One Piece Chapter 041


Color page: A picture of Shanks’ pirate gang and young Luffy


Luffy, Zoro and Nami are eating at the inn in the village. Kaya joins them and reports that Usopp has cured her of the sickness her parents’ death caused her. She asks if they don’t need a ship.

Meanwhile, Usopp is at home packing for the adventures he’s about to have at sea.

On the beach, Lamb introduces the Straw Hat Pirates to their new ship: The Going Merry. Everyone is thrilled with her. Suddenly, Usopp, who has had some trouble with his luggage, comes rolling down the slope. He informs the assembled that he, too, is going to sea. As he is about to say goodbye to Luffy, Zoro and Luffy tell him to get on board. Usopp is thrilled and accepts the offer to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

After Luffy & Co. left the island: The village boys Onion, Piiman and Carrot have watched the Straw Hat Pirates leave. Peppers has an idea…
Merry tells Kaya about Usopp’s past:
Shortly after Usopp’s father went to sea, Usopp’s mother Banchina became seriously ill. Usopp thought that if his father came back, his mother would get better too. So he always shouted that the pirates had come and so had his father. Banchina, however, knew that Usopp was not telling the truth. She was proud of her husband and wished that Usopp would also become a brave man. Later she died and Usopp did not stop telling the villagers that the pirates were coming.

Back in the present: Kaya tells Merry about her future plans: she wants to become a doctor, which Merry thinks is a very good idea.
The village boys inherit Usopp and run around the village screaming:

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