Nure-Onna of One Piece

Nure-Onna is a gifter of the Beasts Pirates and serves under Black Maria.


Nure-Onna’s appearance is strongly influenced by the consumption of a Smile fruit. Thus, while she still has a human face and human hands, she is otherwise very reminiscent of a snake. She has long black hair with a center parting, with a flower on the left side of her hair. Furthermore, she has a large mouth with the tongue of a snake and pointed fangs. Due to her snake body, she can always be seen in a crawling form. She also wears a dark kimono with a circle pattern.

Skills & Strength

Nure-Onna ate from the hook-nosed snake Smile, which is why she can stretch her neck and got pointy fangs.


After Black Maria was able to capture Sanji, but he escaped again, Black Maria pursued him with her subordinates, including Nure-Onna. They were able to catch up with him again, bringing him down and surrounding him. Trapped in a spider web, Black Maria beat Sanji with her brass knuckles, forcing him to call out for Nico Robin, which he quickly did, to the amazement of Nure-Onna and everyone else. Robin and Brook then appeared, with Nure-Onna and the other Gifters fearing Brook the monster. Sanji disappeared and Robin as well as Brook took over the fight. During the fight, Black Maria used illusions to turn Nure-Onna into Nico Olvia, while other Gifters impersonated Professor Shamrock and Jaguar D. Saul. However, Robin saw through this and attacked the three with Tres Mano, Freesia. The two Straw Hats then ran away, but Nure-Onna and company immediately took up pursuit. Through a wall of ice, created by Brook, Black Maria was separated from her subordinates. Nure-Onna then glimpsed her master’s defeat through a slit, whereupon Brook appeared and knocked out Nure-Onna and the rest of her subordinates with Phrase d’armes: Orchestra.


  • Her name is derived from the Nure-onna of the same name from Japanese mythology. Her name translates as “wet woman”.

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