One Piece Chapter 013


Luffy, to Nami’s laughter, baits a land turtle with a fish caught on a fishing rod.


Outside the smashed house in Orange, Luffy is greeted by the incredulous Boodle and Nami, who would have expected him to be badly battered after the damage to the house. Boodle inquires about his reason for fighting Buggy’s pirate gang. Luffy says he’s after the map of the Grand Line and a navigator.

Chouchou still denies Mohji and Richie entry to the pet food store. Richie loses patience and sweeps the little dog aside with a swipe of his paw, but Chouchou remembers the opening of the store and bites Richie on the front leg. As the lion smashes him against the wall, Chouchou keeps remembering his time together with his master and keeps scrambling to stop Richie.

Luffy announces he’s going to check on Zoro for a bit and then take care of the animal tamer. Boodle warns him that he will be eaten for breakfast by the lion.

Mohji and Richie continue to search for Zoro. The lion is chewing on a package of pet food. Luffy spots Chouchou barking at the burning remains of the pet food store, and realizes what the store means to the dog. When Mohji returns on his lion, he too is surprised to find Luffy still alive, and ignores the explanation that Luffy is a rubber man. As Richie lunges at Luffy, he twists his arms before grabbing the lion by the snout and crashing it to the ground with a gum-gum hammer so hard that the head disappears into the street. The aghast Mohji realizes he’s dealing with a devil power user, and tries to placate Luffy. Luffy remains furious and gives the tamer the same treatment he gave the lion.

Nami and Boodle stand before the smoking wreckage of the pet food store, still guarded by Chouchou. Nami is furious that the pirates are mercilessly destroying everything of value, and sarcastically greets the joining Luffy as Mr. Pirate. Boodle is only able to restrain her with difficulty as she tells Luffy to go to hell before he lets his pirate buddies loot the village. Luffy remains unfazed and asks if she thinks she can hurt him, which Nami takes as a challenge. Luffy ignores her and hands Chouchou the slightly bitten pack of animal food he took from the lion, apologizing for not being able to save more.

Nami can’t believe his behavior towards the dog and has to smile at Luffy’s farewell to Chouchou as a brave warrior.

Upon learning of Mohji’s defeat, Buggy has another Buggy Special Cannonball loaded to destroy the entire village.

Oda’s comment

Now it has been decided that One Piece will be released in Thailand. The images need to be flipped from right to left. I’m a little worried that it will mess up the designs.

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