Nine Red Scabbards

The Nine Men with Red Sword Scabbards are a group consisting of a total of nine samurai, once founded under Kozuki Oden. Twenty years ago, they attempted to open the borders of Wano Country. Shogun Kurozumi Orochi defeated the Sword Sheaths, preventing the borders from opening. However, Kozuki Toki, the wife of Oden, predicted at the time that the Nine Sword Sheaths would reappear in 20 years. Shogun Orochi, to the mockery of his men, believed Toki’s prophecy and feared the return of the Nine Akazaya. And they did indeed return 20 years later.

Within the group, however, there was a traitor, Kurozumi Kanjuro, who had been working for his relative Orochi before joining and had been secretly passing information to him. Only on the way to Onigashima he revealed himself.

Known members

PositionNameDevil Fruit
Leader:KinemonClothes Fruit
Member:Kurozumi KanjuroBrush Fruit
Member:RaizoScroll Fruit
Member:Ashura DojiUnknown
former member:IzouUnknown


  • The name comes from the glimmer of the evening sun when the Nine Sword Sheaths set out with Oden to attack Kaidou.

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