One Piece Chapter 025


  • Color page: You can see a giant fish that Luffy is clinging to, Nami is sitting on it reading a book, and Zoro is leaning against it.


Beauregard lies on the ground beaten by Usopp and makes fun of his idea that pirates are the bravest warriors in the world. Likewise, he thinks Usopp is only messing with Kaya for her money, after all, he is still the son of a pirate. Usopp then picks Beauregard up and is about to smack him again when Kaya appears and orders Usopp to stop. Immediately, Usopp lets go of him and is immediately yelled at by him to never come near that property again. Now Usopp’s pirate gang, as well as Luffy, interfere and want to punch him as well, but they are held back by Zoro and Nami.

Beauregard talks Kaya into his conscience with his “soft” side.

Zoro, Nami, Carrot and Peppers are talking when suddenly Onion comes running and tells them that a man walking backwards is moving towards them, but Carrot and Peppers don’t believe him until they see it for themselves. It later turns out to be Jango and he is a hypnotist. To prove it, he demonstrates it to the three. It works, all three fall asleep, the only disadvantage is that he falls asleep himself!

Luffy has found Usopp and asks him if Yasopp is his father, to which Usopp is totally puzzled, since Luffy can’t actually know him. Luffy tells him that he met him earlier, that he’s with Shanks, and that he’s one of his favorite crew members. Usopp casually mentions that so now he’s traveling with Shanks, but then a flash of insight hits him and he can’t believe his father is on board with such a famous person. Afterwards, Luffy mentions that he’s also a brilliant shot and he’s never seen him miss a target. This is confirmed by a flashback where Yasopp shoots through an apple.

Luffy and Usopp begin to eavesdrop on a conversation between Beauregard and Jango,.

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