One Piece Chapter 014


Luffy stands on a roof ridge in front of the moon, slapping a thrown-over captain’s coat in front of his face as bats fly past him toward the viewer.


On the roof of the Orange Bar, Mohji contritely offers his apologies for losing to Luffy. Buggy drives at him, saying he was going after Zoro after all.

Buggy once again misunderstands when Mohji tells him about Luffy’s abilities as a rubber man, and snaps at his people to hurry up with destroying the village.

Chouchou, scarred from fighting the lion, trots to the hideout of the villagers with the rescued pack of animal food, who begin to worry about their village leader, Boodle.

Nami apologizes for her outburst to Luffy, who shows understanding for losing someone close to her to the pirates. Now Boodle’s nerves are getting the better of him, ashamed that he’s letting the fight against the pirates be fought by children and Chouchou while he, as mayor, just idly watches the destruction of his village. Boodle decides to go into battle himself. Nami tries to stop him, but Luffy praises his fighting attitude.

Boodle recalls how the people of Orange built their village on this spot forty years ago, after pirates destroyed the previous village. He tells how the village gradually returned to prosperity and declares it his personal treasure to defend.

Buggy has the Buggy Special Cannonball fired and lays another row of houses in ruins. Luffy, Nami, and Boodle are sent flying with the debris as Boodle’s house is also destroyed. Zoro wakes up and complains about how he was woken up.

Boodle has had enough of the pirates’ blind destructiveness and makes his way to the bar. He also brushes aside Nami’s objection that he stands little chance against the pirates. Nami can’t believe that Zoro and Luffy are looking forward to the fight, but Luffy assures her that he will prevent Boodle from dying.

Nami asks where they get their security, but Luffy takes the opportunity to recruit her again, mentioning Buggy’s treasure. Thus encouraged, Nami proposes a partnership of convenience in return.

Buggy has another Buggy Special Cannonball loaded when Boodle shows up outside the bar and challenges him. Luffy and a nearly recovered Zoro make their way to the bar, followed by a stunned Nami.

Oda’s comment

Volume 2 of “Butsu Zone” by Hiroyuki Takei-sensei, a personal friend of mine, has been released. Bought it. Just as I thought, it’s right up my alley.
Hiroyuki Takei worked with Oda as an assistant under Nobuhiro Watsuki (“Rurouni Kenshin”). “Butsu Zone” didn’t make it past three volumes, and Hiroyuki Takei subsequently began his later hit manga Shaman Kingin the Weekly Shōnen Jump.

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