One Piece Chapter 043


Adventures of the Buggy Gang
Part 7 – Landing on the island of the strange animals
Buggy hits Gaimon’s island. Gaimon and two of his animals find him there.


The Straw Hat Pirates arrives at the seaside restaurant, the Baratié, where they were led by the bounty hunters Johnny and Yosaku to find a cook for the crew. However, a navy ship is also present. In command is Lieutenant Fullbody with the iron fist. He wants to know who the captain of the pirates is, to which Luffy replies. Fullbody insults the bounty hunters, who then attack him, but have no chance and go down bleeding. Fullbody tells the Straw Hats that they are lucky because it is his day off, so he leaves them alone.

Some wanted posters have fallen out of the pocket of the beaten Yosaku. Nami looks at one of them. Suddenly, the Marine is aiming the bow cannon at the The Going Merry: Fullbody has given the order to sink it. Luffy bounces the cannonball with the gum-gum balloon, but it punches a hole in the roof of the Baratié.

At the Baratié: Fullbody enjoys the date with his companion. He wants to show off to her by recognizing a wine by its taste, but head chef Sanji tells him he’s totally wrong. The other guests laugh quietly at Fullbody, but he hears it anyway. He is embarrassed and confused, since he had specifically ordered the wine he “tasted”.
In the meantime, the chef and owner of the Baratié, Zeff, has sent for Luffy. He offers him to work off the damage he has done: one year without pay, then they are even.

Fullbody calls Sanji over. He comes and makes a move on Fullbody’s companion. But Fullbody draws Sanji’s attention to himself. He complains about a fly that is in his soup, which he secretly put in the soup himself. When Sanji responds with a joke and again all the guests laugh, Fullbody snaps and smashes his table. He then attacks Sanji, but is kicked bloody by him without much effort. Sanji is enraged at Fullbody for wasting food.

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