Omasa of One Piece

Blood Mark Omasa (jap. 血文字の大マサ, Chimoji no Ōmasa) is the former yakuza leader of the Udon region. He was imprisoned in the Udon Prisoner Mine by the Beasts Pirates, where he was forced to do hard labor before Monkey D. Luffy finally freed him.


Omasa’s camouflage on Onigashima

Omasa is a tall and broadly built man. His light hair is formed into a striking hairstyle, with two strands running down his temples, and a bell hanging from the end of each. He has small eyes, but a very large mouth, and whiskers to boot. Along his right eye runs a wide scar towards his nose. He wears a light-colored kimono and over his back a dark cloak patterned by light rectangles.


As a former yakuza boss, Omasa was respected by all his subordinates and had earned the respect of the other yakuza bosses, even Hyogoro. He supported Wano Country from the shadows and stood by Kozuki Oden, making him stand up to Kurozumi Orochi. He would rather do punitive work in the prison mine than serve him.

Still, he’s a criminal and doesn’t hesitate to use violence, so he and the other yakuza bosses wanted to torture the Straw Hat Captain because he spoke disparagingly of Hyogoro in their eyes.

Skills and strength

As a former yakuza boss, he still has a lot of authority even after 20 years in the Udon Mine, so more allies joined the rebellion because of him. Furthermore, Omasa was able to hold Luffy down and pin him to the ground so they could have tortured him.


At an unspecified time, Omasa was appointed yakuza boss of the Udon region, but when the Beasts Pirates, led by Kaidou, conquered Wano Country 20 years ago along with Orochi, he refused to follow them. He was then imprisoned in the prison mine in Udon.


Liberation from Udon

After Luffy took over the Udon Prison Mines through a rebellion, Omasa was freed along with the other former yakuza bosses and other prisoners. The four yakuza bosses bowed to Hyogoro and paid their respects. However, when Luffy called their boss “grandpa”, they took it as an insult and grabbed him. They threatened to punish him, and while Cho asked Hyogoro for a suitable method of torture, Omasa held onto the straw hat. However, Hyogoro retorted that he owed his life to the straw hat and so they let go of him. They then left and prepared for the rebellion. Two days before the battle, the Yakuza bosses informed Kinemon via Den-den Mushi that they had gained more allies. He understood the altered secret message to the rendezvous point, but the night before the planned battle, Orochi had destroyed all the major bridges, cutting off any route to the agreed upon rendezvous point.

Raid on Onigashima

However, Orochi did so based on false information, as Kinemon and thus the traitor Kanjuro had misunderstood Yasuie’s coded message. Accordingly, on the day of the Fire Festival, Omasa and the allies appeared in the waters off Onigashima and supported the alliance. After destroying the ships of the Beasts Pirates, they infiltrated the island in disguise of their enemies and Omasa joined the southern squad led by Denjiro. They were able to get to the main stage and then when the battle started, Omasa charged into battle against the Beasts Pirates Pirates. However, when Queen then released the Ice Demon Virus, Omasa was infected and wanted to kill himself so as not to endanger any comrades. However, Hyogoro was able to stop him.

Omasa had already fully mutated into an ice demon by the time Zoro got his hands on the antidote. Marco was finally able to use his flames to briefly reverse the transformation, bringing Omasa back to his senses. Chopper then began mass producing the antidote. However, when Omasa again feared losing control due to the virus, he asked Tsunagoro to end his life. In time, however, Chopper was able to produce the antidote and neutralize the virus. As Zoro and Sanji’s battle against the main representatives King and Queen began, Hyogoro instructed the Yakuza bosses to make sure no one interfered. .


  • His name Omasa most likely comes from the character of the same name in the movie Jirocho Sangokushi. Eiichiro Oda even designed the DVD cover illustration for this film. Cho and Tsunagoro are also characters from this film.

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