One Piece Chapter 007



Color page: Scene with Luffy and Zoro: Luffy paints a black bear with a Jolly Roger, even partially covering up a bird sitting on it, a bun in his mouth and a food bag on the ground, while Zoro takes a nap leaning against a tree. In contrast to Luffy’s later drawing skills, the Roger looks really good.

Shells Town Naval Base: Captain Morgan lies defeated on the ground. Luffy and Zoro get ready to take on the rest of the marines, but instead they erupt in cheers (after all, just moments before he had ordered them to shoot themselves). Zoro then collapses from hunger.

In Ririka’s bar, Luffy, Zoro, and Koby are getting their bellies full, while the sounds of the general rejoicing party drift in from outside. Luffy opens up to Zoro that he wants to move to the Grand Line, to which Koby once again has a crisis. Zoro is cool to his objections. Koby confesses that he’s worried about the two of them, and Luffy says that they’ll always be friends.

While talking about Koby’s future in the Navy, Zoro brings up Koby’s time on Alvida’s ship, and that it could be a reason he is rejected. Shortly after, the door opens and Tadellos enters at the head of a naval delegation. Since Luffy admits to being a pirate, he is politely asked to leave Shells Town. So, amid protests from the grateful citizens of Shells Town, Luffy and Zoro pack their bags and head out. Koby stays behind in the bar, but is asked by Tadellos if he is not one of the pirates. Approached by Tadellos, Luffy turns back around in the doorway of the bar and enlightens Tadellos – to Koby’s growing exasperation – that Koby has spent the last two years aboard Alvida’s ship. Finally, the increasingly agitated Koby gives Luffy a hook to the chin. Luffy grins, but then gives Koby a spectacular (yet mostly harmless) beating, which is annoyingly interrupted by Tadellos. Zoro drags Luffy away, while Tadellos now rudely orders them both to leave immediately.

Koby recognizes Luffy’s intent in this theatrics and takes the opportunity to ask Tadellos to join the Navy. Tadellos’ vice objects, whereupon Koby vehemently announces his decision to join the Navy. He also rejects the suggestion that he spy on pirates as an irregular member. Blameless accepts the application.

At the harbor, Luffy and Zoro talk about Koby’s future. As they board the boat, a haggard Koby appears and salutes Luffy, thanking him for his help. Zoro remarks with amusement that he has never seen a marine salute a pirate before, while Luffy promises that he would see Koby again.

Behind Koby, a Marine company lines up, also ordered to salute by Tadellos, only to have all their meals canceled for three days for this violation of the Marine Code of Honor. Luffy and Zoro sail (supposedly) towards the Grand Line.

Finally, an image showing Buggy and Shanks and other sinister figures behind a world map, subtitled with another reprise of the legend of Gold Roger.


  • This chapter originally had a second color page in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and 1st Log in addition to a color chapter cover, but it was the only one of its kind printed at the end of the chapter.

Oda’s comment

I bought a Lego pirate ship. What a fun piece of work. It’s really great that the Lego designers have kept their childlike hearts. But they are aimed at 5-12 year olds!!! Aaaaaah.

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