One Piece Chapter 017


Color cover: Luffy dancing with a penguin pirate


Zoro and Cabaji are facing off. Zoro says he can’t afford to lose to someone who calls himself a swordsman. The two engage in a brief verbal exchange.

Nami tells Luffy that she will now steal the map of the Grand Line and any other treasures from Buggy and run. However, if Luffy gets his hands on the map and survives this, she would cooperate with him.

The battle between Zoro and Cabaji enters the decisive phase. Cabaji attacks with spinning tops, but Zoro is able to neutralize them. However, while Zoro is distracted, Cabaji prepares his next attack. Buggy wants to intervene in the fight for Cabaji’s benefit and use his disconnect power to hold Zoro, preventing him from defending himself, but Luffy steps on Buggy’s disconnected hand and is able to prevent Buggy from interfering.

Zoro is able to dodge Cabaji’s attack. He tells Cabaji that he is tired. Cabaji already sees himself as the winner and mouths off to Zoro, but he kicks Cabaji off his unicycle and says he is tired of fighting such a weak opponent. He then defeats Cabaji with the demon cut.

After defeating Cabaji, Zoro collapses and starts sleeping. Luffy informs that he will take care of the rest.


The first three pages of the chapter were covered in color in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine as well as in the 1st Log. Unlike the magazine version, the panel spaces in 1st Log were not colored in blue, nor were the speech bubble texts colored.

Oda’s comment

It’s so cold!! I hate the cold!! Ahh, I know what that means. I drink a warm bitter cup of coffee while I do good work.

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