Oliva of One Piece

Oliva was the head of Port Chibaralta, an island under Whitebeard’s protection. He was deposed after his machinations were exposed.

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Oliva is a younger, muscular gentleman who looks very much like a gorilla. His facial features resemble a gorilla 70% of the time and only 30% of a human, due in part to his pronounced underbite and heavily tanned skin tone. On Thanksgiving Day, he wore a striking striped suit and a gorilla mask over his face. He has thick gold rings on each of his fingers and his appearance is imposing and intimidating to ordinary people.


Oliva is a very unscrupulous and money-hungry man, so he himself operated slave trade and his goal was only to relieve the visitors of their money. He shows no respect for the older generation, such as Gol D. Roger, but also for his real ally Whitebeard, although he takes advantage of his protection and accordingly shows no respect for naval officers. Further, he doesn’t think much of deals and made contacts to find a new patron for his island who doesn’t make as many rules as Whitebeard. He is basically not a dreamer or adventurer, but rather a businessman.

He also has a weakness for older women, so he always surrounds himself with them and was in love at first sight with Banra, whom his co-worker had just before called an “old hag”.

Skills & Strength

Oliva is a capable fighter and dispenses strong punches, such as defeating a naval officer from Marine Headquarters with just one punch, deforming his face in the process. He is aware of his strength, but he is worlds apart from Marshall D. Teach. He was defeated by the latter with ease, surviving only because of Ace’s intervention. However, his strength also lay more in the power he held as the head of the island. It gave him much money with which to bribe the navy, and gave him the protection of one of the Four Emperors.


At an unspecified time, Oliva took control of Port Chibaralta. His predecessor made a pact with Whitebeard that included rules, but Oliva threw them over and turned the island back into a paradise for wicked sailors. In doing so, however, he broke Whitebeard’s rule of no slave trading. He also made deals with the navy and wanted, for example, to ship a dangerous animal to Impel Down to be used as a guard there.

However, when Whitebeard heard of the machinations on the island, he sent Ace to deal with the problem. It was the day of thanksgiving and while Ace reached the city with some men, Oliva was present in a casino, beating up a naval officer from headquarters who felt cheated. Afterwards, his men took the man’s possessions. Later, Oliva was contacted by one of his men as Ace was pretending to offer a mermaid. Although the head of the island was very busy that day, he took the time to meet with Ace for such an extraordinary specimen. Inside the chest, however, was not the promised beautiful mermaid from the Mermaid Café, but Banra. Oliva, however, instantly fell in love with her and bought her from Ace personally.

He then showed the Fire Fist his slaves, who were kept in cages in a circus tent. In doing so, Ace got him talking and revealed his intentions. He gave Oliva a chance to apologize, but the latter was unaware of his position and replied, confident of victory, that he would drown them in the lake. A fight ensued and Oliva released his secret weapon, a beast that was supposed to be taken to Impel Down. However, Ace was able to tame it with King Shaki, after which Marshall D. Teach beat up Oliva. He almost killed him, but Ace stopped him and delivered him to Whitebeard instead.

He and his men apologized to Whitebeard, who removed him as head of Port Chibaralta. Instead, control reverted directly to Whitebeard. What ultimately became of Oliva is not known.

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