One Piece Chapter 045


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Luffy tries to recruit Sanji to join his gang as a Cook, but he doesn’t want to leave the Baratié and Zeff. Sanji explains that Zeff used to be a pirate himself, until he opened the Baratié. When asked why Sanji doesn’t want to come, he won’t answer. The fugitive interrupts the two in their argument. He introduces himself as Gin. He is from Don Krieg’s pirate gang and advises Luffy to keep his hands off the Grand Line as it is very creepy.

In the kitchen of the Baratié: The other cooks, including Carne, ask Patty if he’s not worried because he kicked out one of Don Krieg’s men. Don Krieg is the godfather of 50 pirate ships and over 5,000 men. Carne fears that Don Krieg will seek revenge for how Patty treated Gin. But Patty is not afraid; after all, the Baratié’s cooks are the “fighting cooks.” The two begin to argue, but are put back to work by Zeff.

Sanji and Luffy say goodbye to Gin, who thanks them on his knees for the food. He asks Sanji if he could come back, to which he replies in the affirmative. Zeff calls Sanji and Luffy to work. Luffy is told to wash plates, but breaks most of them. He overhears the cooks talking about Sanji and Zeff wondering why Sanji is still at the baratié, since he and Zeff would constantly clash. When the cooks notice Luffy breaking plates while washing dishes, they send him out, taking orders from customers. There he finds his crew dining, which he is furious about. Sanji worships Nami and Zeff comments that he should go with him since he can’t use him anymore.

On an unknown island: Gin tells his captain about his experiences on the Baratié. Since the gang’s mother ship is badly damaged, Gin wants to lead him to the floating restaurant.

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