transgender (オカマ, “Okama”) is the colloquial and often derogatory term for people who practice the lifestyle of transvestitism. This refers to wearing the clothing of the opposite sex as an expression of one’s gender identity and personality. However, this happens regardless of sexual orientation and occurs among both heterosexuals and homosexuals.

There are also trannies in One Piece. However, they are portrayed very exaggerated here. The first transgender, or Okama as it is called in the original, that the Straw Hat Pirates encountered along the way was Bon Kurei.

The trannies have their own pink kingdom: the pink Kamabakka Kingdom, to which Sanji was transported by Bartholomew Kuma.

After Baltigo was destroyed by the Blackbeard pirate gang, the revolutionaries moved their main base there.

Okama in Impel Down

Level 5.5, Newkama Land

Even in Impel Down, Luffy encounters a great many trannies. These used to be prisoners, but are hiding in the sewers between levels 5 and 6, which they call Newkamaland. The Impel Down leadership is unaware of this secret level and explains the disappearance of some prisoners without a trace with so-called Sodehiki demons that take the prisoners to the underworld.

It was created long ago by Morley, who has the ability to dig tunnels. Level 5.5 has normal clothes, good food, alcohol, weapons, games, a dance floor, but most importantly, prisoners here are “free” and not subject to the torture methods of the Impel Down guards. In Newkama Land, everyone is welcome.

The head of Newkama Land was the “Queen” of the Kamabakka Kingdom, Emporio Ivankov. After the attack by the Troop Wolves, which Luffy put to flight with his Haki, he and Bon Kurei, both unconscious, are also taken to Newkamaland by Inazuma, another transgender, where Luffy is to recover from Magellan’s poison. After his recovery, Ivankov and Inazuma, both of whom are part of the revolutionaries, assist him in his quest to free Ace.

Two years after the successful escape of Ivankov and other prisoners from Impel Down, Bentham now rules over Newkama Land.

Named trannies

(once part of the Baroque firm as Bon Kurei)
(Anime only)
TibanyEmporio Ivankov
(King of the trannies)
(Ivankov’s direct subordinate)
Splash & Splatter
(Twins & Pirates)
(former inmate at Impel Down)
(former inmate at Impel Down)
(former inmate at Impel Down)

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