Nugire Yainu of One Piece

Nugire Yainu was a member of the Black Cat pirate gang


Nugire Yainu was a man who visually bore some similarities to his captain. He had short dark hair and wore glasses. He wore a purple shirt, olive green pants, and dark blue shoes. When he was executed, he wore his captain’s coat.


His position was that of ship’s carpenter, so he must have been a good craftsman. In addition, he was seen fighting against the navy with a sword.


Disguised as Kuro.

During another battle against the navy, Kuro got tired of being a pirate and made a plan together with Jango. That’s when the two noticed the ship’s carpenter, who had many visual similarities to Black. Jango hypnotized him into believing he was Kuro. He then hypnotized Captain Morgan into believing he had captured the real Kuro. Thus, Nugire Yainu was falsely executed and not his captain.

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