One Piece Chapter 032



Zoro is still fighting Siam. The latter has stolen two of his three swords. Upon Zoro’s request to give him back the swords, Siam reacts with a sneer and throws the swords away. Due to this mishandling, Zoro attacks Siam and supposedly slashes him, but he only cuts Siam’s clothes. Meanwhile, Siam has jumped on Zoro’s back and is holding his arms so tightly that he can’t move. Siam invites Buchi to join in the fight as well, to which Buchi is delighted and attacks.

Buchi leaps into the air, intending to kick Zoro’s head in, but the swordsman is able to free himself from Siam’s grip in time and dodge before Buchi hits the ground and splits it. Annoyed by the failed attack, the brothers attack Maunz again. Only with a lot of effort the straw hat pirate manages to keep the two ship guards at a distance with only one sword.

From a safe distance, Nami and Usopp watch this fight. Usopp wants to come to Zoro’s aid and shoots at Siam and Buchi with his slingshot, but hits Zoro. When Zoro pauses for a moment because of the pain the bullet causes him, Buchi and Siam together manage to deliver a few blows to Zoro’s chest. Nami yells at Usopp for hitting Zoro, but Usopp thinks that Zoro stepped into the bullet’s trajectory on purpose. Zoro calls over to Usopp at that moment that he’s an idiot and asks if he’s tired of living. Usopp realizes: If he had hit one of the ship’s guards, they would have lunged at them and killed them. So Zoro saved their lives with this action.

Nami realizes that Zoro can’t do anything without his other two swords and decides to bring them to him. However, before she can reach just one of the swords, Jango stops her. Suddenly, Jango is terrified and stammers away, as do the rest of the Black Cat pirate gang.
At the top of the slope, Beauregard, or Kuro, is standing and yelling at his men why they are still on the beach.


  • The cover illustration is based on a motif submitted by a fan as part of a Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine reader contest. The winner suggested the classic work of Chinese literature Journey to the West as the motif. At the top right of the magazine version of the chapter cover, you can glimpse the original drawing of the winning suggestion.
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