gas, even though it was a Shuriken. Luffy, however, remains unimpressed. Again, Creek asks him who’s more likely to be Pirate King, and Luffy sticks to his opinion, but kicks it up a notch by saying Creek doesn’t even have the slightest chance. That’s the last straw, and Creek decides he’s going to take him down himself.

The fighting begins and Sanji is knocked straight to the ground.

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