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Nora is a giant boa. She is already over 400 years old and lives in the Upper Yard.


Nora is a huge snake. Her body is 200 meters long and her head is almost twice the size of the Going Merry. She could swallow the ship in one bite. Although her mouth is already huge, she possesses equally enormous and absolutely deadly fangs. Her mouth is rimmed with a lip-like, whitish fringe. She has yellow, sleepy eyes and possesses small nostrils, with long whiskers between them that hang down her head. Her scales are turquoise in color and covered in dark blue tiger-like stripes. However, from below her scales are colored white, at the transition between the white and turquoise scales are long white bartel-like hairs.


Nora is a very tame and cheerful snake who had interactions with humans in her childhood and regained this peaceful nature after the war. In the meantime, after the fall of Shandora, she had become a wild animal that attacked people and animals. However, she is also very emotional. When she was returned to Shandora by Enel’s attack, she was so moved that she began to cry.

She loves the ringing of the bell and was sort of friends with Noland and Kalgara.


Jaya 400 years ago

Nora 400 years ago

Nora met Noland and Kalgara 400 years ago when she was very young, after Noland had freed the people of Jaya from tree fever. Just like everyone else on the island, Nora liked the ringing of the golden bell of Shandora. Ever since meeting Noland and Kalgara, she never left their side and was always present when the bell was rung, for example. When Noland left again, she waited patiently with the others for his return, until Jaya was suddenly flung into the sky.


Operation Gold

When Robin, Luffy, Chopper and Zoro were on their way to the Golden City of Shandora, Nora, who had grown enormously in the meantime, attacked the troop out of the blue. Not only because of her size, but also because of her poison fangs and speed, she was a serious opponent for the Straw Hats. Since they couldn’t do anything against Nora at the moment, they had to flee and were separated from each other during the escape.

Luffy vs Wyper

In the Luffy vs Wyper battle, Nora interrupted the two and swallowed Luffy. The latter didn’t know what was happening to him and thought he had landed in a cave, as Nora had also swallowed a lot of debris from buildings and a lot of treasure.

Caveman Luffy

Reunion in the Boa Belly

With Nora moving through the forest and also crawling up and down elevations, Luffy had to contend with violent tremors in his boa belly. These tremors, and also the prospect of not being able to find the exit to the supposed cave, drove him so crazy that he unceremoniously tried to drill a hole in the wall. The stomach acid was also slowly disintegrating his clothes. Nora, however, got hurt by Luffy’s attempts to get free and went berserk, attacking Nami and Aisa who were nearby and chasing them all over the forest. After some time, Nora let go of the two and tried her luck on Zoro, who was hanging onto a Southbird. The attempt to snap at him failed, though. She did, however, follow him up the Giant Jack with the rampaging Luffy in her stomach.

The test of iron

The fight begins!

On Giant Jack, Nora got caught in the middle of the Iron’s test. Her first action was against Zoro, but he managed to dodge. Shortly after, she snapped at Gan Fall, but he escaped her clutches as well. Meanwhile, Wyper had risen and shot his bazooka at Nora’s head, but the attack had no effect. Meanwhile, Luffy was flung through the snake’s stomach and just wanted out. When everything rested again, the rubber boy tried to dig a hole in his wonder cave with a rock, which made Nora laugh. The Shandi warriors, as well as the Divine Soldierss, were puzzled as to why the Guardian of Heaven was laughing.

Shortly after, Nami and Aisa shot out of the cloud cover after being attacked by Wyper and rescued by Gan Fall. Nora snapped and engulfed the group. Zoro and Wyper then tried to attack the snake to help their friends, but clashed and instead of attacking Nora, they were knocked down by Holy. Meanwhile, Nami and the others encountered Luffy in Nora’s stomach, whose clothes were starting to disintegrate.

When Nami learned from Luffy that he was responsible for the boa’s irritable mood, which had subsequently pursued Nami and Aisa, she punched him. This punch was so hard that Nora was writhing in pain. Wyper then became aware of the boa again, attacking her again with his bazooka and managing to burn her tongue. Nora countered with an aggressive attack, but missed the Shandiakrieger again. The fight was suddenly interrupted by Enel, however, who destroyed the island clouds around Giant Jack, inviting the combatants to Shandora, which was directly below them. While everyone fell down, the swallowed ones took the opportunity to escape, however Luffy, Aisa and Pierre failed to accomplish this feat. When Nora landed in Shandora, memories of the past came to her when Shandora was still a Golden City. She was cheerful, but also a little confused. When she finally realized where she was, she howled with joy. The joy didn’t last long, however, as she was struck down by Enel shortly after.

The finale

Peace has returned.

In the meantime, while Nora was still knocked out, the three remaining swallowed ones made it out of her stomach. She started dreaming about Noland and Kalgara, but they moved away from her. As she tried to follow them, she slammed her head into the Giant Jack. This one the Straw Hats were currently trying to bring down. The headbutt, however, did not bring the tendril down, but caused it to tremble. Nora, however, sank back into unconsciousness.

As Luffy rang the bell of Shandora, with his final blow, Nora awoke as well. The snake was again moved to tears. The ringing reminded her again of her childhood. Of course, she did not miss the opportunity to take part in the following victory celebration. She celebrated so extensively that she had fallen into a deep sleep the next day. The Straw Hat Pirates took advantage of this and recovered all kinds of treasures from her stomach.

Life after the war

Nora in the cover story

In a cover story, Nora walked with Laki, Conis and Aisa to have a picnic. She laughed happily and had fun accompanying the three.

Two years later, she was seen again in a cover story. In the new theme park built in Skypiea, there are numerous attractions, including a bungee jump down from Nora.( hideimage )


  • Nora may have been modeled after the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl in the form of a feathered serpent.
  • She is dubbed “Guardian of Heaven” (jap. 空の主, Sora no Nushi) by the Sky Warriors.
  • She has whiskers like a catfish. Zoro wanted to cut off the whiskers, hoping it might help, but never got around to it.
  • Their teeth secrete an extremely deadly poison.
  • Seto chose her name, it suggests Nolandbecause there is no difference between the letters L and R in Japanese. Also, Nola is a Latin word and translates to bell. This is a reference to the golden bell of Shandora.
  • One Piece Magazine, Vol. 7 takes a closer look at Nora’s body anatomy, especially the inner workings. Show Hide Image

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