One Piece Chapter 052



Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, Johnny and Yosaku are horrified by Zoro’s defeat at the hands of Hawkeye. The members of Don Krieg’s gang are also astonished that not even Zoro could defeat Falcon’s Eye. Sanji, not realizing that Zoro would rather die than not face Falcon Eye, plows at Zoro, but he falls back into the sea from Falcon Eye’s sword blow. Johnny and Yosaku dive after him, crying.

Full of rage, Luffy attacks Dracule Mihawk. But he rushes past Dracule Mihawk, who invites him to make himself comfortable, and gets stuck with his head in the destroyed ship of Creek. He doesn’t notice that Luffy has eaten from a devil fruit. Hawkeye reassures Luffy by telling him that Zoro is still alive. At the same moment, the two bounty hunters emerge from the water with Zoro and treat him. Hawkeye now introduces himself: His name is Dracule Mihawk, and he says that Zoro is still too young to die and needs to keep his iron will. Someday, he might be able to defeat him.

Jeff notes that it is impressive that Zoro was able to leave a lasting impression on Dracule Mihawk. When Hawkeye asks Luffy what he plans to do, Luffy replies that he wants to become Pirate King. He then asks Usopp if Zoro is still alive. According to him, Zoro is merely unconscious. Just at that moment, Zoro raises his last sword. After asking Luffy if he can hear him, Luffy answers in the affirmative. Zoro wants to know if Luffy is disappointed in him and now fears for his dream. In tears, Zoro swears that he will never lose again. Luffy agrees.

Mihawk calls the two pirates a great team and hopes they will meet again. As he is about to leave, Don Krieg wants to stop him and shoots pistols at the samurai of the seas. However, after the smoke clears, the best swordsman in the world is gone. Luffy sends Usopp, along with Johnny and Yosaku to retrieve Nami and the Going Merry. In the meantime, he himself wants to hire a Cook.

Creek’s gang is getting ready to attack the Baratié. Luffy asks Zeff if he can get rid of his debt if he drives the pirates away. The chef agrees.


  • This chapter originally had a third color page next to the Color Spread in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and 2nd Log.
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