Narcie of One Piece

Narcie is a pirate and a member of the Long Long pirate gang.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Gold (2016).


Narcie is a slim man with wild pink hair. He also has a long chin beard that reaches his hips, in the same color. Around his forehead he wears a dark band with yellow-purple circular patterns and on each of his two ears is a yellow creole with a pearl pendant. Around his neck, which is completely bandaged, he wears a pearl necklace. Likewise, there are bandages underneath his tummy-baring tank top. He is also wearing dark pants and dark shoes. On his right arm he has blue tattoos.

He carries a huge sword with a very long handle.

Skills and strength

Narcie has physical strength, so he can wield his huge sword, which he can use to create powerful waves of cuts. However, he is no match for Roronoa Zoro.


Narcie reached the Gran Tesoro with the Long Long pirate gang, however they gambled away all their money.


Zoro defeats Narcie

When the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Gran Tesoro and sailed in, they were attacked by the Long Long Pirates. The latter headed their ship straight for the Thousand Sunny and eventually capsized her, robbing her of her treasures. Narcie ran ahead as they did so and let loose a wave of cuts towards Zoro, but he was able to deflect it with ease. The Long Long pirate twirled his huge sword, but Zoro was able to dodge it and jumped onto his blade from where he was running towards him. Shocked, Narcie watched as Zoro reached him and finally defeated him with Oni Giri.


  • Narushī is used colloquially in Japanese to refer to a Narcissism.

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