One Piece Chapter 049


Colour page: Nami cuddles with a large dove.


Gin tells us that a single man with “hawk eyes” destroyed the entire Don Krieg armada. Zeff thinks that could only have been a man named Hawkeye. Zeff thinks it’s Hawkeye, not because Gin thinks the man had Hawkeye, but because of his destructiveness. Usopp and Luffy have never heard of Hawkeye, but Zoro says he’s been looking for him for a long time, and Johnny said he heard Hawkeye was seen at the baratié a lot. The cooks talk about one Hawkeye, but he seems to be another, a drunk with blood-red eyes.

Jeff goes on about the Grand Line and Luffy gets all excited with anticipation. Zoro also wants to go to the Grand Line, because he wants to be the best swordsman in the world. Sanji doesn’t think much of the pirates’ “showing off”. Patty reminds those present that there are 100 pirates lurking outside the restaurant who want to take over the ship.

Scene change to Don Krieg’s ship: the pirates are back on their feet. They are happy to have survived the Grand Line and disagree with their captain’s decision to return there immediately. Only when Creek shoots one of his men do all the others agree to go back to the Grand Line. The pirates storm the baratié when suddenly Creek’s ship is cut in half, which of course everyone is shocked and amazed at.

Luffy and co. rescue Yosaku and Johnny, who are floating in the water. They ask where Nami is. The two tell them that she has run off with the Going Merry and all the treasure. Zeff has given orders to weigh anchor or they will be dragged down with the sinking galleon when he suddenly sees a shadow.

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