One Piece Chapter 054


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 14 – Pirate Alliance:
Buggy and Alvida join forces. They eat fish, drink wine and plan to destroy Luffy together.


Mackerel Head #1, kicked by Sanji, crashes into the extended deck of the Baratié. Everyone marvels at the power of his kicks, except for Patty and Carne, who heave themselves out of the mackerel head, damaged. When angrily asked if he had meant to kill them both, Sanji nonchalantly replies, “Yes.”

Meanwhile, the cooks realize that their opponents are not as easy to defeat as the ordinary pirates they usually have to deal with and start to lose heart. Patty and Carne are quite upset about this, because for them the Baratié is the most wonderful place in the world. Both have worked for over ten years and in more than 300 restaurants where they were constantly fired for causing so much trouble. At the Baratié, however, they can both fight and cook at the same time.

Energetically, they both charge forward and make a large breach in the Creek pirates. All at once, however, Perle Eisenschild, the second mate of Creek’s pirate armada, appears and strikes them both down with one blow.

Badly battered, they both lie on the floor, and a pirate tries to take the kitchen knife away from Patty. Sanji, who witnessed the whole thing, kicks the pirate with such force that he crashes into several comrades, and they eventually land on Pearl. Sanji explains that a chef’s knife is his soul, and no worthless person is allowed to touch it. He returns the knife to Patty, and declares to now take care of the pirates. They are angered by Sanji’s arrogance and attack him, only to all be knocked to the ground and defeated by his powerful kicks.

Perle is disappointed that his comrades were only defeated by a single kick and asks Sanji if kicking is the only thing he knows how to do. Sanji replies that for a chef, his hands are his life and he must not hurt them, but promises Perle that he will defeat him with his kicks. Perle finds the idea amusing, as he has been in 61 fights but never lost a drop of blood. Therefore, he thinks he is very strong.

Luffy is distracted by Perle, and is caught by Don Krieg’s morning star and flung away. Meanwhile, Sanji makes an initial attack on Pearl, but he is protected by his armor. Luffy, who has been flung away, slams into Pearl from behind with full force, causing him to hit his head on his own armor and begin bleeding from the nose. The surrounding Creek pirates are shocked.

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