One Piece Chapter 050


Adventures of the Buggy Gang
Part 11 – The mighty crab
A huge crab suddenly appears under Buggy and splits his raft in two.


The Baratié cooks are shocked that Don Krieg’s ship has been chopped into several pieces just like that, and speculate about an explosion. Johnny and Yosaku tell how Nami stole the The Going Merry: Nami was looking at wanted posters, one apparently pretty accurately. The bounty hunters warned her about him; he almost even killed her once. Nami has pulled the loot on deck and asks the boys to turn around, as she wants to change. When they do, Nami pushes them overboard. She tells them that she had a fun time with Luffy, but the temporary partnership is over now. She’s just a thief. She doesn’t respond to the shouts for her to turn back and leaves.

Usopp and Zoro are pissed at Nami. Luffy can still see the ship and they decide to go after Nami since they need her as a navigator. Luffy, however, wants to stay since he has some unfinished business. Suddenly, someone yells out.

The man who destroyed Creek’s fleet has followed them into the East Blue, and now he’s scythed the flagship as well. He’s out there alone in a tiny ship. The Cooks wonder how he managed to destroy the entire Creek armada without a weapon. Zeff explains that he has a weapon: He carries it on his back. He is the best swordsman in the world; Hawkeye.

Hawkeye looks at the pirates Creeks and they think he is the devil. When asked why he is chasing them, he replies “boredom”. One of the pirates shoots at Hawkeye, but he is able to deflect the trajectory of the bullets. Zoro addresses Falcon’s Eye. He asks if he destroyed the ship. He then reports that he has been looking for Falcon’s Eye for a very long time. He wants to fight with Dracule Mihawk, as he wants to be the best. Hawkeye orders him to get ready to die.

Nami is on the road with the The Going Merry. She’s talking to herself. The straw hat pirates were fine. She hopes they still like her when they meet again. She bursts into tears, “I want my freedom…. Bell-mère!“

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