Nuru of One Piece

Nuru is a member of the New Fishmen pirate gang.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Nuru is a fish-man with dark blue skin and black curly hair. For clothes, he wears an orange vest, with two crossed bones on it, and a dark shirt. He also wears a small pair of sunglasses with pink lenses. In addition, he has a fishing rod on his head.


He seems to be a very confident man. Nuru’s dream is to become the best swordsman on Fish-Man Island and an officer in the New Fishman Pirates.

Skills and strength

As a fish-man, Nuru naturally possesses far more physical strength than the average human. With the fishing rod on his head, he is also able to produce a bright light to blind his enemies. He also seems to be a good swordsman, but he didn’t stand a chance against Zoro.


On Fish Man Island, during the battle of Gyoncorde Square, he took the opportunity to fight Zoro and thereby prove his abilities. However, he was no match for Zoro, who first cut off his lantern and later literally swept him away, but told him to come back when he got stronger. After landing hard on the ground, he still wasn’t discouraged from one day becoming the best swordsman on Fish-Man Island. However, this was heard by Hyouzou, who mutated slightly due to the E.S. pills and went into a fighting frenzy. Hyouzou first destroyed Nuru’s sword and defeated Nuru himself right after to show once again who was the best swordsman.

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