One Piece Chapter 042


Adventures of the Buggy Gang Part 1 – What Happened to Buggy’s Gang?
Part 6 – Buggy’s Flight, Part 2
Buggy does not like the taste of the bird. He apparently tastes very bad. Although the three birds have already gathered at the table, the big bird decided to spit Buggy out. So the bird flies off into the distance again.


The Straw Hat Pirates is out on the The Going Merry. Luffy has painted a Jolly Roger for the gang, but it looks just awful. Usopp’s first attempt doesn’t satisfy the others either (he painted the flag as if he were the captain), but his second design pleases everyone and thus becomes the symbol for the gang and is also painted directly on the sails.

Luffy tries out the The Going Merry’s cannon and finds that it’s not so easy to hit his target. Usopp gives him a hand and hits a rock on the first try. Luffy then appoints Usopp as cannoneer. In the crew room, the four of them talk about what positions in the gang urgently need to be filled. The keywords cook and musician come up.

Suddenly someone on deck yells for the pirates to show themselves and that they would beaten up now. Luffy is the first on board and is attacked by a pirate hunter. He claims they tried to kill his mate. Luffy quickly takes out the attacker and says he doesn’t know anything about a “mate”. When Zoro appears on deck, he is taken back, as he seems to know the bounty hunter, whom he calls Johnny.

Johnny has brought his “buddy” aboard the Lamb. It is the pirate hunter Yosaku. Together, the two have worked with Zoro as bounty hunters. Yosaku is gravely ill, Johnny doesn’t know what’s wrong with him though. He was mad at Luffy for shooting at the rock they were resting on.
Nami is beside herself because she knows Yosaku’s illness: he has scurvy. The cure for it is limes.

Shortly after she gives Yosaku limes to eat, he is standing again. The Straw Hat Pirates realizes that without a Cook on board, they will get sick at sea and won’t be able to survive. Johnny knows of a seaside restaurant where there are cooks. As a result, the Straw Hat Pirates sets out to find a new crew member.

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