One Piece Chapter 033


Zoro and Nami each fly a plane. Luffy sits on the shoulders of a gorilla sitting on Zoro’s plane.


Kuro is furious that Jango and the rest of the Black Cat pirate gang have let the Straw Hat gang stop them. He predicts the end of Jango’s gang and calls them all “losers”. Siam and Buchi are very incensed by this and attack Kuro. Their nakama already see them as victors, but all they can do is shred Black’s backpack, as its owner has suddenly disappeared.

Black, meanwhile, stands behind the ship’s guards, suddenly with long knives instead of fingers on his hands. Jango explains that he realized that the Brothers Maunz could not defeat Black. Black just says that he’s meeked out and orders the Straw Hat Pirates to be finished off within five minutes.

Siam and Buchi then attack Zoro again, sure they can defeat him for good this time. Nami, who continues to be held by Jango, kicks Zoro’s swords over to him. He takes the swords and defeats the Nyaban Brothers with a single attack.

Buchi half straightens up and demands that Jango hypnotize him. After Jango does this, Buchi is back on his feet despite his severe wounds. Nami takes advantage of the situation to wake Luffy up, thinking that they can’t win the fight without him. However, she only gets to kick him in the head before one of Jango’s Razor Blades disks he threw at her distracts her.

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