One Piece Chapter 040


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 5: “Spiritual Contest
Buggy digs a pitfall, which he covers with leaves. The bird is supposed to fall into it, while Buggy hides and laughs to himself. But the bird smells a rat and unmasks the pit.


Finally, Luffy manages to defeat Black with the Gomu Gomu no Terrorbash. The crew is totally surprised by this. When asked who he is anyway, he answers with his name and the title of the soon to be Pirate King. He grabs Black and throws him at his crew, telling them to get the hell out. He then collapses on the way.

In the forest: Usopp and Zoro have defeated Jango. Usopp asks the village boys Onion, Pepper, and Carrot, as well as Kaya, to keep the fight a secret, as he does not want to worry the village unnecessarily. Kaya and the boys, after protests from the boys, agree.

In the village, the villagers are surprised that Usopp has not come to warn them about the pirates, as he does every morning. Kaya also asks Lamb not to tell them about the pirates and the real Beauregard, and has one more request for him. Usopp is on the beach with the Straw Hat Pirates and tells them that he has made a decision.

Later: Usopp and his “crew” meet in a clearing. Usopp informs them that he has decided to go to sea. This is followed by a flashback of how the gang found each other and then Usopp’s gang is broken up in a sad, heartbreaking and tearful moment.

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