One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase

This article contains information that only appears in one of the OP movies.

One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase is aJump Heroes movie. This was released along with another film of the Toriko manga, “Toriko 3D: Gourmet Adventure”. Usually listed as the 11th One Piece film in fan circles, it does not count as part of the theatrical film series, according to the Toei animation ‘s official statement. One Piece Film Z officially bears the number 11.


The old pirate captain Schneider and his dog Buzz walk along the harbor in the evening. Schneider tries to keep up with his animal friend, but is quickly overtaken by Buzz. A little later, while marines are hanging a wanted poster of Luffy, Schneider spits up blood – he is dying.

Thousand Sunny: Except for Zoro and Usopp, all crew members lie in bed and sleep. The latter is half asleep watching a bird on the Sunny. The next day, a huge panic grips Luffy because he can’t find his straw hat. Luffy’s crew sets out to find it. Usopp and Chopper are in the Shark Submerge; Sanji, Robin, and Brook in the Mini Merry; Nami on the White Rocking Horse; and Franky aboard. In the Shark Submerge, Chopper notices a ship through the lookout. Usopp and Chopper board and discover the unconscious Tailor. They take him aboard the Sunny to treat him. At the same time, a giant bird lands on the Sunny, which has Luffy’s straw hat in its beak. Usopp notices it and immediately calls all the straw hats back. A big hunt begins.

While the pirates are chasing the bird, the navy suddenly appears behind the ship. With naval attacks, the chase leads through some glaciers, a cave, a waterfall, and finally a nest of sea kings. Meanwhile, Schneider is coming around. He wants to see his only crew member, Buzz, who ate of the bird-bird fruit, model: eagle. Luffy goes after the bird alone at times, until he realizes that the bird is no ordinary bird. It’s Buzz the dog, who has been hired by Schneider to steal Luffy’s straw hat so the dog won’t see his captain die. If he succeeds, he could stay with Schneider. When Chopper explains to Schneider that he was on Luffy’s ship, he suddenly jumps around and orders him to find Buzz.

The fight between Luffy and Buzz ends up with them ending up in a naval base, where they are both trapped in a sea stone cage. The naval captain of the base has the straw hat and uses it to pressure Luffy. Powerless, he must watch as his hat is desecrated. Before Luffy is captured, Zoro suddenly arrives and frees him. The two now face off against the marines. However, three giants show up and give the two a mighty run for their money. Out of the blue, the Sunny – with Schneider aboard – arrives at the base. Crying, he and his trusty Buzz meet up. With the Straw Hats also reunited, the battle for Luffy’s hat continues. Using tactics and teamwork, they defeat the giants. When the Marine captain sees his men being defeated, he throws Luffy’s hat towards the water. The latter doesn’t let him and hurls a giant with Gear 3 towards the gate, which is destroyed. All the Straw Hats, Tailors and Buzz head towards Sunny as the gate threatens to break and flood everything. Only Luffy, shrunken by Gear 3, continues the hunt for the hat above the water. With the help of Buzz, he eventually manages to retrieve his straw hat; and the Sunny flies after it. In the end, Schneider learns from Chopper that the blood spitting is from a swallowed fork Chopper found on the ground. Schneider is happy that he doesn’t have to die. As he leaves, he tells Luffy to take good care of his straw hat.


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  • As the title suggests, this was the first One Piece movie in Three-dimensional space
  • The Japanese DVD and Blu-ray were released on July 20, 2011.
  • In this movie, Zoro cuts the sea stone cage that Luffy was trapped in. This is obviously a mistake, as sea stone, being the hardest material in the world, is considered indestructible, and there is no evidence that Zoro can already cut it.

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