Odama of One Piece

Odama is a fireworks master and lives on Fireworks Island with his granddaughter Kodama.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Odamas sketches

Odama has grey hair, a white rope around his head and red tattoos on his face. He also likes to wear his blue coat on his shoulders, otherwise he wears an apron, which is a dark color, and white pants. Odama can be found with a pipe and has a grim expression on his face.


Odama is a very unkind person. For example, when Usopp asked him to give him some black powder, he replied that he would not give any to an amateur and that he should leave. He is also not very nice to his granddaughter.


The pyrotechnician knows his craft, as he has been practicing it all his life. So he has always spent a year making the fireworks that are then launched at the big fireworks festival.


Usopp wanted to get some black powder on Fireworks Island and learned of a fireworks master on the island. When he went there, he found that Odama wouldn’t give him any. Odama went into his hut and Usopp followed him. The cannoneer of the Straw Hat Pirates was amazed at the immense amount of fireworks. Odama, however, sent him out with Kodama to do chores. Later, it rained, so Odama wasn’t sure if the fireworks festival was going to happen or not. After Usopp left, Odama came to Kodama and forbade her to set off the big firecracker. He had heard her plan from men in the village who were helping with the project. The fireworks master would not allow his granddaughter to die in the attempt as her parents had.

In the evening, the celebration took place after all, as the rain had subsided. The pyrotechnician admired the fireworks, on which he had worked with Kodama for a year, from his hut on the mountain. As he did so, he also watched Usopp move the huge firework into the 400 year old tower. Even Odama had never realized that the tower was the launcher for the large orb. Usopp called attention to the right direction with a small firework so the crowd could see the giant firework set off by Odama. Usopp then asked him again about black powder. Odama’s answer this time was that he could have as much as he wanted.


  • The tradition of making fireworks has been in Odama’s family for 400 years.

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