One Piece Chapter 028


Color Spread: Nami, Luffy, and Zoro are in a cart containing vegetables with faces. The cart is pulled by a cow with a panda head, ridden by a man wearing Luffy’s straw hat.


Usopp admits to Luffy, Zoro and Nami that he is scared and can do without their pity. However, they reply to him that they want to help him save the village because he’s OK and that they wouldn’t risk anything out of pity.
Usopp leads the Straw Hat Pirates to the beach, where he suspects the pirates are going ashore. The four confer on how to stop the pirates.

Night: Beauregard and Lamb are talking about Usopp and how he told Beauregard he was a pirate. Beauregard finds a present. When asked what it is, Lamb tells him that Miss Kaya wanted to give it to him for their three year anniversary. The gift is a pair of glasses that Kaya had specially made. But Beauregard kicks the glasses to pieces. He then slashes Lamb.

Meanwhile, the Black Cat pirate gang wakes Jango, their captain. They are getting ready to raid the village.

Usopp and the others have used oil to make the path from the beach up to the road leading to the village impassable. While they wait for the pirates, the sun rises.

Nami hears bawling from the north of the island. Usopp tells the gang that there is a beach just like this one to the north of the island and that the pirates must have docked there. Luffy immediately runs off in the direction indicated. Nami, fearing for her loot (the Straw Hat Pirates has also anchored on the northern beach), also wants to go there, but having stumbled onto the pool of oil, she can’t get away. She holds onto Zoro’s clothes, pulls herself out of the oil, and gets away. The price is that Zoro is now on top of the oil and can’t move forward.

Usopp is the first to arrive at the northern beach. He knocks out some of the oncoming pirates with his slingshot and shouts to the pirate gang that “the party is over here”.

Meanwhile, Zoro continues to try to get off the spot and Luffy is lost.


  • The chapter stands out for the division of the four color pages it contains, which opens with a color page, followed by a two-page color spread, and then another color page following the first. In the fourth anthology of the saga, titled Wolf in Sheep ‘s Clothing, however, these were printed in grayscale.
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