Oars of One Piece

The “legendary devil” (jap. 伝説の「魔人」, Densetsu no “Majin) Oz was the larger-than-average special zombie giant #900, who was also called the “land raider” (jap. 国引き, Kunihiki). Gecko Moria had used his dead body and revived him through Luffy’s shadow to achieve his goal of becoming Pirate King.


Oz was a giant, however he was about three times the size of a normal giant. He had a blond, large mane that reached his waist, along with two huge horns and tusks. He had lost his left eye and wore bandages and scars all over his body. His upper arms were quite thin compared to the rest of his body, however his forearms were thickening again. According to Chopper, Oars’s right arm was remodeled by Hogback, which was why the Straw Hat Pirates had also chosen that as their point of attack in their battle with the Devil.
In addition, Gecko Moria had a cockpit and many gadgets built into Oars’s stomach by Dr. Hogback so that Moria could control him at will and give him orders when necessary. Around his waist, the devil wore a piece of cloth with a white cross on it, which he secured with a belt with three skulls. He wasn’t wearing shoes or anything of the sort.


Oz had taken many traits from him thanks to Luffy’s shadow. Thus, as soon as he was revived by Gecko Moria, he called out for food from Sanji, but couldn’t remember who Sanji actually was. Unlike other revived zombies, Oars’ hadn’t listened to his master right away and had run off after being revived. He was also very playful and adventurous. This was shown when he broke free from the cold room and played on the Thriller Bark’s mast and oar chain, maneuvering it out of the mysterious triangle. To this he then exclaimed that he wished to be a pirate king, and that he possessed the heart of a pirate. In fact, he put a piece of a destroyed building on his head and pretended it was a pirate hat.
Eventually, the remnants of Luffy’s personality all but faded away and he became an obedient zombie gecko of Moria. Deep down, however, Oars still possessed some of Luffy’s personality, as he was very impressed with the Big Emperor of the Straw Hats, but was shocked and disappointed when Robin didn’t join the “Big Emperor” because she was too embarrassed.

Abilities and Strength

Moria warps Oars’s shadow and himself into a ball as a result.

Oz was a dangerous and strong opponent. Not enough that he was also an above average giant and incredibly strong anyway, he could also use Luffy’s attacks, which thanks to his size seemed even more fierce than when Luffy used them. While the devil couldn’t make use of Luffy’s stretching ability at first, since he hadn’t eaten a gum-gum fruit and devil powers aren’t transferable to zombies, his enormous strength made up for it.

He became even more dangerous when Gecko Moria sat in Oars’s cockpit belly and he had a fighter’s brain. To this end, Gecko Moria could manipulate shadows to his liking at will with his Shadow Revolution, and demonstrated this to the Straw Hat Pirates by forming Oars’s shadow into a ball. His body followed the shadow and became a ball as well. So Moria had reversed the laws of nature and the shadow no longer followed the body, but the body followed the shadow. This allowed Oars’s Luffy’s gum-gum attacks to go off without a hitch, making his attacks a notch harder and more powerful. To make matters worse, Oars could move very fast.

Oz is inventive. He’s using attacks even Luffy hasn’t used yet.Luffy has ever used.
Rubber is nothing compared to this!
If I make his shadow round,
Oz will take that shape, too!
-Gecko Moria, ruler of all zombies on Oars’s new abilities.

When faced with the Zombie Generals, who were supposed to talk some sense into Oars’, he suddenly disappeared without a trace and reappeared above their heads a short time later, finishing them off with a Gomu Gomu no Gatling. The Straw Hat Pirates additionally had Oars to chew on, as no matter how many times they took him down, he kept getting back up because he was a zombie. These don’t get tired or feel pain. Eventually, the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Oars and broke his spine, which is why he was unable to get up again and had to admit defeat.


Oz, who in his lifetime was also called a “land-robber” or “legendary devil,” lived 500 years ago as a leader on an island of giants (a particularly evil race not native to Elbaf, where the most horrible criminals dwelled. He died of frostbite, and in the process, or in another battle, severely damaged his right arm, which was remodeled by Hogback.


Awakening after 500 years

Moria wants to resurrect Oars.

After Luffy was captured by the Spidermouse and taken to Gecko Moria, the samurai Luffy’s shadow had separated from his body. The Straw Hat Captain lost consciousness and was taken back to the Thousand Sunny (as were Zoro and Sanji) so that they could not retrieve their shadows when they awoke. Moria, meanwhile, with Luffy’s wriggling shadow in hand, had strolled into a cold room with his subordinates to revive Oars, Special Zombie #900. Shortly before, Gecko Moria made a pact with Luffy’s shadow that he must eternally obey his master, to which the latter agreed, and Moria placed him in Oars’s massive body. Immediately, the corpse twitched and came to life. In keeping with Luffy’s character, he immediately called for food from Sanji, wondering who Sanji was. At his roar, those present even had to hold on to keep from being blown away by his breath.

Oz wants to destroy the cooling chamber.

Upon his awakening, Moria’s servants brought him tons of food from the supplies, which the giant happily devoured. He thanked Moria, but wanted more food. But unlike Moria’s arrangement with Luffy’s shadow, Oars didn’t see himself as a subordinate of Moria’s and replied that he had a dream and didn’t want to serve anyone. Meanwhile, in the cold room, he found it rather boring and erupted. To do this, he blew up the wall of the cold room with a gum-gum gun (though his arm didn’t stretch), jumped to freedom, and yelled out his dream: he wants to be the next pirate king! Now he was off on his own exciting adventure.

Oz’s adventures

Oz jumps on the bridges.

After breaking out of the Cold Room, Special Zombie Oars had made his way to the main mast of the Thriller Bark, where he looked curiously over the ship and out to sea. He decided that he was going to be pirate king with this massive ship.
He then jumped off the mast to look around for more adventures, but landed on the bridges to Perona’s room and Moria’s ballroom during this action. Usopp and Sanji, who were on their way to Moria’s ballroom with Luffy, Robin, and Chopper to retrieve their shadows, were separated from their comrades-in-arms and landed with Zoro and Franky, who were on the bridge to Perona’s room. These were now face to face with a giant: Oz!

As a test, Zoro stabbed Oars with one of his swords, thinking it was a normal wall that stood before them. However, Usopp alerted him to the fact that it was Oars, the zombie who had Luffy’s shadow intact. Luckily for them, Oars didn’t notice the quartet and grabbed a piece of destroyed building and placed it on his head. As he did so, he thought of a pirate hat, strutted off happy about his find, and talked about becoming the next pirate king.

Oz destroys the zombie generals.

Oz’s further purpose sent the Thriller Bark into convulsions, for he played at the oar chain. Absalom, who was in the chapel just trying to kiss Nami to end his ceremony, couldn’t hit her and wanted the zombie generals present in the chapel to stop him. As ordered, they immediately set out to eliminate the devil. After the devil noticed that they were about to attack him, he counterattacked straightaway and disappeared in front of the zombie generals. Immediately after his disappearance, Oars reappeared and disposed of his opponents with the help of a Gomu Gomu no Gatling!

“Destroy the Straw Hat Pirates”

Oz now serves his master.

After his little adventure on the Thriller Bark, Oars had finally come to his senses and wanted to serve his master Gecko Moria. Moria now wanted him to destroy the entire Straw Hat Pirates so they could collect their bounties. To do this, he had sewn on Oars’s left arm the wanted posters of the Straw Hats so that he could identify them. Immediately he saw Luffy, who had earlier tangled with Moria, and attacked him with the gum-gum bell, Oars bursting in on Chopper and Robin’s fight against Dr. Hogback and Cindry. Luffy was able to escape in time to chase after Moria, who made a run for it just before Oars’s massive breakthrough. Oars continued to rampage and broke through Moria’s mast mansion. Now facing Sanji, who had previously had Nami stolen from his hands, Oars demanded that the Straw Hat Pirates come out of hiding.

Oz vs. the Straw Hat Pirates

Sanji vs Oars.

Sanji was now face to face with the giant Oars. All the rest of the Straw Hats except Luffy and Nami watched the action and gradually joined in the fight. It wasn’t that easy to bring the giant down, let alone defeat him, since he was a zombie, which, as is well known, can always get back up and feel no pain. The Straw Hat Pirates had to pull out all the stops to inflict some damage on the giant. So they had to use a variety of combo attacks to have any chance at all.

Oz + Moria = Unbeatable?

Moria appears…

When Gecko Moria also appeared on the battlefield and took up residence in Oars’s cockpit in his belly to give him orders from there, things got visibly worse, because with Moria in his belly, Oars had been given a brain to fight with. Worse, with Moria, Oars was finally able to stretch, which now made his attacks into real gum-gum attacks that had much more penetrating power. Thus, Moria molded Oars’s shadow to his conditions and was able to do a lot of damage to the Straw Hat Pirates with his new gum-gum powers. Even Nami, who had joined the fight, couldn’t save much. Then, when almost all of Oars’s Straw Hats were defeated, Usopp saw one last chance to be victorious after all. He used his Kuwagata and hurled a large bag of salt into Oars’s mouth. Already happy with their victory, Moria’s shadow double-man pulled the bag of salt out of Oars’s mouth and threw it back at Usopp. The salt scattered on the ground and their last chance to win had failed as well.

Nightmare Luffy – The chance to win?

Nightmare Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Storm.

Just as Oars was about to trample Usopp and Nami, the only remaining ones who hadn’t been knocked out, Nightmare Luffy, who got a big power boost with 100 shadows, showed up and saved them both. Moria ordered Oars to take Nightmare Luffy out of the way, which he attempted in the form of a Gomu Gomu no Rifle. Luffy easily stopped the spinning arm. More attacks from Luffy followed, putting Oars and Moria under heavy pressure. Nami and Usopp couldn’t believe what they were seeing! Oars wasn’t going to put up with this and set out to counterattack, but was stopped in his tracks even as Nightmare Luffy was executing the attack with a sword. Luffy now attacked the two with a gum-gum gun, hitting Moria’s face squarely in Oars’s cockpit. Nightmare Luffy now used his final attack against Oars, the Gomu Gomu no Storm. This massive force of blows hurled Oars and Moria right into the walls of Moria’s Mast Mansion. As a result, the 100 Shadows left Luffy and the two opponents seemed defeated.

Oz’s Destruction

Oz’s End.

While all the pirates present celebrated the victory, Oars was already getting back up while Moria remained unconscious. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates also woke up and were about to strike the final blow against the legendary devil Oars. To do so, Brook brought Luffy up the mast with the help of Robin’s Pierna Fleurs. Nami now made it rain on Oars with the help of her climatic clock stick. Franky and Usopp, who had built a freezing machine in the cold room, froze Oars’s legs so he couldn’t escape. Chopper felt that Oars’s spine had to be stretched for it to break. To do this, Sanji kicked the oar chain around Oars’s body, however he still resisted. To immobilize him, Zoro attacked him with 3000 Worlds and Sanji pulled on the oar chain, which then pulled Oars’s spine taut and thus straight. Luffy was then thrown down the pole by Brook and activated Gear 3, intending to finish the Special Zombie off with a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Bazooka. Oars wanted to counter with a bazooka as well, however his right arm, which was severely damaged earlier in the fight against the Straw Hat Pirates, no longer obeyed him. Since he couldn’t feel any pain, he hadn’t even noticed it. Oars’s outstretched spine was finally shattered by Luffy’s Gigant Bazooka, leaving Oars, completely destroyed by his spine, unable to fight on the ground. Oars was defeated!

After Moria’s awakening, Oars died again at the hands of Shadow’s Asgard.


  • The “S.Z.-900” on his arm stands for “Special Zombie-900.”
  • He was proficient in very many of Luffy’s attacks, which were also proper gum-gum attacks after Moria’s appearance in Oars’s stomach.
  • His name is derived from the Norse mythology of the Edda In this there is a god named Óðr (~Odr), he is Freiya’s husband and is equated by some scholars with Odin. Similarities to Oars are clear in the form of the eye patch and the horned helmet. The name Óðrs is spelled オーズ in Japanese (evidence: Japanese Wikipedia).
  • Little Oars Jr. is one of his direct descendants. Whether they are father and son is unknown.
  • In an earlier design of Oda, Oars is seen wearing an afro.
  • In the 4th character popularity vote, Oars ranked 41st. He failed to rank in all others.
  • One Piece Magazine, Vol. 3 features a look at Oars’s inner workings.( hideimage )
  • His favorite food was meat.

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