One Piece Chapter 035


Part 1: “What Happened to Buggy’s Gang?”
Little Buggy (without his arms and legs) is rowing for his life on a homemade raft because he’s being chased by piranha-like fish!


The members of the Black Cat pirate gang are surprised that Luffy has met Kuro, as there is a great distance between them. They note that Black will be completely freaked out.

Suddenly, someone yells “attack”. To the horror of Usopp and Miss Kaya, the three village boys Carrot, Pepper, and Onion attack Black, who is lying on the ground. When they think they’ve finished him off, they yell at Usopp for claiming the pirates aren’t coming. Usopp and Kaya just try to get them to run away, but they don’t listen, thinking they’ve settled the situation. But they are mistaken: Black gets up behind them again.

Instead of taking revenge on the three for the beating, he walks past them, uses his claws to pull the band-aid off his cheek that has been stuck to his face since Usopp’s punch, and then kicks Usopp out of the way. He then praises Luffy for his punch and asks if he ate from a devil fruit, which Luffy confirms.

Black orders Jango to have Miss Kaya sign the will and then kill her along with the three village boys. He himself wants to take on Luffy. However, Zoro stands in Jango’s way. Jango summons the hypnotized Buchi, who immediately attacks Zoro. After a few exchanges of blows, they come face to face.

Usopp, lying on the ground and unable to move, shouts to the village boys to hide in the forest with Kaya. Jango wants to run after them, but Usopp is able to stop him briefly with his slingshot.

Now it’s just Zoro and Buchi and Luffy and Black facing off.

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