One Piece Chapter 048


Adventures of the Buggy Gang
Part 10 – Farewell to a friend (and a great opponent)
Once again Buggy sets sail with his raft. Gaimon and the animals stay behind on the island.


Jeff confirms to Don Krieg that he is Redfoot Zeff, formerly a pirate and a Cook, now just a Cook. Creek says that Zeff’s “red shoes” wouldn’t fit anymore, that Zeff was known for never fighting with his hands, only his feet. He could crunch rock and steel. He got his nickname because his foot turned red from the blood of his opponents. But since he lost his foot, his pirate career and fighting prowess is now over.

Creek asks Zeff, who was on the Grand Line for a year, for his logbook, but he doesn’t want to give it up as the only reminder of his life back then. Creek wants to get the logbook himself. He tells why he failed on the Grand Line. He was missing a “compass”. With Zeff’s logbook and the Baratié, he wants to start a new pirate fleet and grab the One Piece to become Pirate King. But Luffy doesn’t agree with that at all.

Creek laughs at Luffy, calling him a milksop. Zoro and Usopp ask if they should help him, but Luffy refuses. Creek asks if the two of them are his entire crew. He wants Luffy to understand that he doesn’t stand a chance on the Grand Line; his own crew was wiped out in just seven days. He makes an offer to those present: since he’s only interested in the logbook and the ship, they should all leave, or he’d finish them off. Then he takes the food he got from Zeff for the rest of his crew and brings it to them.

Gin apologizes to everyone for his captain not sticking to the agreement and wanting to take the baratié. Patty complains to Zeff that he screwed everything up by giving the pirates food, but Zeff defends himself and Sanji by saying that almost dying of hunger is too much of an ordeal. Zeff’s cooks don’t quite understand what Zeff is trying to tell them.
Jeff sends all those who don’t want to fight away. But not a single one of his cooks is willing to abandon their boss and take up arms. Gin thinks the cooks are insane because Creek is a monster, but Sanji isn’t afraid. He’ll give food to anyone starving, but if they stand up to him or the Baratié, they’ll get it, as will Gin should he fight alongside Don Krieg.

Sanji asks Gin why he said he didn’t know the Grand Line when he had been there. Gin tells him that he still wouldn’t know the Grand Line. He tells how one man wiped out the entire armada of Creeks. The mothership itself only survived the battle because a storm came up and saved them. Gin sits on the ground, face hidden in his hands as he talks about the piercing hawk eyes of the attacker. At these words, Zoror notices startled.

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