One Piece Chapter 011


Luffy has a race with a cheetah.


On the roof of the bar in Orange: Zoro stands with his back to Buggy, who has been cut up by him. Buggy’s pirate gang reacts calmly, while Luffy demands that he finally get him out of the cage. Nami is taken aback by the lack of excitement. Zoro notes that he needs a key as the pirates burst into loud laughter. As Zoro demands the key from them, Buggy’s severed hand stabs him through the hip with a sword. Nami and Luffy watch in shock as Zoro drops to his knees.

A reassembled Buggy explains the power of his devil fruit. Zoro blames himself for neglecting his knowledge that Buggy has devil powers. Luffy calls Buggy a cowardly cardboard nose. Buggy flies into a rage and strikes at Luffy with his detached hand. Luffy catches the blade with his teeth and promises Buggy he will finish him off, earning laughter from Buggy.

When Buggy asks what Luffy plans to do about the situation, Luffy orders Zoro to run away. Zoro agrees. Buggy attacks Zoro with two detached hands, Zoro parries them and runs to the cannon, which he turns around and points at the pirates. Since it is still loaded with a Buggy special cannonball, all the pirates throw themselves for cover. Nami lights the fuse.

Zoro inquires about Nami, who Luffy introduces as his new navigator. Nami can’t believe his coolness as he still sits tied up in a cage at his enemies’ headquarters.

As Buggy recovers, Zoro grabs Luffy’s cage despite his tearing wound and disappears. As the dust settles over the spot where Buggy’s pavilion recently stood, the pirates notice that the key to the cage has also been stolen.

The badly battered Zoro drops Luffy’s cage behind a bay window on a rooftop near the bar. Buggy declares war on Luffy and sends out his crew.

Oda’s comment

I’ve been working on the series for more than 10 weeks now, but I still can’t keep up with the weekly pace. Ah, the pros are waaaaaaay ahead.

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