One Piece Chapter 038



Kuro is on the ground, Luffy is standing in front of him ready to fight. The members of the Black Cat pirate gang cheer Black on, but he, having gotten up in the meantime, tells them that he would kill them right after “Stupid Jango”.

In the forest: Onion, Pepper and Carrot are lying on the ground asleep. Jango tries to hypnotize Kaya into signing the will, but she refuses to open her eyes. When he falls over her to open her eyes, the village boys attack. Jango is beaten short, giving the pursuers a chance to hide.
From an ambush, Onion attacks Jango with a shovel, but Jango is faster and grabs Onion by the neck. Carrot and Pepper loudly call his name. Enraged, Jango hurls Onion against a tree.
The scream is heard by Zoro and Usopp, who are able to determine the direction in which Jango & Co. are.

Meanwhile, Black tells his crew that he always planned to kill them all because he couldn’t live a quiet life as long as anyone knew his true identity. However, Luffy only thinks that Black could even be defeated by Usopp. The fight between the two continues. After Black takes a hit from Luffy, he turns to Luffy and says that he will now show him what pirate honor is. He arches his back, creating a hump.
His crew calls this the hump of death, of which they are mightily afraid, and beg him to spare them. Suddenly, Black is gone. Shortly after, a large number of his people fall to the ground slashed.

When Luffy sees this, he gets very angry. He yells at Black, who continues to be out of sight, and asks if his crew isn’t worth anything to him. Nami, who stole the pirates’ treasures, looks at Luffy in amazement.


  • This chapter originally had a second color page in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and 1st Log, in addition to a color chapter cover.
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