One Piece Chapter 059


Buggy’s Adventures, Part 18: Richie the Dreamer. Richie, who is dreaming of being a captain himself, sleepwalks and ends Cabaji and Mohji’s battle for the captain’s title in the middle of the night by striking both “contenders”.


The whole baratié was set on fire by Perle Eisenschild just because he has a little nosebleed. Gin is still threatening Zeff with his revolver, keeping him at bay. Gin wants to make Sanji give up, but he doesn’t dream of it and wants to keep fighting: for himself and also for Zeff.

Pearl Iron Shield now intervenes in the action again. He attacks the already quite battered Sanji again by giving him a powerful blow with his iron shield.

The fire, which Perle has caused for his own protection, comes ominously closer to the main part of the ship. The cooks as well as Creek’s crew try to put out the fire, but they are unsuccessful. Luffy, who has been a silent spectator, becomes enraged and destroys the burning fin of the Baratié with the gum-gum bomb.

All of them were able to jump from the destroyed fin into the water and save themselves. Both the cooks and the pirates are quite angry about the action of the straw hat boy. He only says that they don’t need to get so upset because it is only a fin.

Don Krieg is pretty pissed now. He gives Gin the order to shoot Zeff, but he doesn’t seem to be able to. Sanji goes after Luffy and asks him what the point of his action was. Luffy only replies that it was to get rid of the pirates. The head cook then gets really angry and yells at Luffy that he shouldn’t destroy his home. Luffy yells at him that Zeff wouldn’t like it if Sanji, for whom he once risked his life, sacrificed himself for a ship.

The conversation is interrupted by Perle Eisenschild, who wants to attack the two. But before Perle can strike, he is knocked out by Gin with his iron balls, to the horror of the godfather.

Creek asks his first mate what’s gotten into him. He excuses himself by saying that he wants to take care of Sanji personally. Creek then says that Gin has turned against him and now wants to mutiny.

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