One Piece Chapter 055


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 15: Oh Captain, We Carry You in Our Hearts
Buggy’s crew gives up hope of ever seeing their captain again. On an island they lay a grave for him, place his bound limbs in front of it and mourn.


East Blue, Baratié: Perle Eisenschild is bleeding, comrades of him want to reassure him that only the nose is bleeding. The cooks don’t understand the commotion. Luffy and Sanji also don’t understand why Perle is making such a fuss about the blood. Don Krieg tells Pearl not to get upset, but he screams danger loudly and quickly slams his hand beads against each other. He uses it to ignite Fire Pearl: Great Privilege, a protective attack once used to drive off wild predators in the jungle. Pearl fires a Fire Pearl at Sanji and Luffy. Some Fire Pearls even hit comrades of his. However, it also hits the ship, which immediately bursts into flames. To escape the heat and fire, the pirates jump into the water.

Sanji vs Perle Iron Shield: Sanji runs at Perle and jumps over a wall of fire. He applies a kick from above, which Perle is able to deflect with a hand shield. Perle is amazed that Sanji is not afraid of fire. With a cigarette in his hand, Sanji replies to him that no chef is afraid of fire. Again, he charges at Pearl, who tries to hit him in the face with Fire Pearl Present. Sanji throws himself forward, ducking under the fireball. He catches himself with his hands and uses the momentum to kick his legs up into the air and his heel into Pearl’s face with full force. Pearl falls to the ground, his nose bleeding even more. Enraged, he fires a Fire Pearl at the main ship. The kitchen threatens to explode as the bullets hit. Zeff stands at the entrance to the restaurant. Undeterred, he swings his wooden leg once, stopping the bullets in their tracks. Someone like Perle can manage Zeff even with one leg. Creek fears that Perle will still set the whole ship on fire, and therefore hurls his morning star at the flaming fin.

The morning star falls towards Sanji and Pearl, neither of whom can dodge it. Luffy comes leaping through the flames and shoots the morning star back with a gum-gum bazooka. This hits a pole next to Don Krieg, which breaks and falls right on Pearl’s head. Unconscious, he goes down and Creek is about to intervene himself when Gin breaks Zeff’s peg leg and puts a gun to his head. He warns Sanji not to make him kill the old man.

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