One Piece Chapter 047


Adventures of the Buggy Gang
Part 9 – You are also a freak!
Buggy and Gaimon get along. They find that they are both very strange and now they party together. They eat fruit while the strange animals dance around them.


The patrons of the Baratié are fleeing. Don Krieg wants to claim the restaurant for himself, since his own ship is no longer usable. He also demands that his surviving crew (100 out of 5,000) be given water and food. While Gin apologizes to Sanji and calls his captain a liar, the head cook goes to the kitchen to fill the 100 new orders. The other chefs try to stop him, as they will all be killed when the enemies are back on their feet. Patty and Carne blame Sanji for everything.

Patty knocks Sanji down and attacks Creek with a bazooka, but the bullet can’t hurt the Godfather since he’s wearing steel armor. Creek returns fire and many of the cooks go down hit. Creek declares that his body is one weapon and demands food once again. To everyone’s surprise, it is Zeff, of all people, who throws a large bag of food at the pirates’ feet.

Zeff’s cooks are puzzled by this and are afraid of what will happen to them when the pirates are fit again. But Zeff is not afraid and calls Creek a “grandline looser.” Everyone is dumbfounded that the king of the East Blue couldn’t master the grand seafaring route. Creek stares at Zeff and recognizes him as “Redfoot Zeff.”

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