Nezumi of One Piece

Council is captain of the 16th Marine Unit. His naval code is 00733.


Rat wears a hooded navy cap with rat ears and a coat, but both in grey rather than white as is customary in the navy. An important feature of his appearance is his whiskers. He also has a chin beard.


Rat loves bribes

Rat’s personality is also that attributed to a rat: cowardice, conniving, and venality. Likewise, he has a tremendous lust for money. Although he works in the Navy, he does not shy away from misdeeds. For example, after Arlong was defeated by Luffy, he wants the village of Kokos to now be under his command, but Zoro prevents this.


After the 77th Marine Unit suffered defeat against Arlong, the Navy sent the 16th Unit to take action against Arlong. However, Rat, as the captain of the 16th unit, made deals with Arlong whereby Rat and the Navy would leave the fish people in Arlong Park alone, but Arlong would have to pay money to Rat in return.


In Arlong Park

Rat first appeared in Arlong Park when he was once again collecting bribes from Arlong Saw Shark. The latter offered him to stay a little longer, as he was one of the few “primitive” people who had brains and knew what was important. Rat refused, however, because the fish people frightened him. He was then taken back to his base, along with his three marines, by Hatchan in his basket, which he dragged behind him in the water.

Rat and Nami’s treasure

Rat finds Nami’s treasure

Later, Rat was led by Genzo to the thief Nami, as he wanted to seize her treasure, which Arlong had told him about, so that he would not have to fulfill his agreement with Nami. He informed Nami that he did not want to arrest her, but by law, pirates’ stolen goods must be turned over to the authorities immediately. Nami fought back in anger, but a marine eventually found the treasure, which was stolen from Nami before she could use it to ransom Kokos.

After Arlong’s defeat

Nami finishes off Rat

After Arlong was defeated by Luffy, Rat also showed up at Arlong Park to make the people of Kokos work for him. Zoro, however, grabbed him and gave him and his marines a beating. Nami then went to Rat and, with the help of her stick, transported him into a body of water in Arlong Park. When he tried to pull himself back ashore, Nami grabbed him and demanded that he and his men clear away the fish people in Arlong Park, rebuild Goza, and leave Arlong’s treasures alone, as they belong to the island.

A little later, Rat demanded via Den-den Mushi that an enormous bounty be placed on Luffy’s head. However, he only had a photo of Luffy that was atypical for a wanted poster, and so the wanted poster with the broad grin was created.


Rat in the background
  • He – like many villains in One Piece – has a distinctive laugh. His laugh is a giggle followed by a squeal, i.e. Hihihi squeal.
  • His original name, Nezumi, means both mouse and rat.
  • He can be seen in the background of a promotional Zoro cover sold with an action figure.
  • The first Den-den Mushi appearing in One Piece is used by him.
  • His favorite food is cheese.

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