One Piece Chapter 036


Adventures of the Buggy Gang, Part 2: “Mohji and Cabaji”.
Mohji carries Richie and Cabaji rides his unicycle. Both are fleeing from the angry mob, consisting of the residents of Orange.


The three village boys Piiman, Onion and Carrot are running away from Jango through the forest with Kaya. They are in good spirits that he won’t find them, when suddenly the trees around them are cut down by Jango’s Razor Blade discs. Jango calls out to them and tells them that he could cut down the entire forest.

On the beach: Usopp hears Jango’s screaming. Kuro tells him that it’s coming from Jango, who is acting out. Enraged, Usopp asks Black if he doesn’t care about Kaya completely. The latter responds that she’s just a pawn he needs to achieve his goals. Usopp runs to come to Kaya’s aid, but Buchi wants to stand in his way. However, Zoro gets in FlKaku’s way and keeps him pinned to the ground. Although Usopp would have a clear path now, he can’t get to Kaya because he’s having a fainting spell. Tearfully, he says that he must and will save Kaya. Zoro is momentarily distracted by this, allowing Buchi to break free.

Usopp continues to build up his courage so he can protect the village. When the members of the Black Cat pirate gang laugh at him for this, Luffy throws a boulder at them and warns them not to laugh at Usopp ever again. Meanwhile, Zoro is about to fight Buchi and eventually manages to defeat him as well. Zoro then heads off with Usopp to help Kaya and the boys. As they try to get past Black, he tries to stop them, but Luffy punches Black, allowing Zoro and Usopp to escape.

Black was able to dodge the blow from Luffy. He suddenly disappeared again, appears behind Luffy shortly afterwards and wants to slash him. But the Straw Hat Captain is able to dodge and attack with the Gomu Gomu no Yari. However, Black in turn can’t be hit either. Black asks Luffy why he would fight for Usopp, and Luffy replies that Usopp is dear to his heart.

Back in the forest: Kaya can’t walk any further because of her illness and collapses. She asks the boys to leave without her, but they refuse. They consult what to do next, but this takes a bit too long, because Jango has already found her…

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