One Piece Chapter 029


Luffy, Nami and Zoro have fun snowboarding.


Usopp faces the pirates and is surprised that Luffy has not arrived yet. Usopp orders the pirates to go back to their ship, otherwise he would send his 100,000 men after them, but the enemies don’t believe him.

Some of the pirates have found Nami’s gold in one of the Straw Hat Pirates’ boats and begin loading it into their own ship. Usopp claims that the gold is his and that if the pirates get off the island, they can have it. But they don’t take the deal; they want the treasure from the boat and to raid the village.

Jango now wants to hypnotize Usopp, but his attention is drawn to Nami when she hits him in the back of the head with her staff and yells at him about why he’s giving away her treasures. Together they engage in a battle against the pirates.

Meanwhile, Zoro has managed to get past the pool of oil that has been holding him up and is hurrying towards the northern beach. Luffy is still searching for the beach.

Usopp and Nami do quite well against the pirates, but they cut off their own escape route with an attack of their own. During one of Usopp’s carelessness, one of the pirates hits him on the head with a stone axe. Usopp goes down bleeding, but is not yet defeated. He holds the pirate who hit him and says that he won’t let them into the village even if they kick his “head” in. When another pirate tries to stab Usopp in the back with a sword, Nami blocks the attack. However, she too goes down. Jango goesads his gang, fearing Kuro’s reaction if something goes wrong. As a result, the pirates leave Nami and Usopp and rush towards the village, which Usopp tries to prevent to no avail. Suddenly, however, most of the gang is repulsed.
Luffy and Zoro are finally there.

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