One Piece Chapter 000


Color Spread: All members of the Straw Hat Pirates except Nami are standing on a wrecked ship or the like, armed with large pistols. They are all dressed in black, only Usopp is wearing Shogun armor.


23 years ago, Naval Headquarters: Grand Admiral Kong is told that there will be a meeting between the pirates Shiki and Gol D. Roger. Garp, overhearing this, immediately heads there as he wants to catch Roger. Kong calls him back as he was about to promote Garp, but he doesn’t care. Kuzan is amazed that Garp turned it down for the umpteenth time and thinks he’s cool. Garp wants to go off with Vice Admiral Crane’s ship, but she doesn’t want him along because he always breaks all the ships. Along with then-Admiral Sengoku, Garp sets out to take down Shiki and Roger. Sengoku tells Garp that he wants to put a stop to Shiki himself.

New World: Buggy is despairing because he doesn’t want to die. Shanks wants to encourage him; because of his devil fruit nothing can happen to him, but this does not reassure the clown. He then asks Crocus how the captain’s health is. He tries to persuade him that Roger had better not fight for health reasons, but Crocus dashes all hopes: Roger is in perfect health. Now Buggy tries Rayleigh, but he tells him to trust in the Oro Jackson.

Roger and Shiki in conversation: Shiki tries to convince Roger that they are working together. Roger gives up the secrets of the all-destroying weapon and Shiki provides his armada. With the two things and Shiki’s plan, they could immediately rule the world. But Roger has no interest in ruling the world, because then he would no longer be free and would no longer be a pirate. He turns down Shiki’s offer for a second time.

Roger’s pirate ship is seen confronting Shiki’s armada. Shiki informs Roger that refusing his offer is tantamount to his death. Roger improves on him: he will now destroy all of Shiki’s ships.

In the ensuing battle, Roger and his crew, with the help of the weather, were able to sink half of Shiki’s ships. Shiki met with misfortune and they parted company in the battle. Shiki henceforth had half a steering wheel stuck in his head, which could not be removed.

Three years later: news that Roger had been captured made the rounds. Shiki was so upset about this that he set out to see for himself: he staged a massacre on Marine Ford and demands to see Roger, as he wants to kill him.

Sengoku appears. He informs Shiki that Roger will be executed in a week, in East Blue, in his hometown, the city of the beginning Loguetown. Shiki is horrified that the era of the great Roger will end in the weak East Blue. Garp, who is also present, informs Shiki that the East Blue is not weak, but peaceful, that this ocean is a symbol of peace. A fight ensues between the three, which destroys half of Marine Ford. Shiki loses and is taken to the Impel Down.

One week later: Gold Roger is executed, the great pirate age begins. The execution is attended by some of today’s greats of the era. The world holds its breath in anticipation.

In the Impel Down, Shiki, who is imprisoned in Level 6, overhears the other prisoners talking about a new era of pirates. Shiki, however, thinks that they would all stand in his way and that he is superior to them all.

Two years later: Magellan, then not yet head of the Impel Down, informs his superior that Shiki has escaped. He wants to know what happened to the sea stone shackles. He is told that Shiki cut off his feet to escape. The Impel Down staff sets out to find the fugitive. Hannyabal finds him and demands a promotion. Shiki wants his two swords from Hannyabal. He then manages to escape.

This time, news of Shiki’s escape is making the rounds. He is the first to ever escape the Impel Down. To be able to walk again, he attaches his two swords to his legs, which now serve as his feet.

Sengoku tells Garp, who is on home leave, about the outbreak, but he already knows. He fears that Shiki will continue to pursue his big goals, but also that he won’t be heard from for a long time as he prepares his plans well. Then he plays with baby Ace.

Shiki is a guest of Whitebeard. He tries to get him on his side, but Whitebeard threatens to throw him overboard if he doesn’t stop his bullshit. Shiki is thrilled that Whitebeard’s attitude hasn’t changed. He tells Whitebeard that he’s now going to disappear for a while and teach the newbies a thing or two about fear.

On an island: Dr. Indigo and Shiki are faced with a wild collection of huge, strange animals. Shiki wants to know how long it will take Dr. Indigo to implement the plan. He answers with 20 years. Shiki wants to carry out his plan in 20 years.


  • Chapter 0 was drawn by Oda as a promo chapter for Strong World, the 10th One Piece movie.
  • The chapter was reprinted in Volume 0 and in One Piece Blue Deep.
  • In addition to the characters already mentioned, many more make an appearance:

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