Nukky of One Piece

Nuki is the pet of Rina and Sayo.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.

Skills & Strength

Nuki can transform into anything, be it living creature or object, but never really changes his size. This is because he is a sea tanuki. In Japanese mythology, the Tanuki is considered a shapeshifter.


Nuki used to be a constant companion of Rina’s and Sayo’s father and, three years before the stay on Spa Island, accompanied him on a research trip to study the production of crystals for the village. It was only a month before the events on Spa Island that Nuki returned, without Rina’s father, but with his notebook. Enclosed with this was a letter that his daughters should stop the research. Therefore, Rina, Sayo and Nuki later went to Spa Island.


There, Nuki watched some frolicking straw hats together with Rina, made friends with them and presented his extraordinary abilities by turning into Nami, albeit a miniature version. However, as the two took their leave of the Straw Hats again with Sayo, Foxy appeared with Hamburger and Porche. Although Foxy was able to slow down everyone present, including Nuki, he ultimately had to admit defeat to the Straw Hat. Afterwards, however, Doran turned out to be the real enemy. Nuki did not leave Rina’s side, while the Straw Hats were able to defeat him and destroy Spa Island. Eventually, they realized what the true treasure was that Rina’s father spoke of, and aboard the Thousand Sunny, Sayo and Rina managed to finish their father’s research. Out in the open sea, Nuki was last seen flying around transformed as a dove.

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