Nojiko of One Piece

Nojiko is a resident of Kokos and the adopted sister of Nami.


Nojiko is a young, slender woman with lavender hair. On her hair she has a red headband wrapped. She wears a yellow sleeveless shirt and blue pants. On her feet she wears sandals. Her right arm is covered in tattoos that she got done so Nami wouldn’t be so alone with the Arlong gang tattoo. She also seems to be using pink lipstick.

After the two-year time jump, she grew her hair a little longer. In addition, she was now seen with the apron of her store.


Being Nami’s older sister, Nojiko always kept an eye on her and tried to teach her, though she was quite the hothead herself. Just like Nami, she has a close relationship with Genzo, who they both consider their father figure. During Arlong’s reign, she always tried to keep a cool head and keep the other residents from rebelling against Arlong, as Nami worked hard to buy the village free from Arlong. She lovingly takes care of the boy Chabo, whose father was murdered by Arlong. Nojiko also can’t stand it when people want to throw their lives away senselessly.

I hate all those who are too cowardly to live!!!


Adoption by Bell-mère

Nojiko with Nami as a baby in her hands

Nojiko is an orphan just like Nami and was found by Bell-mère when she was still in the Navy, in the Kingdom of Oykot. Bell-mère eventually adopted the two and they became as close as a real family. Since Bell-mère had very modest financial means, Nojiko and Nami grew up in very poor circumstances. Because of this, they both began to steal as well. However, Nojiko once remarked that they would never be caught. They both worked with Bell-mère on her orange plantation during their childhood. She also explained to Nami that it was normal to get the older sister’s old clothes.

Arlong’s Arrival

Arlong gang arrives in coconut

After Nami had a fight with Bell-mère and ran away, it was Nojiko who brought her back. At that time, the Arlong gang came to Conomi Island and said that this island belonged to them from now on. While Nami and Nojiko were hiding, the fish people made it clear to the inhabitants that from now on they would have to pay tribute for their lives: One hundred thousand per head and fifty thousand per child. After the inhabitants paid, they hoped that the fish-men would not find Bell-mère’s house, since she could not possibly raise two hundred thousand berries. However, Pisaro noticed the smoke coming from Bell-mère’s house, which was cooking, and made their way there. Nojiko and Nami quickly ran home to warn Bell-mère, but the pirates were faster and tormented Bell-mère.

The latter had just managed to save up a hundred thousand berries. She told them that the money was for her two children. Now that she had no money to pay for her own life, she was shot in front of Nojiko and Nami. Arlong took Nami with him and then disappeared. Later, Nami showed up in Kokos with the mark of the Arlong gang. Nojiko met Nami at Bell-mère’s grave and Nami told her about the deal with Arlong. The villagers then squeezed her and learned of Nami’s true intentions. A few years later, she finally got her tattoo so Nami wouldn’t be so alone.


Meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

When Usopp ran away from a fish-man, he was attacked by Chabo, who believed Usopp was a fish-man. When he tried to kill Usopp with a sword, Nojiko intervened and stopped him. She noted that while Usopp resembled Arlong, he was a human. The fish-man noticed the three of them and attacked. Usopp tried to confront him, but was knocked down by Nojiko. He woke up in Nojiko’s house and asked where he was. She introduced herself to him and told him that she had knocked him down to save his life. Chabo told her that the fish people had killed his father and that was why he had sworn revenge. Nojiko said that why didn’t he get himself killed so that he would be relieved of his suffering. She wanted Chabo to leave the house because she doesn’t like it when someone risks his life senselessly.

Chabo finally went home to his mother. Nojiko asked Usopp who he was. The latter replied that he was Captain Usopp and was looking for a Nami. She answered that Nami belonged to the gang of Arlong and was the witch of Kokos. She also told him that she and Nami were sisters.

Nojiko went on to say that they grew up in this house and were very happy. Usopp wanted to know why Nami joined Arlong’s gang, but she only said that Nami was a witch. Usopp got mad at Nami and now didn’t want to look for her since she seemed to just want their loot. All he wanted was to get his ship back, which Nami had stolen, and then leave. Nojiko thought that was a good idea, since he wouldn’t stand a chance against the fish people anyway. She pointed out the window to the harbor where the The Going Merry was. However, Usopp still remembered that Zoro was in the grip of the fish people. Nojiko went with him to the village, where Arlong was having an altercation with Genzo for violating the weapons law. Nojiko told him that they had to pay tribute to Arlong every month and if just one couldn’t pay, the entire village would be destroyed.

They’re racists… We humans are less than dirt to them.

Confrontation with Arlong

Nojiko tries to stop Arlong

When Arlong tried to kill Genzo, Nojiko interfered. She told Arlong that they had been paying tribute for years without resistance and were not planning a rebellion. Arlong didn’t listen to her though and went for the final blow as Usopp attacked him with his slingshot from the roof. Arlong got pissed and started destroying parts of the village, but his gang was able to appease him or they wouldn’t be able to get tribute. Usopp fled as fast as he could. Shortly after, Nami appeared in the village. The villagers turned away from her and only Nojiko and Genzo remained on the road. Nojiko went with Nami to Bell-mère’s grave. There, Nami told them that she only had 7 million berry left to ransom the village from Arlong. After that, the two parted ways again for the time being.

She later watched, along with other residents, as a naval ship sent to the rescue was sunk by Arlong’s gang. Nojiko noted that no one can escape Arlong.

Reunion with Nami

Nojiko talks to Nami

When she got back home and was collecting oranges, she noticed Nami was in her house, rioting. Nojiko asked her if everything was okay. Nami said that she was upset and needed to rest now. Nojiko asked if it was because of the boys. Nami was surprised that Nojiko knew the boys. Nojiko talked about the encounter with Usopp and how they wanted her back. Nami, however, didn’t want any more friends, even though she of all people needed those friends. Later, she ran into the Straw Hat Pirates and wanted them to leave since they wouldn’t stand a chance against Arlong. Nojiko wanted to tell them the story of Nami, but only if they would disappear afterwards. However, only Sanji and Usopp wanted to hear the story. After she told the story, Sanji wanted to take on Arlong to save Nami. Nojiko didn’t want this because Nami had been working hard for eight years to ransom the village and it would ruin everything for them.

Nojiko was shot

When Captain Rat of the Navy went to the orange plantation of Nami and Nojiko, he met Nami and wanted to know where she had hidden the money she had stolen within eight years. Since the money is from pirates, it belongs to the government, he said. Genzo and Nojiko wouldn’t let that pass because Nami needed the money to buy the village free. When Rat says they are looking for 100 million berry, Nami, Nojiko and Genzo were shocked that he knew the exact amount. Now there was no doubt that the navy was working together with Arlong. The marines opened fire and shot Nojiko. The marine found the money and then disappeared. Genzo and Nami quickly took Nojiko to the village to get her treated. Luffy was there too and wanted to know what was going on. Nami just yelled at him that it was none of his business. She then ran to Arlong Park to fight Arlong.

The fight against Arlong

Nojiko holds Luffy’s head

She and the villagers were about to settle their final score with Arlong and leave, when Nami appeared in the village again to stop them. However, the villagers did not listen to her and went to fight Arlong. Nami begged Luffy to help her and he agreed. So the Straw Hat Pirates also went to fight Arlong. However, when the villagers arrived at Arlong Park, they were stopped by Johnny and Yosaku because the Straw Hat Pirates was on its way to fight Arlong.

The Straw Hats finally appeared and began the fight against Arlong. The residents, on the other hand, could only watch. At this, Nojiko said that these guys had it going on. Luffy had jammed his legs into the ground so hard in the fight against Moo-Cow that he couldn’t pull them out now. Arlong took advantage of this opportunity and launched Luffy into the water. Genzo wanted to jump into the water to get him out of it, but Nojiko insisted on coming along. So they both jumped into the water to free Luffy. They didn’t manage to free him from the rock. However, since Luffy is made of rubber, they were able to pull his head to the surface. While Nojiko was on land holding Luffy’s head, Genzo was underwater squeezing Luffy’s chest to get him breathing again. Meanwhile, Sanji had also jumped into the water to destroy the stone, but was attacked by Hatchan. Back on the surface, Sanji managed to defeat Hatchan. Genzo then returned to the surface, unable to hold his breath any longer, and traded places with Nojiko. Eventually, the two managed to get Luffy breathing again. Sanji jumped into water again to destroy the stone. However, Nojiko noticed that he was being chased by Hatchan and confronted him, giving Sanji the opportunity to destroy the stone. Just as Hatchan was about to strike, the wound he received from Zoro in battle tore open. Finally, they managed to destroy the stone and free Luffy. Now the real battle against Arlong could begin. Nojiko sat down with Genzo and Sanji and watched the fight. Luffy finally managed to defeat Arlong. Afterwards, however, Rat reappeared to take Arlong’s treasures, but was knocked down by Nami.

After the victory over Arlong

Afterwards, the residents celebrated the end of Arlong’s reign. Nojiko asked Chabo if he was offended because his father could not witness this. The latter replied that it was no use and he was pinched by Nojiko to tease him. After the celebration, Nami left her collected money to the village, though Nojiko tried to stop her. The villagers gathered at the harbor to say goodbye to Nami. The latter silently ran past them and jumped onto the Going Merry. Without them noticing, Nami had stolen all the residents’ wallets. She said goodbye to the residents and left with the Straw Hat Pirates. While Nojiko was sitting on the beach with Genzo and Dr. Nako, she noticed that Genzo no longer had his windmill. This is now at Bell-mère’s grave, as he no longer needs it to make Nami laugh.

The new wanted posters go around the world

Nojiko looks at Nami’s profile photo with Genzo

When the Straw Hat Pirates’s new wanted posters went viral after the events of Enie’s lobby, she was briefly seen in Kokos bringing a bag of oranges to Genzo. The latter was currently trying to reach the navy headquarters to complain about Nami’s wanted poster photo. At that, Nojiko noted that he himself seems to like the picture since he has it oversized hanging on his wall. Then Nojiko went on to say that the picture was proof that Luffy hadn’t forgotten the promise he made to Genzo.

Two years later

Gathering at the tomb of Bell-mère

When news of the reappearance of the Straw Hat Pirates went around the world, Genzo, Nojiko, Nako and Chabo gathered at Bell-mère’s grave. Nojiko is now the owner of an orange store, which she named after her late mother Bell-mère.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Nojiko learned of the Straw Hat Pirates’ new bounties from the newspaper. Amused, she watched as Genzo once again protested to the Navy about Nami’s photo, even though he had an oversized version of it hanging on his wall.


  • On Nami’s departure, she gave her bracelet, which Nami now wears on her left wrist.
  • Its name is derived from a bird, the Japanese yellow bunting.
  • Her favorite food, like Nami’s and Bell-mère’s, is oranges.

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