Nico Robin of One Piece

Devil girl (jap. 悪魔の子, Akuma no Ko ~ in the original Devil’s Child) Nico Robin is an archaeologist and the seventh member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Before joining, she was the vice-chief of the Baroque firm and a partner of Crocodile. During her time as an agent, she called herself Miss Bloody Sunday. Her dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph and learn the truth about the “lost history”. She has the power of Flora-Flora fruit and thanks to it she can grow her body parts in any place in her sight.


Robin before the time jump

Nico Robin is a young, slim woman, with shoulder-length, black, straggly hair, which she always wears open. She is quite tall for a woman at 1.88 meters. She is also the third oldest member of the Straw Hat Pirates at 30 years old. Robin wears bangs, in which a small gap is always visible. Like her friend Nami, she changes her clothes often. She has brown eyes (in the anime they are blue) and a small nose, which she inherited from her mother. She also has fair skin and rather long legs. In an SBS, Oda informed the readers about her bust size of 99 cm. After the time jump, her bust size is even 100 cm.

She wears mostly figure-hugging clothes and has a preference for dark clothes, so her clothes are mostly black or dark. Nevertheless, she wears bright tops in some chapters. Usually, these clothes are low-cut. She also always wears a bangle on her upper left arm. This bracelet consists of a kind of golden coin attached with two purple ribbons, the lower of which has white fringes.

During her time at Baroque, she always wore a cowboy hat.


At the beginning of her joining the Straw Hat Pirates, she said that she only wanted to join them because there was no place left for her to go, since Luffy had prevented her death. At that time, she always had the habit of not calling the Straw Hats by their names, but by their positions: for example, she simply called Luffy Captain, or Chopper Mr. Ship’s Doctor, which further emphasized her aloofness. However, this gradually changed when she saw on Enie’s lobby how far they would go for her. So the Straw Hat Pirates slowly became the most important people in her life, the ones she cares about and wants to protect. At the same time, she puts a lot of trust in them to protect her as well. On Zou, that’s why she didn’t worry when Nekomamushi was worried about her, because after all, many people were after her because of her knowledge of the Poneglyph. Robin said that she has strong friends who protect her.

Robin shows a really shocked expression for the first time on Dress Rosa.

Robin usually, probably because of her past, has a very cool character, keeping her composure in almost all situations and not showing her emotions. For example, when Brook first appeared, all the Straw Hats were shocked, except Robin, who just looked at him with interest. Overall, Robin seems much more grown up and calm than the rest of the Straw Hat gang, and usually only talks when spoken to or when something unexpected happens. There were only a few situations where she showed her emotional feelings, such as on Enie’s lobby when she announced to her crew that she wanted to live, or after the Davy Back Fight when she recognized Aokiji. Occasionally, Robin presents herself from a completely different side. For example, Luffy always manages to make her laugh or giggle very easily, even when she was still working for the Baroque Works, which was still very difficult for her as a child. She is also frequently amused by the idiosyncrasies of her crew members. In addition, she has a soft spot for cute things and found Kanjuro’s painted dragon Ryunosuke very cute. After Ryunosuke’s disappearance, she even shed tears for him. When the Straw Hats met Bartholomew Kuma on Thriller Bark and he revealed to them that he had eaten of the “paw fruit,” Robin imagined three cute cats showing their paws and meowing. However, she kept her usual serious expression on her face. On Punk Hazard, on the other hand, she rebuked Franky, who was freighted into Chopper’s body by Trafalgar Law, who made funny faces with Chopper’s face. It wasn’t until Dress Rosa that the usually unflappable Robin first showed an uncharacteristic shock face. First she was shocked by the naivety of the dwarves on Green Bit, and later by the fact that Doflamingo’s only supposed resignation, for which the Straw Hat Pirates was responsible, turned the dwarves’ initial joy into deepest despair.

Robin seems to want to maintain a certain amount of dignity, as she was not willing to participate in Franky’s Pirates Docking 6: Big Emperor. According to her own statement, she would have been embarrassed to participate, which is why she doesn’t want to be asked again.

Her dream is to find and decipher the fabled Rio Porno Glyph so that she can learn the True Story. On Arabasta, when she thought that she could no longer achieve this goal, she even wanted to die, but Luffy was able to prevent it. Robin is very inquisitive and therefore reads many books. She also likes to drink coffee, which she can now do on the Thousand Sunny in the library, something she was visibly happy about when the ship was unveiled.

Her curious character is further supported by fearlessness, so she immediately agreed to explore the “ghost ship” on which they found Brook. As an archaeologist, objects of historical value have a very high importance for her and she despises people who do not appreciate this value, which could be clearly seen during her fight against Yama. Instead of fighting him on the spot or dodging his attacks, she blocked his attacks and lured him away from the ruins, risking a few injuries. Afterwards, she was even willing to kill the lance corporal for his actions. In such situations, the usually calm and composed Robin can become extremely brutal and ruthless. According to her own statement, while Usopp was questioning her about joining the Straw Hat Pirates, her specialty is assassinations. Thus, among the Straw Hats, she and Zoro are the most likely to kill their opponents.

In addition, as Franky kept titling her on Thriller Bark, she has the ability to permanently spread a negative vibe through her statements. She often frightens her less courageous crew members. In the course of her journey, her morbid statements thus accumulated. For example, when Zoro fought a sky shark in the Upper Yard and Nami asked if he was eaten, Robin coolly replied that the clouds must then turn red because of Zoro’s blood. On their journey to Fish Man Island, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji disappeared into the deep sea with their bubble encasement, and Robin hoped they hadn’t already been swallowed by the sea monsters. And during their ascent to Zou, Robin mistook the monkey mink Bariete falling from the sky for a person in which there were numerous knives.

Skills and strength


At the age of eight, Robin was already the subject of a bounty of 79.000.000 for allegedly sinking six naval battleships in the destruction of Ohara. As it turned out, however, the “Devil Girl” was not responsible for this, but her friend Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul, who thereby enabled her to escape from Ohara. Afterwards, she spent 20 years living off and on with various criminals and organizations in order to escape the clutches of the world government and navy under their cover. In these, however, she repeatedly experienced betrayal and distrust towards her. As a result, she learned to fend for herself and become strong in order to survive. This is also recognized by the Straw Hat Pirates, in which she eventually finds true friends. After the destruction of Enie’s lobby, her bounty increased slightly to 80.000.000 . A bigger jump on 130.000.000 made the reward on her head again only after the fall Doflamingos on Dress Rosa.

Just as she believes in the strength of her friends, they are also convinced of Robin’s abilities. This confidence in Robin also moved Sanji on Onigashima to call for Robin’s help when he was Black Maria’s prisoner. Knowing that Black Maria was trying to trap Robin, but trusting in her abilities, he left her and Brook to fight the Flying Six.

Robin has increased physical strength compared to normal people. Thus, she was able to take several hits from Black Maria, a high-ranking and strong pirate of an emperor’s gang. She also has exceptionally fast reflexes, as she managed to catch the dwarf Kabu with her devil powers, who is usually so fast and inconspicuous that normal people don’t see him. Besides that, she also managed to grab Hakuba before he could attack her. This is especially amazing since in the Corrida Colosseum, his speed still allowed him to attack and take out a number of strong fighters out of nowhere.

Devil forces

The power of the flora flora fruit

Robin can sprout huge hands.

She has already eaten from the Flora Flora fruit as a child, which enables her to grow her body parts in unlimited numbers everywhere within a certain radius. These body parts then act as her own body. This means that as soon as they take damage, Robin’s real body also feels the pain. In addition, foreign devil powers also affect her, which allowed her to be turned into a toy by Sugar, for example, after she touched one of Robin’s hands.

The variety of attacks she develops and their possible applications make up for her rather low physical strength. Most of the time she creates arms and hands on the body of her opponents and then breaks their necks and other bones with a jerk or twists their bodies so that they become incapable of acting. Another way she does this is by tying up or disarming her opponents. However, she can also simply use her body parts as tools, such as “stairs” like on Thriller Bark. She also often forms small nets to catch her friends who fall to the ground from great heights. Thanks to these powers, she could also fly for five seconds on the Thriller Bark after letting many hands form two wings on her back. However, this technique required enormous effort, so Robin could not keep it up for long. After they reached Skypiea, Usopp fell back into the sea of blue, however he was saved beforehand after Luffy extended his rubber arm and Robin grew eyes on him to Usopp’s location. Ears are also no problem for her, allowing her to unobtrusively eavesdrop on other conversations without being detected herself.

After the time jump, she has once again expanded her devil powers with some techniques. Particularly striking and more or less her standard technique are the huge extremities created by her devil powers, with which she attacks her opponents. For this she needs a total of 1,000 arms, from which she then in turn forms one or two large arms or legs. This gives her attacks an enormous increase in power, as normal opponents are usually literally stomped into the ground by the penetrating force. Her abilities have also been beneficial against giants like Oz and Punk Hazard’s giant children. Furthermore, her devil power even allows her to create her own doppelgangers of herself. With the help of her doppelganger, she can either perform attacks like on Fish-Man Island, where she finished off the physically superior Fishman Hammond, or use them for tricky spy work. When things get dicey for her, she simply dissolves her doppelganger again, putting her real body out of danger.

Archaeology & Knowledge

Robin was accepted into the team of scientists of the archaeologists of Ohara at the age of eight, because she is very interested in history and culture. For this she learned with the help of the books from the Tree of Knowledge, which gave her full marks in the doctoral exam. So she is very educated and accordingly has a great general knowledge about the world, important personalities and their organizations. She often enlightens the Straw Hat Pirates about facts, for example, about the hierarchy of the Navy as well as about the revolutionaries. As an archaeologist, she also knows how to handle and examine ancient objects and how to derive information from them.

In addition to her archaeology studies, Robin also taught herself how to decipher the Poneglyphs. As things stand now, she is the only person who can read and decipher the writing of the Poneglyphs, on which the True History is recorded and which the world government is trying to cover up from history by all means. Many years ago, many people on Ohara could read the Poneglyph, but since all but Robin were killed, she is the only one who still knows this method. This fact is also the real reason why a bounty of 79,000,000 was placed on Robin’s head when she was still a child. Crocodile made her his partner because he hoped to gain access to ancient weapons through the Poneglyph. In general, thanks to this ability, Robin is an enormously important person, since she is also needed to decipher the road Poneglyph that points the way to Laugh Tale. Thus, she also gets into the sights of the emperors Big Mom and Kaidou.

Espionage & Scouting

Robin’s devilish powers give her an advantage over most other people. She can easily make eyes and ears appear wherever she wants and thus observe events or eavesdrop on conversations. On Water 7, she revealed to Chopper that this is a habit from her childhood. Since she has been on the run from the world government for 20 years, she has had to constantly protect herself from dangers in her environment. For example, she also learned about Zoro’s sacrifice on Thriller Bark because she overheard Sanji’s conversation with the Risky Brothers.

This ability of hers also benefited the alliance on Wano Country enormously. There, Robin infiltrated Kurozumi Orochi’s inner ranks as a geisha and gained all sorts of information about the upcoming fire festival on Onigashima. This included the hierarchy of Kaidou’s pirate gang and the number of men and weapons present.

Other skills

Robin has certain drawing qualities, as she was able to make a sketch of the octopus Surume in a short time.

She also has a great talent as a dancer. On Wano Country, she quickly became one of the most popular geishas, which earned her an invitation to Kurozumi Orochi’s banquet. Robin also tried her hand as a dancer in the feature film One Piece – Z. This made her very popular and Usopp was able to earn a lot of money with her.


Her life in Ohara

Robin is being used as a cleaner

A happy moment: Robin hugs her mother

Robin was often excluded as a child and often dubbed a monster because of her strange devil fruit. She lived with her aunt, her husband and daughter. She was abused by the family as a kitchen helper. Besides, she used to go to the Tree of Omniscience and passed her doctoral exam there, which meant that she could now call herself an archaeologist. As her first task, she wants to research True History, but Professor Kleeblatt immediately forbids her to do so because it is forbidden.

Some time later a giant washed up on the beach, which was taken care of by Robin. He identified himself as Jaguar D. Saul. He was shocked when Robin told him about her mother. Shortly after, a Navy ship arrived at Ohara to eliminate the archaeologists living there. Robin ran to the Tree of Omniscience to warn the scientists, but she was ignored. Only when the ship docked did the archaeologists realize the danger.

Finally, Spandine, the director of CP9 at the time, found a hidden chamber with a Poneglyph under the huge tree. Professor Kleeblatt wanted to change the world government’s mind so that Ohara would not be destroyed. He told about the research progress and the research on the Poneglyph. Then, when he wanted to pronounce the name of the ancient forgotten kingdom, the 5 sages, who were connected by Den-den Mushi, gave the order to shoot Kleeblatt. However, he survived the direct shot. However, he later died either from his injuries or from the buster call.

The Buster Call

Robin has to watch how completely burns down their home

After Nico Olvia revealed herself as Robin’s mother, she entrusted young Robin’s life to her former adversary, Vice Admiral Saul. The deserted Vice Admiral now tried to save Robin, but was hit by a bullet right in the face. He dropped Robin off and took revenge on the naval ship by lifting it out of the water and destroying it. He asked Robin to reach the evacuation ship as soon as possible so that she would survive. However, Spandine gave orders not to let her board.

Shortly thereafter, on Vice Admiral Sakazuki’s orders, the evacuation ship exploded. Saul now asked Vice Admiral Kuzan to let Robin go. He agreed because Saul had been his friend before he left the Navy and he wanted to grant him his last wish. He created a channel of ice by which Robin could escape unhindered to the next island. Meanwhile, Ohara was completely burned out. Eventually she was blamed for the sinking of the 6 battleships, although Saul was to blame. Later, Nico Robin was spotted on a passenger ship. Spandine wanted to give chase, but Kuzan was able to stop his ship unnoticed with the help of his devil powers, allowing Nico Robin’s escape. A bounty of 79,000,000 was eventually placed on her head.

The entry into the baroque company

Nico Robin, when she was 24 in the Baroque Works enters

Nico Robin sought refuge in vain with various individuals and families, but they always betrayed her to the world government. She even joined a pirate gang and later an organization, although she was still a child, but always had to leave them after a short time for various reasons, for example because they blamed her for being attacked by the Navy. During this time she also discovered a Poneglyph. At the age of 23 she entered the Grand Line and left the West Blue.
At the age of 24, Nico Robin reached the kingdom of Arabasta, where Crocodile hired her to become her partner. Since Crocodile had been after the ancient weapons plans for a long time, but there was no one who could decipher the important Poneglyphs except Robin, he eventually made her his vice-chief. From then on, she called herself Miss Bloody Sunday.


Arabasta – The fight against the straw hat pirates

Robin shows up on the Going Merry on

Robin is finished off by Crocodile as he no longer needs her

Robin decides to make a Become part of the pirate gang

When the Straw Hat Pirates was on their way to Arabasta to save the country from its doom with Vivi, Robin appeared for the first time, acting as Miss Bloody Sunday, giving the Straw Hats an Eternal Port to Arabasta. However, this was destroyed shortly after by Luffy, so the Straw Hats had to take a detour via Little Garden.

When the Straw Hats advanced to Rainbase, they lured the pirates, who had already entered the casino, into a trap: a cage made of sea stone. Meanwhile, the agent had reached the roof of the casino, where she met Vivi and Pell. She explained to Vivi that she had killed her bodyguard. Pell then wanted to punish her, but he didn’t succeed because Miss Bloody Sunday broke his back first.

Later, after Luffy lost his fight against Crocodile, the crocodile put him in a big quicksand lake. Only when Luffy was unable to free himself and was swallowed by the quicksand, Miss Bloody Sunday appeared and rescued him, wanting to know more about the Will of D. in his name. Luffy, however, could not give her an answer to her questions.

Shortly before the completion of Operation Utopia, Crocodile, Miss Bloody Sunday and King Cobra went together to the Mausoleum of Arbana to decipher the Poneglyph there. The agent began to read the history of Arabasta, however, Crocodile only wanted to know where the Ancient Weapon Pluton was located. Although the Poneglyph described exactly where to find it, Robin told her boss that there was nothing about such a thing on the Poneglyph. Because of this bitter disappointment, the boss thanked his partner and now attacked her because he had no more use for her.

Too bad for you! Really very sad!
You were an excellent partner
But now your end is near.

Uh, … what?!

The agreement we made 4 years ago has now been fulfilled.
You said to me then, if I manage to lead you to the Poneglyph,
will you tell me where I can find the pluton.
You have always done an outstanding job at the Baroque Company,
you were an excellent leader, but that’s itNow I don’t need you any longer, because in the end you can’t keep your promise!
– Crocodile to Robin.

Meanwhile, Luffy had also entered the mausoleum. He began a fierce battle with Crocodile, which he eventually won, but the now unstable mausoleum collapsed. Luffy, who had already prepared to escape with Cobra, also asked Robin if he should save her. However, she refused, as she had now lost the meaning of her life, since she had assumed the Rio Poneglyph was there. Without hesitation, however, Luffy also took Robin outside.

She later joined the Straw Hat Pirates by hiding on the Going Merry, asking Luffy for membership.


Robin finds at the foot of the Bell the Poneglyph

After the Straw Hats left Arabasta, the new destination was Skypiea. So they sailed south of Jaya, where a knock-up stream shot them into the sky. The Straw Hats, after some trouble with the law, set out to find the Golden City. Eventually, they split up to explore the area. Robin discovered an old ruin on their way that was overgrown with trees. It also had a story carved on it. After Robin interpreted the story that was written on the ruins, Yama, the lance corporal, appeared.

Finally, the battle ensued. Robin was at a clear disadvantage at first, as she wanted to prevent the ruins around her from being destroyed by the fight at all costs. In the end, Robin was able to defeat Yama by a trick. When Enel appeared in the golden, but long since weathered, city, Gan Fall, Zoro, Wyper and Robin faced the god, but were defeated. After Luffy won the battle against the god, the Golden Bell crashed back into the Upper Yard. When Robin examined the bell more closely, she found a Poneglyph in its base, which said that all the Poneglyphs together make the Rio Poneglyph. She also found an inscription of the pirate king Gol D. Roger.

The meeting with Admiral Kuzan

Robin was frozen by Kuzan

After the Straw Hats left Skypiea, they met Foxy the Silver Fox. He challenged the pirates to a Davy Back Fight. Although he used nasty tricks, he could be beaten by Luffy after some difficulties.

After the Straw Hats won the Davy Back Fight, Tonjit invited them to his home. However, there stood a tall man whom Tonjit did not notice at first. After the man was taken aback by Robin’s physical change, Robin flinched and fell to the floor. The man was Admiral Aokiji, who as one of the 5 Vice Admirals had led the Buster Call on Ohara 20 years ago. After the other Straw Hats got ready to fight, Robin enlightened them about the hierarchy in the Navy and about the 3 admirals, of which Aokiji was one. He asked Tonjit if he should take him to another island.

Everyone wondered how this was possible without a ship, but were changed their minds when the admiral went to the shore and froze part of the lake along with a sea king. After his demonstration, he told the Straw Hats about Robin, and that she was a true devil girl. Every organization she had joined had since been wiped out, he said. Now Robin also became angry and attacked the admiral, but he was unimpressed and broke in two. Due to his Logia power he survived unharmed. Luffy, Sanji and Zoro also attacked him, but were eliminated one by one, just like Robin. When Aokiji went for the fist punch that was fatal to Robin, Luffy got in his way, and Usopp brought the completely frozen Robin to the ship. While the pirates tried to unfreeze Robin, Luffy lost the fight against the admiral. However, he let him live, grateful to him for exposing Crocodile’s scheme. Finally, after a four-day recovery period, they set out for the next island.

Water 7

” C P 9 ! “

Robin leaves the Straw Hat Pirates

Three days later, the Straw Hat Pirates reached Water 7, the City of Water. Nami, Luffy and Usopp set out to exchange their treasure from Skypiea for money, while Robin, Chopper and later Sanji went shopping. Robin and Chopper discovered a bookstore, which Chopper immediately rushed into. Meanwhile, Robin encountered a masked person who whispered “CP9” to her. When Chopper came out of the bookstore, he was surprised to see that Robin had disappeared.

When Eisberg woke up after the assassination attempt on him, he described the assassin, whose description matched Robin. When the workers of the Galley-La started to fight with Luffy and Nami, because they, like Robin, belonged to the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy denied their membership, because he did not accept that Robin was behind it. As a result, the rumor spread that the Straw Hats had committed the assassination of Mr. Iceberg.

The next day, Chopper and Sanji searched for Robin again and found her. However, Robin explained that she had left the Straw Hat Pirates, and that she was responsible for the assassination of Eisberg, and that she wanted to blame the assassination on the Straw Hats. Then the second assassination attempt on Eisberg began, this time the assassins presented themselves masked. When they revealed their faces, Eisberg found that some of his closest confidants were among the assassins. Robin was also present; she was supposed to kill Eisberg. Luffy, Chopper, Nami and Zoro also reached Eisberg’s room, but were quickly incapacitated.

On the evening of Aqua Laguna, Robin was to be transferred to Enie’s lobby, and was therefore escorted onto the lake train by CP9. While Sanji managed to catch the departing sea train, Nami and the other Straw Hats missed the departure. Since no ship could withstand the Aqua Laguna, Grandma Kokoro offered the desperate Straw Hats a ride to Enie’s Lobby on the second sea train, the Rocketman. They happily agreed and, along with some Galley-La workers and the Franky Family, whose boss Franky was also to be transferred, began their journey to Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby

Robin: “I want to live!”

Robin breaks Spandam the backbone

Robin talks to the admiral

While Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Granny Kokoro, the Galley-Las and the Franky Family had taken up the pursuit of the sea train, Sanji, Sogeking and Franky wanted to free Robin, which she herself refused to do, and was also stopped by the CP9.

A short time later, both the Puffing Tom and the Rocketman reached Enie’s lobby. Luffy immediately stormed the island. Meanwhile, his comrades-in-arms proceeded more systematically, first overcoming all obstacles and defeating the soldiers stationed there. Luffy, meanwhile, managed to climb the courthouse, where Robin and Franky were also sitting. On the roof he met Blueno, against whom he now began to fight. Using Gear 2, Luffy managed to defeat the agent. Later, all CP9 agents faced the Straw Hats. The pirates vowed to free Robin, which the CP9 tried to prevent at all costs. Finally, Robin remembered her past on Ohara and her friend, Jaguar D. Saul. Suddenly, she burst into tears and screamed loudly that she wanted to live and continue sailing with the Straw Hats.

Luffy gave Sogeking the order to shoot down the World Government flag, which meant that he declared war on the World Government. Newly motivated, the Straw Hats now stormed the courthouse, where they faced off against the CP9. Zoro fought Ecki, Sanji fought Jabra, Nami fought Kalifa, Chopper fought Kumadori, Franky fought Owl and Luffy fought Rob Lucci. At the same time, the Buster Call triggered by Spandam was running on Enie’s lobby. The fights were won by the Straw Hats, who could now save Robin. Only Luffy was still fighting Lucci. Meanwhile, the Buster Call on Enie’s lobby had begun. During the fierce exchange between Luffy and Lucci, the rest of the Straw Hats were now fighting the Buster Call fleet, and the naval soldiers that were streaming in en masse. Finally, the Straw Hat captain managed to defeat Lucci before crashing to the ground himself, unable to fight.

When the Straw Hat Pirates was surrounded, the Going Merry suddenly appeared, allowing the Straw Hat Pirates to escape. The Galley-Las and the Franky Family also left. Spandam was outraged that the Straw Hats could win and ordered them shot down, however Robin broke his back at the same moment. On the way back, the Going Merry finally broke in two because it was too badly damaged. In a touching scene, the pirates said goodbye to her and were picked up by the Galley-La. In a huge party, the Straw Hats, the Franky Family and the Galley-Las celebrated their victory. Meanwhile, Robin met Aokiji again

Have you finally found a home?


Was it the right or the wrong decision for Saul to send you away, Robin?
Do you plan to give me the answer at some point?

Yes, eventually.

Then stay alive, and cherish your life,
then Ohara will also live on!
– Admiral Kuzan in conversation with Robin.

A few days later, after the new ship was completed, the Straw Hat Pirates left again. Usopp had apologized for his mistakes and also joined them again. Franky also joined the Straw Hats, so there were now eight of them.

Thriller Bark

Robin, Luffy and Franky put face the zombie generals

After the Straw Hats left Water 7, they met Brook, the walking skeleton, in the mysterious triangle. When Luffy wanted him to join the gang, he refused because he couldn’t go into the sunlight without a shadow. Luffy decided to get his shadow back for him. They discovered a huge ship only a short time later: the Thriller Bark. After Nami, Chopper and Usopp went ahead, Robin and the others reached the island a short time later. They crossed the graveyard where they were attacked by zombies and finally reached a large castle. There, Robin, Luffy and Franky were horrified to find that some zombie generals were after them and they couldn’t shake them off. Luffy was captured by them and robbed of his shadow by Moria, with which he brought Oz back to life. Robin and Franky narrowly escaped them. They now returned to the Thousand Sunny, where they found Luffy, Sanji and Zoro unconscious. Later, together with Chopper, they fought Hogback and Cindry.

After that, all the Straw Hats except Luffy, who was looking for Moria, gathered in front of Hogback’s castle to defeat Oz. In the process, the giant initially outclassed them. During this fight, Robin was also robbed of her shadow, whereupon she fainted. Only Luffy was able to defeat Oz thanks to 100 shadows that the Rolling Pirates had incorporated into him. A short time later, he also defeated Moria.

Bartholomew Kuma, who was also present, was ordered to wipe out the entire Straw Hat Pirates. However, since the gang was badly battered, Zoro agreed to sacrifice himself for them. Although he survived Bear’s ordeal, he had been badly injured. Finally, with Brook as their new nakama, they departed from the now completely devastated Thriller Bark.

The Redline and the Sabaody Archipelago

The pirates stand before you sheer invincible opponent opposite

The Straw Hats got acquainted with Camie, a young mermaid. She asked the Straw Hats to free her friend and defeat the Tobiuo Riders. This the Straw Hats did after a short fight. In order to travel to Fish Man Island, the gang’s ship had to be coated, which required a coating craftsman. Hatchan knew one of these people, who was on the archipelago. Meanwhile, Nami and Robin went on one of their shopping trips, while the rest of the crew went in search of the craftsman. Meanwhile, Camie was kidnapped by Peterman in Sabaody Park and taken to the Human Auctioning House. Sanji had called the Tobiuo Riders, who also immediately rushed to the aid of the Straw Hat Pirates. Nami wanted to buy Camie back with Moria’s treasure.

Saint Charlos, a Tenryuubito, unexpectedly offered 500,000,000 berry right after seeing the mermaid. The situation escalated and Luffy hit the Tenryuubito, which resulted in Admiral Kizaru intervening and deciding to bring the wrongdoers to their just punishment. In addition, there were Sentomaru and Pacifista, which were dangerous to the Straw Hats. Finally, the entire Straw Hat gang was dispersed around the world by the sudden appearance of Bartholomew Kuma.On this day, the pirate gang led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, has suffered a total defeat…
-The Grand Line, Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 12-

Tequila Wolf

Robin meets the revolutionaries

Robin was separated from her friends after the attack of Bartholomew Kuma and thrown on Tequila Wolf. A little girl named Soran found Nico Robin. Since the people on Tequila Wolf were enslaved, Soran secretly hid Robin in her shelter. However, Soran and Robin were betrayed and some soldiers came to arrest Robin, who in turn hid. Soran was blackmailed into revealing Robin’s hiding place or the soldiers would destroy her paintings, but Soran preferred to sacrifice her paintings. Just as Soran and the women who lived with her were about to be captured and tortured into talking, Robin faced the soldiers a few barracks away to make it look like Soran had nothing to do with it. Later she managed to escape through a revolutionary army. She accompanied the revolutionaries and asked them to give her a ship to get back to her crew. On the way, she changed her mind, as Luffy had given a message to the gang through the newspaper, and followed the Revolutionaries’ request to meet their leader Dragon.

Two years later – The reunification

The Thousand Sunny dives

In the newspaper, Luffy had ordered the gang not to come back to the archipelago for two years. The gang obeyed the captain’s order and did not meet again until two years later. Back on the archipelago, however, Robin was pursued by agents and fled from them. After shaking off the pursuers, she met Franky, who had already made himself comfortable on the Thousand Sunny. Together they waited for the rest of the gang to arrive. The gang arrived one by one, until finally only Luffy was missing. After Luffy reached the Sunny, which had been coated by Rayleigh, the Sunny left the Sabaody Archipelago and dived a short time later with the destination Fishmen Island.

The fish man island

Robin finds the Poneglyph

Robin vs Hammond

Just before the entrance to Fishmen Island, Hammond the fishman blocked the gang’s way. He knew about Luffy’s victory over Arlong and now gave him the choice of either joining the New Fishmen Pirates or being destroyed. Luffy refused, whereupon Franky activated a coup de burst to get through the bubble that surrounded Fishmen Island. However, the inside of the bubble was filled with water and the ship was caught in a violent current, separating the gang. Robin, Franky and Nami were washed up at a cove and separated to do some things. She decided to find out the history of Fish Man Island, and heard about a Poneglyph that was said to be hidden in the Lake Forest. Once in the Lake Forest, she again met Franky, who was with Tom’s brother Den, rigging up the Thousand Sunny for the next trip, but immediately headed inside the Lake Forest. After Robin found the Poneglyph, she made her way back to the ship and was able to break up a fight between Luffy and Jinbe.

When Hody Jones declared that he would make himself king and kill all the fish people who wanted to live with the humans, the Straw Hat Pirates with Jinbe and Shirahoshi set out to foil this plan. Arriving at Gyoncorde Plaza, the gang fought fiercely against the New Fishmen pirates. Robin, at Jinbe’s request, freed some slaves from Hammond and was able to defeat him with her new doubling technique. In the end, Luffy also managed to defeat Hody Jones and a celebration was held in honor of the pirates.

After the celebration, Robin talked with King Neptune about the Poneglyph, on which she read about the Ancient Weapon Poseidon. It turned out that Shirahoshi has the powers of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon. Robin promised not to tell anyone about this conversation, as it would be best for everyone involved. A short time later, the pirates left the underwater island and headed for the New World.

Punk Hazard

Robin, Smoker, Tashigi, Luffy and Law were caught

Arriving in the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates received a distress call over their Den-den Mushi from an unknown man. He informed the pirates that his entire gang had been killed by a samurai who was currently on Punk Hazard. When the caller seemed to have been suddenly stabbed by this same samurai while still on the phone, Luffy decided to head for the island, despite an emphatic warning that it might be a Navy trap. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin went to the burning island to see what was going on. After some time, they discovered that in addition to the blazing half, the island also had a completely icy half. They were able to cross the hot river that divided the island with the help of Usopp’s Boaty Banana, which later allowed them to meet the Samurai of the Seas Law.

A short time later Caesar Clown appeared, who was testing weapons of mass destruction on the island. Luffy had a short fight with him, but was quickly defeated, because his opponent deprived him of the air to breathe by his devil power. The same fate was suffered by Robin, Franky, and Tashigi and Smoker, who were also present. As it turned out, Caesar was producing devil fruit on Donquixote Doflamingo’s behalf.

After their escape, Luffy went in search of Caesar, while Robin and Usopp again met the rest of the gang, who were on the run from the poison gas. From there they got to the Biscuits Room, where with Mocha’s help they were able to stop the children, who had been captured by Caesar and were to be trained by him into giant fighters by means of his experiments, from eating more of the drugs given to them.

After Luffy defeated Caesar and the children were taken to safety, the Straw Hats, Law, Kinemon, and Momonosuke headed to Dress Rosa to destroy the Smile factory there.


Robin must fight alone against Trébol

Long awaited reunion between Robin and Koala

Once there, she was assigned by Law to the group that was to take over the delivery of Caesar to Doflamingo on Green Bit. Once on Green Bit, she and Usopp were involved in an incident with the dwarves in the underground of Green Bit. The two Straw Hats then joined forces with the dwarves, who wanted to overthrow the Donquixote family. At the headquarters of the Royal Riku Army, they met Franky, who had also joined the fight. Here they learned about Operation SOP and their goal to take out Sugar, the Hobby Fruit user, in the trading port.

Arriving at the trading port, Robin and Usopp disguised themselves as guards. They planned to move Sugar’s guard Trébol away from her, but failed. In order to still complete the operation successfully, Robin fixed Sugar with her devil powers, but was turned into a toy by her and forgotten. Since all the dwarves were defeated by Trébol, their last hope was Usopp. In a strange way, he managed to stun Sugar. Thus, all the toys on Dress Rosa – and Robin as well – transformed back into their human form. To save the incapacitated Usopp from Trébol, she faced the glue man again. She was assisted by Hajrudin, who suddenly appeared. Shortly after, the ceiling of the harbor collapsed, caused by Sabo, who subsequently appeared in the underground harbor with Koala and Hack.

As part of the Straw Hat Pirates, a bounty of 100 million was also placed on her head in the game organized by Doflamingo. They then set off in the direction of the royal palace. Once there, the group split up. Robin agreed to take the key to Law’s handcuffs to Luffy, while the rest were to take care of the Smile factory. Accompanying her were Rebecca and Bartolomeo, making their way through the air with the help of the Tontatta flying unit. On the third level of the royal palace, however, their flight came to an end when they were taken out of the sky by Gladius. The duo was now joined by Cavendish, who assisted them in their fight against Gladius. She learned that Rebecca and Kyros had to fight Diamante alone in the field of flowers. Therefore, she wanted to get there to support them. Bartolomeo therefore created a barrier staircase for her, which she used to get to level four. Robin made it to the level in time to join the fight. After Kyros was able to victoriously finish his battle against Diamante, she withdrew from the fighting injured and was protected by Cavendish as restitution. When Trébol blew up the royal palace and Luffy jumped out of the flames, she took care of the seriously injured Trafalgar Law. Shortly after, however, the critical phase in the Birdcage’s shrinking process began, and she set out with all the other fighters still active to stop the Birdcage. Luffy eventually managed to defeat Doflamingo and save the island. However, after a recovery break, Robin and the Straw Hats had to flee from the Navy. In the process, they were assisted by several other pirate gangs. On board the Yonta Maria, Robin was finally present when some gangs as well as the dwarves of the Tontatta Kingdom formed an alliance with their captain. When they were finally translated to Zou by Bartolomeo, she learned of the increase of their bounty to 130 million .


After Robin and the others reached their destination, the five Straw Hats and Law, with the help of Kanjuro’s powers, climbed the back of Zunesha, the elephant on whose back lies the “island” of Zou. As Kanjuro’s drawing began to dissolve after the successful ascent, tears flowed from Robin and she laid a bouquet of flowers for the “dragon.” Shortly after, the group was unexpectedly attacked by the female rabbit mink Carrot. The equally suddenly appearing dog mink lady Wanda was wearing Nami’s bikini, from which Robin concluded that the minks might be cannibals. Wanda and Carrot quickly retreated, however, leaving Robin, Franky, Zoro, Usopp and Law to explore the remains of the town of Claugh. Robin immediately noticed that there should normally be masses of inhabitants living here, but they must have been attacked. The archaeologist found further evidence that the attack on the town must have taken place only a few weeks ago. Wanda and Carrot, who in the meantime had made friends with Luffy, took the group to the fortress of Ubala, where the Straw Hats were greeted joyfully by the Minks present. Here they also finally met Nami, Chopper and Brook again. Together with Wanda, these three reported on the events of the past days. Robin learned about the escape from the Big Mom pirates at Dress Rosa and Jack’s attack on Zou. The latter was searching for the ninja Raizo from Wano Country and destroyed much of the land in the process. Eventually, Robin and the others also learned of Sanji’s fate and that he was in the grip of Big Mom on his way to Whole Cake Island. Robin also thought he had heard Sanji’s revealed surname, Vinsmoke, before.

The Road Poneglyph.

The following night, Robin, Brook and Franky decided to stand guard at the gates of Zou and prevent the two samurai traveling with them from entering the island. They feared a rift with the Minks otherwise, however the three pirates fell asleep and Kinemon and Kanjuro were able to enter the island unhindered. The next morning, however, it became clear that the samurai of Wa no and the Minks had been allies for a long time and that Raizo was indeed on the island. Shortly thereafter, they all encountered Raizo in the whale tree and, more importantly for the archaeologist, a red Poneglyph, one of the so-called road Poneglyphs. This is how they learned the true story behind Momonosuke’s father, Kozuki Oden, who came from a long line of stonemasons. While the group split up and Luffy, Nami, Chopper and Brook left for Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji, Robin subsequently joined the strike force that would infiltrate Wano Country first.

Wano Country

Robin and the others had successfully made it to Wano Country, but according to Kinemon’s advice, they were to keep a low profile until the alliance reached full combat strength. While all the straw hats present were pursuing various professions to maintain their camouflage, Robin posed incognito as a geisha and went by the alias O-Robi in order to get closer to the shogun and gather information. Thus, she overheard Kyoshiro talking about the Kozuki family and the prophecy. Later, when Robin met Toko along with Sanji, Franky and Usopp, her teacher revealed to her that she had received an invitation from Kurozumi Orochi. When the banquet was held at Orochi’s castle, Robin was present along with several other geishas. During the celebration, Robin secretly sneaked around the castle to gather information, however, she was discovered by the Orochi secret agents. She was able to escape, however, as she was traveling with a doppelganger and made her way back to the banquet hall to join Orochi. When Toko was targeted by the shogun there, Robin protected the little girl. In the process, she was once again confronted by the Orochi secret agents, but with the help of Brook and Nami, they were able to get out of the castle safely. Afterwards, the Straw Hats dropped Toko off in the red light district before meeting up with Kanjuro in Ringo’s northern cemetery. While Robin recounted what information she was able to obtain from Orochi, Brook reported that he had found a normal Poneglyph in Orochi’s base. Robin speculated that the Road Poneglyph must be at Kaidou’s headquarters on Onigashima. Afterwards, Robin, Nami and Shinobu went to the bathhouse in the flower capital to relax.

There, surprisingly, they got involved in a raid by the Beasts Pirates pirate gang. Basil Hawkins and X. Drake briefly troubled the trio, but thanks to Sanji’s sudden appearance, they escaped unharmed. The group then landed in Ebisu. There, they first met Tonoyasu, who was providing the poor people of the village with all the support they could. Kanjuro and Shinobu explained after their conversation with him that they did not know him, which irritated the Straw Hats. It was only when Tonoyasu was about to be captured and executed by Orochi’s men that they realized that he was in fact the former daimyo of Hakumai, Shimotsuki Yasuie. Robin and the others then rushed to Rasetsu, where Yasuie was awaiting execution. Unfortunately, they were too late, because Orochi had already killed Yasuie. The Straw Hats then began a brief battle against Orochi’s minions to recover Yasuie’s body and rescue his daughter Toko. Eventually, they all escaped and Robin once again took care of Toko, who cried herself to sleep over her loss. Temporary graves were then built for Yasuie and also Pedro in Amigasa. Finally, the day of the Fire Festival arrived and the Straw Hat Pirates said goodbye to the samurai around Kinemon for the time being, heading for the Port of Promise.


Robin carries Big Mom out of the banquet hall.

Robin defeats Black Maria.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Heart and Kid Piratess, sailed toward Onigashima, where the Alliance planned to attack Kaidou and his Beast Pirates. On the high seas, they encountered the Red Sword Sheaths, who were on a confrontation course with ships belonging to the Beasts Pirates. Kanjuro turned out to be Orochi’s spy here, who kidnapped Momonosuke. When the Beast Pirates attacked the alliance with their long-range cannons, Jinbe emerged and sank the enemy ship. With a new comrade at their side, the Straw Hat Pirates also took out the enemy sentries at the entrance to Onigashima. To blend in with the beast pirates, Kinemon, using his devil powers, equipped the rebels with camouflage after landing on the island. Robin and Jinbe then mingled with the celebrating Beast Pirates on the live floor. There they saw Momonosuke tied to a cross, which made Robin quite worried about him. The two then saw Kaidou, who was announcing his New Onigashima project. To everyone’s surprise, the nine red sword sheaths suddenly burst in and attacked Kaidou. As a result, a battle broke out. Shortly after, Big Mom appeared in the hall and was about to attack Franky. When Jinbe grabbed the empress, Robin used her devil powers to transport her out of the banquet hall. As a result, the entire Straw Hat Pirates gathered on the Live Stage. To add a little fun to the fight, Queen used his Ice Demon Virus, which turned everyone affected into wild Onis. The highly contagious virus quickly put Robin, Chopper and Brook in dire straits as they were soon surrounded. However, Zoro was able to capture the antidote from Apoo, giving Chopper a chance to save the infected. When Marco appeared on the scene, he shouted to Robin and Brook to make their way inside the castle.

On their way, they heard Sanji’s cries for help through the loudspeakers, who was captured by Black Maria. He was supposed to lure Robin to him so that Black Maria could capture her, since Kaidou needed her to decipher the Poneglyph. Knowing that it was a trap, Robin and Brook rushed to help their comrade. Before Black Maria could torture Sanji further, Robin slapped Black Maria with a huge hand. In addition, Brook freed Sanji from the cobwebs. After Robin thanked him for his trust in her, Sanji left Black Maria to his friends in good conscience and disappeared to support Kinemon’s group.

Shortly after, Yamato introduced himself to them as a new member, which Robin found amusing, but Jinbe noted that the final say would rest with the captain. Luffy and Zoro did not awaken until seven days later, but while the others celebrated the victory with the populace, Nico Robin went to the basement of the castle. There she was discovered by Tenguyama Hitetsu, who then revealed himself to her as Kozuki Sukiyaki, the former Shogun of Wano Country and father of Oden. However, Nico Robin was interested in the ancient weapon Pluton. Thus, she stated that it was written on the Poneglyph in Arabasta that the weapon would be in Wano Country. Sukiyaki affirmed this. He then led Robin and Trafalgar Law, who had joined them, to a cave in the underground of Mount Fuji where a Road-Poneglyph was hidden. Sukiyaki also unraveled the mystery surrounding Wano Country’s rock cliffs and their importance in isolating the land. Back on the surface, the Straw Hat Pirates prepared to depart from Wano Country again. Yamato ultimately decided to stay on Wano Country. After Luffy presented Momonosuke with a Jolly Roger from the Straw Hat Pirates as a deterrent to attackers, Luffy allowed himself to be provoked by the Kid and steered the Thousand Sunny over the cliffs, sending the gang sailing toward their next destination.


Robin’s flag
(top old, bottom new)

  • In the original it is called “Miss All Sunday” (jap. ミス・オールサンデー, Misu Ōrusandē), which stands for all Sundays in the year
  • The names of their attacks are composed of Spanish, French and English. Usually a Spanish number indicating how many arms it grows, followed by the French word for “flower”. In some cases, this is followed by an English word that describes the meaning of the attack in more detail.
  • Robin usually has a very cool, morbid manner. For example, when Zoro was fighting sky sharks and Nami and Chopper were worried, Robin remarked that if there had been any injuries, the cloud would have turned red from the blood.
  • Her birthday is 2/6 – 2 and 6 read as “Ni” and “Ro” in Japanese.
  • Robin is the only member of the gang who doesn’t show any wacky facial expressions.
  • She is extremely ruthless.
    • This is especially noticeable when she attacked Franky’s genitals without batting an eye.
  • Robin is a given name for boy and girl.
  • Robin has set himself the goal to find the Rio Poneglyph and thus the true story.
  • Robin knows the locations of the ancient weapons known so far (Pluton and Poseidon).
  • In Chapter 801, Bartolomeo shows the autographs of the Straw Hat Pirates. Robin has drawn a chicken and signed it with her name (in Hiragana) signed.
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting. The characters were created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed
  • In the anime, Robin’s skin tone is shown much lighter since the time jump. Even in flashbacks that show old scenes before the time jump, her skin tone is adjusted accordingly.
  • Robin’s alternative name suggestion for the Thousand Sunny would have been “Ship of Darkness.”
  • On October 09, 2021, on the former campus of the Tōkai University in the city Aso Kumamoto, a bronze statue of Robin was erected as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project. Eiichiro Oda specially contributed a colorful drawing he created himself. In addition, the statue was used as a Pokéstop for the game Pokémon Go set up.

Information from the SBS

Robin aged; above as a pirate, below if something had gone wrong.

  • Robin would prefer to be on a spring island in the fall. (SBS Volume 38)
  • Robin smells like flowers, according to Chopper. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Robin’s assigned color is purple. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Robin’s assigned number is 07 in reference to her joining the Straw Hat Pirates, as she became the seventh member. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Robin’s favorite dishes are sandwiches, not-too-sweet cakes, and really anything that goes with coffee. (SBS Volume 45)
  • With the body parts that Robin sprouts with her devil power, she can feel everything like with her real body. So she could also feel Franky’s testicles when she had them in a stranglehold on Water 7. (SBS Volume 47)
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Robin would be the mother. (SBS Volume 48)
  • In the SBS to Volume 50, Oda said that Robin, if she were an animal, would remind him of a crane.
  • If Robin lived in the real world, she would be from Russia. (SBS Volume 56)
  • In SBS Volume 56, Oda shows us what Robin would look like if she were male.
  • Robin’s thoughts are “knowledge, knowledge, history, secrets, past” and as with all straw hats, “friendship.” (SBS Volume 59)
  • If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Robin would bear the closest resemblance to a lily, according to her seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi. (SBS Volume 60)
  • Robin, like Sanji and Nami, bathes every day. (SBS Volume 67)
  • Robin and Usopp are the ones who cut the hair of the other crew members. (SBS Volume 70)
  • Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Robin is. Nico-ya(SBS Volume 72)
  • Robin would be in Japan the prefecture Osaka represent. (SBS Volume 72)
  • Robin doesn’t like gum because she can’t swallow it. (SBS Volume 73)
  • Robin goes to sleep at 23:00 and gets up again at 06:00. (SBS Volume 74)
  • If Robin wasn’t a pirate, she would be working as a flight attendant. (SBS Volume 76)
  • The dish that Robin can cook the best is boiled paella. (SBS Volume 79)
  • Like Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, and Brook, Robin also eats ice cream. (SBS Volume 84)
  • In a 50 meter race, Robin would finish in 8th place. (SBS Volume 85)
  • If Robin was allowed to give O-Soba Mask another name, it would be “Bad Luck Mask.” (SBS Volume 94)
  • In SBS Volume 100, Oda Robin draws at 40 and 60.
  • Robin likes her fried eggs best fried on one side, steamed and with black pepper. (SBS Volume 99)

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