Nosgarl of One Piece

Nosgarl is a pirate captain from the New World who was allied with Whitebeard.


Nosgarl is an older man with horn-like hair, glasses, and a hooked nose. He wears an old-fashioned pirate cloak. His legs are disproportionately short and slender compared to his main body.

Skills and strength

The fact that Nosgarl is a notorious New World captain leaves no doubt that he must be a powerful fighter. In Marineford, however, his abilities were not really shown.



The pirates storm forward

He and his gang have sailed to naval headquarters with 42 other notorious New World pirate gangs, including the gangs of Doma, the Decalvan brothers, Squard, McGuy, Whitey Bay, Epoida, and Little Oars Jr, all of whom are also allied with Whitebeard, to rescue Ace from the hands of the World Government.

The enterprise failed, however, and Ace as well as Whitebeard died. It is likely that he later attended their funeral with the others.

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