One Piece Chapter 056



East Blue, Baratié: Zeff is lying on the floor, Gin is standing with one leg on his back and holding the broken wooden leg in one hand. In the other hand he has a pistol with which he aims at Zeff’s head. Enraged, Luffy wants to attack Gin, but is stopped by Sanji. He wants to hear Gin’s demands first. Gin asks Sanji to leave the ship, but Sanji refuses. He taunts the old man, who lies helpless on the ground. The other cooks think Sanji wants the old man to die. But Sanji demands Gin to take aim at him. Meanwhile, Perle has regained consciousness and wants to beat up the guy who beat his nose bloody twice himself. Without fighting back, Sanji is hit full force by Pearl’s Chou Tennen Pearl Present. He is flung all the way to the railing. Luffy charges at Pearl and goes for a punch when Sanji stops him again, however. He accuses Gin of not being fair, as he’s going to pull the trigger either way. Gin, however, just wants them to leave the ship.

Sanji tells him that the ship is all Zeff has left. Sanji is responsible for losing everything else, his power, his dream and that’s why Sanji wants to prevent him from losing the ship too. Too late, Patty warns him of Pearl’s next attack. From behind, the latter applies Pearl Close and hits Sanji in the head. Badly injured, he goes down. Pearl leaps into the air. Luffy is pissed at Gin’s behavior, who justifies that they are fighting so even and just want the ship. Sanji also can’t dodge the following service Pearl: Ibushigin Present attack from Pearl. Pearl exults in his invincibility.

Flashback 1513 Anno Maris, passenger ship Orbit: Sanji is a kitchen boy on the ship at the time. He tells the other cooks about the Allblue and that he will find it. While the other cooks have also dreamed of him at one point, they still laugh at him. They think he is a fairy tale. He would be any cook’s paradise. All the fish of the East, West, North and Southblue should be found in him. They go back to work. They clear the plates and call it a waste if a guest has left food. The cooks help themselves to the leftovers and only earn disgusted looks from Sanji, who throws away other leftover food. Since they land in two days and still have plenty to eat, he just thinks it’s disgusting to eat leftovers. A cook enlightens him that you never know what will happen at sea, so you shouldn’t waste anything. Another ship approaches the orbit and panic breaks out. It is the pirate ship of the Cook pirate gang. Redfoot Zeff gives the order to board.


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