Nami of One Piece

Nami (Nickname Thieving cat: jap. 泥棒猫, Dorobō Neko) is a navigator and cartographer of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is the 2nd member of the gang, but only joined after Luffy defeated Arlong. Before that, however, Nami also traveled on the Going Merry, having formed a sort of partnership of convenience with Luffy.


Nami before the time jump.

Nami is a fair-skinned, brown-eyed woman with orange hair that matches her favorite fruit, oranges. Her hair is relatively short, but can still be tied into a braid. A permanent part of her hairstyle is a slightly longer strand, which hangs down in front of her left ear. Nami has also gotten a new tattoo of the Arlong gang after having it removed: On her left shoulder, respectively on her left upper arm, Nami is now adorned with a tattoo she designed herself, which depicts a windmill and an orange. The log port of the Straw Hat Pirates is attached to her left wrist.

She also wears a golden bracelet there, which she got as a gift from Nojiko, her sister. Nami is a very slim and quite attractive woman, with a narrow waist and large chest. Oda informed readers in an SBS that Nami’s body measurements are 95-55-85. Moreover, she still has very long legs in relation to her height. With body measurements of 86-57-86, she looked a little less feminine at the beginning of the adventure. At the beginning of One Piece, not as much emphasis was placed on the long legs and feminine proportions as is the case nowadays.

In terms of clothing, Nami is probably the best equipped of the Straw Hat Pirates. She owns a lot of clothes, which she often buys with Robin on shopping trips and changes them accordingly often – in contrast to the male members. However, she often wears sandals, short skirts and generally very figure-hugging clothes, which are quite often quite tight and low-cut. Nami also seems to be a fan of squiggles and stripes.

After the reunion of the gang – after two long years of separation – Nami has become noticeably more adult. She now wears her hair much longer and open.

On Punk Hazard, Nami was initially placed in Franky’s body and later in Sanji’s body by Trafalgar Law’s abilities. In Franky’s body she kept her eyelashes and in Sanji’s she also kept her brown eyes.


Like every member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami has her big dream that needs to be realized. Even as a child, Nami’s passion was drawing nautical charts, from which her dream derives, namely to draw a map of the world. She also wants to achieve the fulfillment of the dream at any cost. In her childhood, Nami even stole books about navigation, because her family was too poor to buy such books. At the beginning of her adventure in One Piece, she is also assured by Bell-mère that she will achieve her goal. Bell-mère is not Nami’s biological mother, however, she is as important to Nami as a blood-related mother whom she lost as an infant and thus never really knew. The mother role has thus been completely taken over by Bell-mère, and blood relationship plays no role at all in the extremely strong bond that Nami and Nojiko have had with Bell-mère, even beyond her death.

Nami completely freaks out

Two other characteristics of Nami are also due to her past with Bell-mère. Her love of oranges is the first, since Bell-mère owned an orange plantation. The second is her great hatred of pirates, since Bell-mère was shot by Arlong. Although Arlong and his crew did so many bad things to her, she was able to forgive Hatchan later. The same was true for Jinbe, who was partly responsible for what happened on Kokos. When she also told him that it was wrong to hate him just because he was a fish person, he was severely impressed by her.

Character-wise, the word “hothead” already describes Nami very aptly. She flips out pretty quickly and her facial features slip the second most often of all straw hats. The most common reason for Nami’s outbursts are probably the male members of the Straw Hat gang, who test Nami’s patience as a relatively sane and realistic gang member with some pretty crazy actions or sayings. The result, when her patience is overtaxed, is not infrequently a bump on the offender’s head, as Nami seems to have no inhibitions about even rebuking the captain. Despite her hot-tempered and dominant nature, Nami also likes quiet times, which are quite rare aboard the Thousand Sunny, and is always happy to have some time to work, read, or just have a vacation.

Nami can also get very emotional very quickly, for example when the Straw Hats said goodbye to the Going Merry.

Nami sees the big money

However, there are also limits to Nami’s reasonableness. As soon as the word “money” is mentioned, her eyes change to berry signs. She tries everything to increase her own wealth. A good example of this is probably the way the Straw Hat Pirates went from Vivi’s Palace to the Going Merry: When Sanji asks Nami if she’s sad about leaving, Nami replies that she’s grieving for the billion berries that slipped through her fingers. Nami got the chance to get all that money when she promised Vivi to help her save Arabasta when they first met at Whisky Peak. Nami hoped to be rewarded with a billion berries, which was not possible because of the civil war in Arabasta.

However, the preference for money is an exception, as Nami otherwise always acts rationally and prefers to ask once more before considering something. When the journey to Skypiea was in its infancy, Luffy wanted to sail into the sky with his head through the wall. But Nami had to keep calm after a little freak out, develop a plan, and has suggested gathering information on Jaya first. After all, Nami is a person who is reasonable and yet a dreamer at the same time. What sounds paradoxical at first glance is proven by the fact that she doesn’t think the story about Sky Island is bogus, but still prefers to plan the flight calmly first, and then arrive safe and sound in the White Sea. Nami also values her own well-being, which occasionally manifests itself in outbursts of fear, for example, when a strong opponent appears. Usopp, however, is by far a bigger “scaredy cat” than Nami. If there’s one thing Nami isn’t afraid of, it’s the fact that she has no problem using her charms to confuse the male world and thus get to her targets.

This is already well illustrated by her attack, the Shiawase Punch. The great self-confidence and the fact that Nami as a navigator manages the journey of the Straw Hat Pirates, give her a certain authority, which occasionally escalates into an authoritarian behavior.

After the time jump, Nami seemed much braver and presented herself to a crowd of opponents much calmer and more confident than two years ago.

Friendship is very important to the members of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Nami has no problem putting her friends in a dangerous situation or betraying them if she has to. For example, when Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji were devoured by a giant turtle while trying to salvage a ship, Usopp blamed her for sending her friends on that dangerous mission. Nami merely apologized tersely, without showing any remorse, and then wanted to flee, leaving the three of them behind. Because of this, she is occasionally referred to as a “demon” by her crew. However, she was later unwilling to travel to Fairy Vearth with Enel and live there without her friends. On Kokos, she even put herself in danger to save the lives of Zoro and Usopp, although she didn’t really want to be part of her crew anymore.

On Punk Hazard, it was learned that Nami can be very caring when it comes to the welfare of children. Therefore, she could not leave the giant children, who were strangers to her at the time, behind and decided to help them. Later, she did not want to leave the care of the children to the navy until Tashigi persuaded her to do so. Nami took care of Momonouske during their journey together. During the attack on Onigashima, in turn, she watched over Tama and, despite her initial fear, even faced the dangerous Ulti after it injured Tama. Probably this behavior is again due to Nami’s past, since no one had helped her, her greatest need, when she was a child. Therefore, Nami cannot turn her back even on children in need.

Overall, Nami is a happy person who has her heart in the right place. She has her dream and is well on her way to fulfilling it, and her little quirks make Nami a person who fits in very well with the Straw Hat Pirates and who has her boys under control.

Skills and strength

Nami’s miraculous weapon

The navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates rarely fights. But when she does have to fight, Nami doesn’t rely on physical strength, as that doesn’t tend to win her over. Nami shines by solving her disputes with brains. One of Usopp’s inventions, the climate stick, compensates for Nami’s relatively low strength by allowing her to perform powerful attacks that can cause a lot of physical damage. However, one cannot speak of Nami being weak. Her body can withstand quite a bit, for example, she was able to block some of Kalifa’s attacks, who has superhuman strength with her Rokushiki. Another point that supports Nami’s strength is that she took an attack from the Shinaru Shigan: Whip attack without suffering much physical damage. Thus, Nami is arguably weak only in comparison to extremely strong people in the One Piece universe, but is still above average in strength. For comparison, a simple marine would hardly have won against a member of the CP9. The victory over Kalifa finally brought her her first bounty of 16 million one. After the fall of Doflamingo on Dress Rosa, the amount was increased to 66 million increased.

With the Climate Pole, Nami has a powerful weapon, and her great understanding of the weather is very useful to effectively use this peculiar tool, because in her attacks Nami relies mainly on wind and electricity, which she can fire at her stunned opponents with the help of thunderclouds, since the Climate Pole is a unique weapon that not one of Nami’s opponents has ever seen before the encounter. Thus, Nami has another advantage in her fights: the element of surprise. Moreover, the baton is not only a good way to go on the offensive, but also to stand firm on the defensive. Mirages can be used to create doubles of her, which do not let the opponent know which is now the Nami to attack. This tactic is a well thought-out strategy to defeat the opponent without suffering great physical damage, since by means of the reflections attacks can be fired from different directions at the same time. As a result, the enemy doesn’t know which attacks to dodge and has no chance to avoid all attacks at once. This has even had an effect against Kalifa’s Soru. Finally, Nami is able to bring rain by means of the baton, which gives her additional power over the climate. In terms of combat, Nami is not at all dependent on a protector, even if she sometimes suffers a fear attack, which is relatively unfounded in most cases, because she knows how to defend herself.

After the events on Totto Land, Nami received another boost of strength in the form of the thundercloud Zeus, a homie from Charlotte Linlin’s soul. Using her thunderclouds as food, Nami was able to draw the cloud to her side so that it would henceforth accompany the Straw Hats in Nami’s Climate Clock Stick, allowing the Straw Hat Navigator to use more powerful attacks. After Big Mom wanted to separate from Zeus for good, Zeus apparently merged completely with Nami’s climate stick, so that the latter’s soul now lives in the climate stick and strengthens it even further.

Nami’s perfect climate clock stick

Before Nami owned the current version of the Climate Clock Stick, which is powered by dial energy, Nami owned another, weaker Climate Clock Stick that was really only meant as a party gag. However, Nami was able to control it so well that she put Miss Doublefinger in her place with it. Before that, Nami only had a staff made up of three parts, which she used to hit her opponents with.

When you talk about Nami’s abilities and strengths, you tend to think less of fighting strength at first. This may be due to the fact that, especially at the beginning of the story, she tends to avoid fights and only attacks when it is necessary or unavoidable. The ability that one associates with Nami right away is navigation. She always gets the Straw Hat Pirates safely from one island to the next and manages to have the ship steered correctly and safely even in the most adverse conditions, which can be seen very well during the escape from Enie’s lobby. The crew members have already experienced several situations since they owe their lives to Nami. When the gang was caught in a cyclone, one. Nami managed to predict this weather phenomenon, although according to Vivi, predicting a cyclone is completely impossible.

After the time jump, her fighting abilities have improved significantly. She is now even strong enough to defend herself in close combat against human-like creatures that are born with an inherently higher fighting power, such as fish people. At the Ryuuguu Palace, she was able to hold Neptune’s palace guards at bay along with Usopp and Brook. Nami appeared much more self-confident than she was known to be in fights before the time jump. On Zou, she reacted to Wanda’s attack much more quickly than her comrades-in-arms, had her weapon ready to defend herself, and was able to wrestle her to the ground on her own afterwards. While Wanda was weakened by early events, Minks are excellent fighters by nature.

Nami practices handling with the wind knot

Another of Nami’s special abilities is stealing, which also earned her the nickname of Thieving cat has brought in. In her childhood and youth, Nami specialized in robbing pirates. Since this is a very dangerous way to get money, Nami already had to have a certain basic talent, which she was eventually able to develop further and further until she became a very good thief. That this talent is already quite mature, Nami proves at her departure from Kokos, when she, without the citizens having noticed anything, steals all the purses of those present shortly before leaving.

Since Luffy is anything but confident in his role as captain, Nami takes charge on deck in a way. She fulfills the role of Treasure- and Quartermaster of the team, which also supports their authority. This also reflects the historical background very accurately. Thus, the quartermasters almost always bore the greatest responsibility on deck, while the captain was usually a strong fighter whom the crew could trust blindly.


A family finds together

Nami in the hands her big sister

Nami and Nojiko have to work with Watch Bell-mère die

After Nami in infancy and Nojiko at the age of three had appeared before Bell-mère as war orphans, the latter could not abandon the two children to their fate. Bell-mère, who had left Kokos and joined the navy, had been lying on the ground badly injured after a battle and had actually lost all will to live. But when the helpless orphan Nojiko had appeared before Bell-mère with Nami in her arms, she mustered her last reserves and brought the children, feverish but alive, to Kokos in a small sailboat. From that day on, Bell-mère was their foster mother. The only problem the family had was that Bell-mère was quite poor. Ten years before the current era in One Piece, Nami was just ten years young and was burning with interest in the subject of Navigation.

Since she was a very bright child and her mother had no money left to buy books for Nami, she often stole books on her favorite subject and taught herself the art of navigation and chart drawing. As a village policeman, Genzo was the one who thus prevented Nami from stealing a time or two and read her the riot act. The event that strongly influenced Nami’s development took place on a sunny day in Nami’s tenth year. During that time, Arlong and his gang were anchored on the island. The people had nothing to oppose the ten times stronger fish man and had to pay very high taxes to avoid being killed. The members of the Arlong gang combed through Nami’s home village and demanded 100,000 berry from each adult and 50,000 berry from each child so that they could stay alive. Bell-mère, however, could not raise the 200,000 berry for the children and himself under any circumstances.

Although she resisted, she was overpowered by Arlong. Now happened what strongly influenced Nami’s further actions: Bell-mère was just able to come up with 100,000 berry, but failed to deny her daughters. She gave the money to Arlong, who was still unaware of Nami’s and Nojiko’s existence, on the condition that it was for her two daughters. Hearing this, the two ran to Bell-mère for a final hug. Arlong shot them, which their daughters witnessed. Hatchan discovered some nautical charts in Bell-mère’s house that Nami had drawn. Because of her ability, Arlong took her to draw maps for him. He also made her an offer that he would leave Kokos if she raised 100,000,000 berries. Nami did not reveal any of this to the villagers. From then on she stole from pirates and after eight long years she had 93,000,000 berry.


East Blue

Luffy pledges his help to Nami

Nami cries with joy: Arlong’s tyranny is over

Nami has been part of the story since the beginning. The first time she met Luffy was in Orange. She asked Luffy to form a partnership with her. Luffy finally agreed after a few refusals. A short time later, the pirates reached Syrop, where they met Usopp, the Lying Pirate. They also met Kuro, who wanted to kill Usopp’s girlfriend, Miss Kaya, to grab her money. After a tough fight, the Straw Hats together defeated the enemy and his crew. With Usopp as a new member and the Going Merry as their ship, the Straw Hat Pirates set off for the next island.

The next stop was the Baratié, where Luffy had to face Krieg to save the ship’s restaurant. Nami, meanwhile, had other plans. She stole the Going Merry and headed to Kokos, her home island, which was under the rule of the tyrannical Arlong. Luffy also arrived in Kokos after defeating Krieg. There he realized the difficult situation Nami was in. She had had to raise 100,000,000 berries to buy back her village. The Straw Hat Captain then made a decision: he wanted to defeat Arlong and thereby free Nami and Kokos. After a difficult battle, he succeeded. Thus Arlong’s tyranny was ended. Nami was overjoyed and grateful, so she officially joined Luffy’s gang. After the Straw Hats had stopped briefly in Loguetown, they met Crocus at the Cape of the Twins, who gave Nami the vital log port. So they could now continue their journey unperturbed.


Nami breaks down

Nami must fight against Miss Doublefinger claim

In Whisky Peak, the Straw Hat Pirates met Vivi, the Princess of Arabasta, who asked the Straw Hats for help. Vivi asked the pirates to support her in the fight against a samurai, which they confirmed after some contradictions. Together they now set out for Arabasta. On their way to the desert state, the pirates reached Little Garden. There they met not only Brogy and Dorry, but also Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek, both agents of the Baroque Works. However, after a dangerous situation for Nami, Zoro and Vivi, Luffy was able to defeat the agent.

Nami was bitten by a Kestia beetle during the events on Little Garden, which gave her the deadly 5-day fever. Eventually Nami collapsed, so the pirates went to the next island, Drum, to find a doctor. Dr. Kureha took care of the sick navigator. Meanwhile, Luffy freed the island from Wapol’s tyranny. Nami was now healthy again, and the Straw Hat Pirates had gained a new member: Chopper, the reindeer, had decided to join Luffy’s crew as ship’s doctor.

The next island to be visited by Luffy and his crew was Arabasta. In Arbana, the pirates faced the Baroque Works and its special agents. Nami got to deal with Miss Doublefinger, who became very dangerous to the navigator and almost impaled her thanks to her devil fruit. On top of that, Nami was completely unfamiliar with her weapon, and couldn’t do much to counter the agent. After a tough fight, the navigator managed to defeat the agent in her first major battle. Nevertheless, Arabasta was far from being liberated, as Operation Utopia was still underway. Luffy faced Crocodile and defeated him after a tough fight in the catacombs of the Royal Palace. After a big victory celebration, the Straw Hat Pirates said goodbye to Arabasta and to Vivi and was about to set course for the next island, when suddenly Nico Robin appeared on the Going Merry and asked Luffy to join his gang. Seven of them, the Straw Hat Pirates now left Arabasta.


Nami faces Enel

Soon the pirates reached Jaya, where they met Maron Cricket. The latter explained to them the arduous way to the sky island Skypiea. The next morning a huge knock-up stream shot into the sky and with it the Going Merry.

The Straw Hat Pirates eventually reached Skypiea, where they befriended Gan Fall, Conis and Pagaya. While they quickly got into trouble with the law, Luffy vowed to free Sky Island from the tyranny of the god Enel. The latter started a competition between him and his Divine Soldierss and all the warriors located in the Upper Yard, which included the Straw Hat Pirates. Also appearing on the Going Merry were the priests Hotori and Kotori, who wanted to avenge their brother Satori, since he had previously been defeated by Luffy, Sanji and Usopp. Gan Fall provided Nami with his Dial glove, which Nami used to defeat Hotori after a short fight, after Gan Fall had already eliminated Kotori.

Luffy, meanwhile, was on his way to free Sky Island from Enel’s tyranny, but he was first defeated by him. Nami was also no match for him, so she too was thrown from his ship. Nami picked up the wounded Luffy and went with him back to the ark. There the captain of the pirates finally succeeded in defeating the god. Thus the island was freed from tyranny, and the Straw Hat Pirates took leave of Skypiea.

Water 7

The straw hats stand the CP9 compared to

After the adventures on Skypiea, the Going Merry landed again on the Grand Line, where the pirates immediately met Foxy, the Silver Fox. He challenged the crew to a Davy Back Fight, which the Straw Hats won despite unfair actions by the Foxy pirates. Shortly after, they met Admiral Kuzan from the Navy Headquarters, who warned the pirates about Nico Robin, and wanted to finish them off for them, but this was prevented at the last second. After a short recovery break, the Straw Hats continued their journey to the next island, Water 7. First they met Kokoro, the station attendant, who showed them the way to Water 7. Once there, Nami, Usopp and Luffy wanted to exchange the treasure from Skypiea for cash to pay for the repair of the Going Merry. However, Usopp was kidnapped, whereupon the gang destroyed the kidnappers’ house.

After Usopp regained consciousness, a fierce fight broke out between Luffy and Usopp. After a tough fight, Usopp finally left the gang. Meanwhile, Robin had disappeared, so the Straw Hats had to go in search of her. A short time later, they learned of an assassination attempt on Mr. Iceberg, the mayor of the city. Nami, Luffy, Zoro and Chopper wanted to investigate the matter and set off for Dock 1, where they found that the description of the perpetrator matched the last Robin to disappear. Soon the rumor spread that the Straw Hat Pirates were the assassins. Shortly after, there was a second assassination attempt on the mayor. This time Nami, Luffy, Zoro and Chopper were also present, but they could not do anything against the assassins, the CP9, and were quickly defeated. In the evening, the Aqua Laguna arrived, and Robin was transferred to Enie’s lobby on the last sea train. Nami still tried to catch the train in time, but missed it by a few seconds. Kokoro, who had witnessed everything, offered the desperate Straw Hats to take them to Enie’s Lobby on the Rocketman. Overjoyed, they immediately agreed, and began their journey to the Island Without Night. The Galley-La and the Franky Family accompanied them.

Enies Lobby

Nami’s tactics: Mirage Tempo: Mirage

After the sea train ride, the pirates, the Franky Family and the Galley-La finally reached Enie’s lobby. While Luffy had already set out to storm the island single-handedly, those who remained proceeded more systematically, making their way through the city streets filled with marines. Meanwhile, Luffy had already managed to fight his way to the Justice Tower, where he met Blueno. After a fierce battle, he managed to defeat the agent. The comrades-in-arms had now also reached the tower of justice. They managed to fight their way inside the building and climb the roof. Here, the whole Straw Hat gang was now united again to face the CP9. They promised Robin that they would save her, which visibly aroused Robin’s emotions.

Sogeking then took the flag of the world government under fire. With that, the pirates had declared war on the world government, and the battle for Robin had begun. Nami had to deal with Kalifa. After a hard fight and some weather-technical moves of Nami, the navigator managed to defeat the CP9 agent.

The other Straw Hats also won their fights, only Luffy continued to fight his opponent. After a fierce exchange of blows, he also managed to win, but the Buster Call fleet had already arrived, so the pirates now had to defend themselves against the Navy. When the situation already seemed hopeless, the Going Merry appeared among them so that they could escape. The Galley-La and the Franky Family were also able to leave the island in time.

The Thousand Sunny

Nami says goodbye to the Going Merry

While Admiral Kuzan announced defeat across the board, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe, were on their way back to Water 7 on the Going Merry. However, their ship was very badly damaged, so it broke up halfway there. In a touching scene, the Straw Hats said goodbye to their ship. It finally burned down and sank into the depths of the sea. In the meantime, the Galley-La had come with its ship to pick up the castaways. However, after their experiences on Enie’s lobby, the gang now had another big problem: they no longer had a ship. At that moment, Franky burst in and offered the Straw Hats to use the 200 million berries they had stolen to build a new ship out of the finest materials. The gang agreed. Then Vice Admiral Garp showed up and revealed himself to be Luffy’s grandfather. He brought Koby and Helmeppo with him. Meanwhile, during a conversation between the two marines and Luffy, Nami overheard and recognized some of the navy’s technology. Soon the whole town was having a huge party, toasting the victory of the Straw Hat Pirates. After much discussion, Franky also decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp apologized for his mistakes and was also a member of the crew again. Thus, the gang of eight left the city of water.

Thriller Bark

Nami takes revenge on Absalom

As Kokoro had already indicated to the Straw Hats, their next destination was the mysterious triangle. There they met the walking skeleton Brook, who had been robbed of his shadow and could not sail the sea without it. Luffy immediately wanted him in his crew, so he immediately vowed to get his shadow back for him. Nami, Chopper and Usopp now wanted to explore the island Brook had mentioned. They landed on the eerie island, which was teeming with zombies, and met Hogback, who offered them his castle to rest in. However, their stay was anything but soothing, with Nami being harassed by an invisible man in the bathroom and the dining room being full of strange creatures. Meanwhile, the other part of the gang had also ventured to the island to search for the three missing people. They learned that a certain Gecko Moria was responsible for the disappearance of Brook’s shadow.

Meanwhile, Nami, Usopp and Chopper were overpowered by Samurai Ryuma after discovering Hogback’s secret. Later, they watched as Gecko Moria brought his special zombie Oz to life thanks to his devilish power. Shocked, they fled, but in the process Nami was kidnapped by Absalom because he wanted to marry her. Sanji noticed Nami’s absence and immediately went in search of her. He met Absalom, who was about to marry the navigator. Enraged, Sanji attacked him and engaged him in a fight, but Oz interrupted it, allowing Absalom to escape with the unconscious Nami. Nami awoke shortly after and finished off the already weakened Absalom. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates was engaged in a fierce battle with Oz and Moria. After some time, the navigator also joined them. Together they finally managed to defeat the giant special zombie. Now it was Luffy’s task to defeat the samurai Moria. After a short but hard fight, the captain managed to knock the samurai unconscious. Only now Bartholomew Kuma, who had watched the whole fight, intervened. He severely damaged the Thriller Bark and, with the help of his devil’s power, transferred Luffy’s pain into Zoro’s body, which visibly hurt him. After all the fights were over, Brook joined the gang, since Luffy had reclaimed his shadow. Nine of them left the devastated Thriller Bark.

Redline & Sabaody Archipelago

The straw hat gang stands Facing a pacifista

After the adventures on the Thriller Bark, after a short time the mermaid Camie and her companion, the starfish Pappag, landed on the Going Merry. They asked the Straw Hat Pirates to free their friend from the clutches of the Tobiuo Riders. Together, they made their way to their base, where they encountered the traffickers’ boss, Duval. To Nami’s horror, she discovered that Camie’s friend was Hatchan, who had tormented her village of Kokos for many years along with Arlong. Despite Nami’s doubts, the Straw Hat Pirates freed Hatchan from the clutches of the Tobiuo Riders after Nami’s approval and destroyed their base. Sanji, meanwhile, had transformed Duval’s face so that he was now grateful, and gave the Straw Hats his address.

A short time later they reached the Sabaody Archipelago. While the Straw Hat Pirates were having fun with Pappag, Camie and Hatchan in Sabaody Park, the young mermaid was kidnapped by Peterman and taken to the Human Auctioning House where she was to be sold. Immediately the Straw Hats began searching for Camie, eventually finding her at the auction house. Nami wanted to buy her back with the treasure of the Thriller Bark, but the world aristocrat Saint Charlos unexpectedly offered 500,000,000 berry. When the latter shot Hatchan, who revealed himself to be a fish-man, Luffy’s collar burst and he punched the world aristocrat right in the face. This incident resulted in Admiral Kizaru being sent to the Sabaody Archipelago to punish the Straw Hats. Bartholomew Kuma was also present. He dispersed the Straw Hat gang all over the world after a fierce battle.“On this day, the pirate gang led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, has suffered a total defeat…
-The Grand Line, Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 12-


Nami becomes the Wind knots demonstrated

After a three-day flight, Nami had landed on the small sky island Weatheria. On this island, the weather is researched. After Nami had been rescued by Haredas, her rescuer wanted to cheer up the depressed navigator by showing her the wind knots and their effects when untying them. However, he overdid it a bit and created a hurricane-like wind. Nami, who seemed to be extremely sad anyway due to the overall situation, was of course not thrilled by the sudden storm and first slapped the man to make him stop. She had it explained to her where she had landed and was shocked to find that she was in heaven. Nami asked how far she was from the archipelago, Haredas answered her that the island was moving at about 200 meters per day towards the destination. He offered the frustrated Nami to go down to Earth and do some business there. Nami agreed. After making it rain on the parched land, for which Haredas got some money, the navigator asked Haredas if, as long as they were traveling to the archipelago, she could stay with him and learn about his science. Haredas happily agreed. Later, Nami was captured by some of the inhabitants because she had stolen from them. With the help of some wind knots and a weather ball, she wanted to return to the archipelago. Haredas showed up and Nami began to cry about Luffy’s condition and suffering. The inhabitants therefore released her, whereupon the navigator left with Haredas without shedding another tear.

Two years later

Nami and Usopp meet again after a long time

Luffy had left a message for the gang through the newspaper: The reunion would not take place for two years. After these had passed, the gang met on the archipelago as planned. The first person Nami met there was Usopp. Nami had just been attacked by the Fake Straw Hat Pirates after refusing a recruitment offer when Usopp attacked them with his new techniques. Impressed by the changes of both, Usopp and Nami fell into each other’s arms. They left the place and destroyed it. Fake-Luffy wanted to see their heads roll from then on and sent his pirates after them. On the run from the pirates, Usopp and Nami intercepted Chopper, who tried to tell them that Robin had been kidnapped. Both explained to him that Chopper had seen Robin’s fake and took him to the Thousand Sunny, where the gang was just waiting for Luffy. After all the Straw Hats were reunited, the Thousand Sunny, coached by Rayleigh, left the Sabaody Archipelago and dived a short time later, heading for Fishmen Island.

Fish man island

Nami fights against the fish people.

Upon entering the bubble of Fish-Man Island, the Sunny lost its coating, sinking into the waters within the island. While Nami, Franky, Zoro, Brook and Robin separated to explore the island, Luffy, Sanji, Usopp and Chopper were rescued by Camie. She met them again in Pappag’s store. There they were invited to the palace by the promptly appearing King Neptune. During the invasion of the New Fishmen pirate gang, Nami discovered the Arlong Pirates symbol on Hody’s arm, whereupon she ran away and asked Camie to take her to the Sea Forest. There they met Jinbe, Shirahoshi and Luffy, as well as Chopper, Sanji and Hatchan. While Hody went ahead with his plan to execute the royal family and take over, the Straw Hats and Jinbe hatched a plan to prevent Neptune’s death after all, which they succeeded in doing a short time later. After Luffy had defeated Hody and the Straw Hats had taken part in the subsequent celebration, they took their leave for the New World.

Punk Hazard

Law swaps the bodies of the straw hats

After reaching the surface, the Straw Hats heard a desperate voice through the Sunny’s Den-den Mushi, pleading for help. It came from the nearby island of Punk Hazard, which the Straw Hat gang was now approaching. Once there, the Straw Hats found that the New World had a completely different climate: the island was divided into two halves, a burning side and an icy side, due to the battle between Admirals Akainu and Aokiji. Nami, Sanji, Chopper and Franky were captured and locked in a room, but with Franky’s help they managed to escape. In the process, the Straw Hats encountered giant children who asked them to free them and take them to their parents.

Nami could not refuse their request and took the children into her care. A short time later, the Straw Hats encountered Trafalgar Law and the Navy led by Smoker at an exit. Through Law’s devil power, Nami ended up in Franky’s body, while Sanji ended up in Nami’s body. After all the Straw Hats reunited and Sanji, Zoro and Brook went in search of Kinemon, Nami was kidnapped by the Yeti Cool Brothers because Caesar Clown wanted to examine Franky’s body. Luffy and Franky rescued Nami and met Trafalgar Law, who offered them an alliance to overthrow one of the Four Emperors. Luffy agreed. Back at their hideout, Law swapped the bodies back as much as possible. Only Nami had to hold out in Sanji’s body, since her own body was not present.

Nami and Usopp get ready

Nami stayed behind with Usopp to watch over the children they had freed from Caesar Clown’s lab. Later, however, the two were surprised by Caesar and quickly defeated by his ability to deprive people of breath. Caesar took the children back and then presented his new poison gas weapon, Shinokuni. Nami and Usopp were able to escape on Brownbeard and during their escape from the gas they met Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Kinemon. Together they ran to the only safe place on Punk Hazard, Caesar’s lab. There were already Luffy, Robin, Law, as well as Smoker, Tashigi and the G-5. As the pirates pushed on to get to the exit, Mone got in their way and fought Nami, Robin, Chopper and Zoro. When Tashigi joined them, she and Zoro took over the fight and allowed the others to escape. When everyone finally escaped from the lab, they saw Franky fighting Doflamingo’s assassins Baby 5 and Buffalo. Together with Usopp, Nami managed to defeat them and capture Caesar Clown.


Works of art?

After everyone was told that the Straw Hat Pirates had formed an alliance with Trafalgar Law to overthrow Emperor Kaidou, the next port of call was Dress Rosa. There, Caesar was to hand over Crown Doflamingo and destroy the SAD factory so that Smile production would cease. Nami, along with Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke, formed the team that would protect the Thousand Sunny and received a Vivre Card from Trafalgar Law in case of emergency.

Some time later, she and the rest of her team were surprised by Giolla, who had managed to turn the Straw Hats and the Sunny into artistic figures, rendering the ship unseaworthy. Their only option now was to flee ashore. By a clever trick of Brooks the ally Flamingos could be eliminated, however, the Samurai of the seas himself noticed the Sunny by it. He unceremoniously attacked her, whereupon Sanji intervened to save his nakama. In a short exchange of blows, however, he had no chance, so Law took over the fight. In the process, the supernova also traded his hostage Caesar Clown for Giolla and disappeared to Green Bit. Nami and the others then managed to put land between themselves and Doflamingo by means of a Burst coup.

A little later, Sanji, who had stayed with the others, finally contacted Luffy to report that the team was under attack by Big Mom’s pirate gang. After receiving permission to return fire, they were able to escape Big Mom’s flagship with combined forces and a nebula field created by Nami, and set their sights on their new target, Zou.


Wanda attacks Nami

Together they reached Zou, whose back they climbed with the help of Caesar. There they encountered the Mink tribe and a subordinate of Kaidou in the form of Sheepshead. After the latter was successfully eliminated by Sanji and Brook, they explored the alien island and found the capital destroyed and the Minks massacred by Jack.

They were able to neutralize the poisonous gas through Caesar’s devil powers, but Nami was attacked by Wanda, who thought the Straw Hat Pirates were also followers of the Beasts Pirates Pirates and wanted to blow themselves up together with them. After Pedro stopped them, however, the Straw Hats set about treating the injured Minks and then decided to linger on Zou until Luffy and the others would have followed. Out of gratitude and a cultural tradition, the Minks traded valuable robes with the Straw Hats and befriended them.

When Capone Bege and Pekoms, representing the Big Mom pirate gang, then came to Zou to inform Sanji of his true heritage and a planned marriage to Charlotte Pudding, a daughter of Big Mom, Brook, Nami and Chopper were also captured and held inside Capone. Sanji eventually managed to free his comrades and left with Caesar and Capone, while Nami and company were left stunned. Two days later, Luffy and the remaining Straw Hats also reached Zou. Nami and Co. were overjoyed to see their comrades well. They told them about their spectacular escape from Big Mom’s flagship and the events on Zou, as well as the shocking details regarding Sanji’s departure. Together, led by Wanda and Carrot, they explored Zou and paid a visit to the two injured rulers, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. Together with Luffy, Nami also visited Pekoms, who had been shot by Capone, who enlightened them a bit about the murderous past of the Vinsmokes and Germa 66.

Nami’s new climate stick after Usopp’s and Franky’s conversions

After the arrival of the samurai and the revelations regarding Momonosuke’s heritage the next morning, the two Mink rulers led the Straw Hats to the hidden ninja Raizo and the special Road Poneglyph. After Inuarashi briefed the Straw Hats on the special nature of the Road Poneglyph, their journey together on the Pirate King’s ship, and secrets regarding Laugh Tale, he also praised Nami for her skills as a navigator, in which she also confirmed the rest of the crew. The Straw Hats then formed an alliance with the Minks and the Samurai to free Wano Country from the control of the current shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, and Kaidou. Before that, however, they wanted to split up once more so that Luffy, Brook, Nami and Chopper could settle the matter with Sanji on Whole Cake Island.

After Jack’s renewed attack on Zou and Zunesha’s successful intervention, Usopp presented Nami with her new climate stick, which she immediately tested extensively and preferably on him, much to the sniper’s chagrin. Together with Pedro, Pekoms and Carrot, the Sanji rescue team then left Zou and headed for Big Mom’s territory.

Whole Cake Island

On their journey to Whole Cake Island, the Straw Hats got into a food crisis because Luffy had used up all the food in a failed cooking attempt. When the latter ate a poisonous fish and was close to dying, to make matters worse, they encountered a Germa 66 ship, which introduced them to Yonji and Reiju, who are both Vinsmokes and thus Sanji’s younger brother and older sister. The latter also cured Luffy of his poisoning before the ship let the Thousand Sunny go without reporting their intrusion into Big Mom’s territory. Shortly thereafter, they dropped anchor on the shores of Cacao. There, Luffy and Chopper got into trouble, but were rescued by a café owner and all invited into her home. The woman then turned out to be Charlotte Pudding and thus Big Mom’s daughter and Sanji’s fiancée. She made a map of Totto Land so that the Straw Hat Pirates could sail the waters unnoticed.

Nami and Pound defeat Brûlée

On the shore of Cake Island, the gang split into two groups with different goals. Luffy and the others rushed headlong into the adjacent forest, although Nami urged caution. In the Forest of Temptation, however, the Homies and Charlotte Brûlée, among others, stood in their way. Although Nami was able to free herself from Brûlée’s clutches, Carrot was captured in the Mirror World and the navigator was subsequently separated from Chopper. Later, she encountered Luffy and Pound again. Shortly after, the candy commander, Charlotte Cracker, interrupted the conversation. While escaping from Cracker, Nami learned that Pound is Lola’s father and the Vivre Card, which she had received from Lola on Thriller Bark, could easily keep Big Mom’s homies at bay. Nami, meanwhile, fought Brûlée and King Baum, whom she was able to temporarily incapacitate. She then assisted Luffy in the fight against Cracker for eleven hours.

Nami fights against the army of wrath

After her victory over the commander, she and Luffy set off for the center of the island to meet Sanji. Fortunately, they were able to intercept the Vinsmokes’ carriage, but the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook was less than pleased to meet his former comrades and, to Nami’s shock, beat up the defenseless Luffy. Against her advice, Luffy insisted on waiting on the spot for Sanji’s return, when suddenly storm clouds gathered and the Army of Wrath appeared to avenge the defeated cracker. Together with Luffy, Nami faced the army, to which they were hopelessly outnumbered and subsequently captured. They were then locked up in the prison library. A short time later, they were visited by Pudding, who revealed her true colors and raved about the death of the Straw Hats including Sanji during the wedding. Luckily for them, Jinbe showed up, overpowered their guard, Charlotte Opera, and freed the prisoners. On their escape through the castle, they united with Chopper and Carrot, who in the meantime had taken control of the mirror world. There they also made the plan to free Brook from the clutches of Big Mom, which Nami and Jinbe eventually succeeded in doing…. When they were then also able to reconnect with the newly reconciled Sanji and Luffy, they were surprised by the proposal to form an alliance with the rookie Capone Bege to kill Big Mom and save Sanji’s family…. At the fortress, Nami also met Charlotte Chiffon, Capone’s wife and Lola’s twin sister, who enlightened her further about Lola’s past and was extremely grateful that the Straw Hat Pirates had saved her sister’s life back then.

The plan was for Nami, Carrot and Chopper to hide inside the destroyed wedding cake, and then support Sanji’s family after Big Mom was distracted by the chaos that ensued… However, after the assassination attempt failed, everyone tried to retreat to Big Father, but Nami was held by Charlotte Smoothie and had to be rescued by Reiju. At Bege’s fortress, they were surrounded by Big Mom and her band of pirates, and were only finally rescued when the Tamatebako abruptly exploded, bringing down the entire Whole Cake Chateau. In the northwest of the island, the alliance temporarily separated and together they fled from the forces of Big Mom’s pirate gang, who longed for revenge.

Nami uses Zeus Breeze tempo

They reached the Forest of Seduction again and encountered King Tree, which Nami controlled one more time when Big Mom appeared riding Zeus and gave the group a hard time. Nami managed to control Zeus for a while by means of her Black Balls, thus slowing down the Empress’ chase. However, after Zeus finally gorged himself on Nami’s Weather Egg, he swelled into a massive thundercloud, the full force of which the navigator unloaded on Big Mom to ensure their escape for now. Thanks to Pudding’s assistance, the group was finally able to reach the Thousand Sunny, which had been taken over by Katakuri and Perospero. It took Pedro’s self-sacrifice to save the Straw Hats from defeat and allow the Sunny to set sail. Nami then smashed all the mirrors on Luffy’s orders, locking him and Katakuri in the Mirror World for good for now, while they continued to be pursued by Big Mom and her fleet. With the help of Jinbe’s skills as a helmsman, they managed to escape their adversaries for the time being and made their way to Cacao to meet Luffy and Sanji. Big Mom, however, managed to land directly on the Sunny some time later and inflict tremendous damage on her, and could only be stopped with combined forces as well as the sudden appearance of the Nostra Castello, which was carrying the new wedding cake. Off the coast of Cacao, the crew of the Thousand Sunny had to fight off the attacks of the enemy fleet while they waited for Luffy and Sanji to return. The emerging Germa 66 fleet had their backs, so they were overjoyed to get Luffy and Sanji aboard. However, it was the Sun Pirates that finally helped them escape, with Wadatsumi saving the Thousand Sunny from an attack by Big Mom’s flagship. Jinbe then decided to stand by his old comrades and promised to meet up with them all on Wano Country. Reluctantly, Nami and the others set sail for Wano Country and later successfully left Big Mom’s territory.

Wano Country

Situation briefing

On their way to Wano Country, the crew learned about Luffy and Sanji’s new bounty through the newspaper, as well as details about the Levely taking place at the same time. When they reached the coast of Wano Country and were pulled into a mysterious whirlpool, Sanji brought Brook, Chopper, Nami and Carrot to safety, but this separated them from Luffy and the Sunny. They later encountered Kinemon, who led them to the remains of Kozuki Oden’s castle, where they were reunited with Luffy. There, the samurai enlightened them about the fate of the samurai before Law informed the surprised group of Kaidou’s arrival.

While Luffy rushed to engage, Kaidou attacked those remaining in his dragon form. Sanji and Shinobu saved the group from greater harm before being informed by Kiku of Luffy’s defeat and capture. Shinobu then briefed them, and together they infiltrated the living quarters of Kaidou’s subordinates to obtain information about weapons shipments. For more information, they sneaked into Orochi’s mansion during a banquet and were exposed, but escaped unharmed.

Nami attacks Shogun Orochi

After an eventful break at the bathhouse, Nami and company made their way to Ebisu, where they met Tonoyasu, who took his leave again. When the group later learned that Tonoyasu was to be executed, they rushed to the execution site, but they were unable to do anything. The Straw Hats were told the truth about the Smile fruit, and battles ensued against Orochi and his subordinates. The Straw Hats escaped and preparations for the attack on Onigashima continued. After a final review of the situation, the alliance partners parted ways the night before the Fire Festival. Although Orochi believed he had pre-empted the Alliance plan and had the Thousand Sunny attack, the united Straw Hat Pirates appeared off the waters of Onigashima in support of their allies. The Heart and Kid pirates also appeared.


The straw hats united

When Jinbe joined and officially introduced himself as the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Beasts Pirates Pirates no longer posed a threat at sea, and disguised by Kinemon’s devil powers, the alliance infiltrated Onigashima. Nami joined Kinemon’s eastern force, but she separated from the rest with Carrot and Shinobu at Black Maria’s brothel and encountered Prometheus, followed by Big Mom, who captured Nami and Carrot and took them to the concert hall.

However, when chaos broke out due to the attack of the samurai around Kinemon and Big Mom spotted Luffy, Nami and Carrot were able to free themselves. Zeus, however, turned his back on Nami and attacked her out of fear of Big Mom. However, after Big Mom was transported out of the concert hall and Kaidou went to the roof with the samurai around Kinemon, the Straw Hats reunited, only to separate again shortly after. Nami and Usopp came to the aid of some allies and got into a brief exchange with Ulti and Page One, who chased them down. The two stars of the Beasts Pirates Pirates clearly had the upper hand and Ulti challenged Nami to say that Luffy would not become the next Pirate King, but Nami refused and tearfully repeated that Luffy would definitely become the next Pirate King.

When this seemed to seal their fate, Tama showed up with Komachiyo and Hihimaru and rescued the two Straw Hats. However, they were again pursued by the two until they finally ran into Big Mom, who eliminated the two pursuers for the time being. Now, however, they had to flee from the Empress, whom Zeus no longer needed and had replaced with Hera. To make it up to Nami, Zeus attacked Big Mom, but she grabbed him with ease and drained his soul.

Nami attacks Ulti

Nami gave him some Black Balls as a farewell gift, but the climate stick touched Zeus and his soul passed into it. Finally, Kid appeared and took over the fight against Big Mom, which is why Nami, Usopp, Tama and Zeus managed to escape. Afterwards, they met Ulti again and with Zeus’ help, Nami was able to defeat the strong 100-beast pirate. While Zeus asked Nami to be her servant again, the latter suggested him to become her partner, which delighted and motivated the thundercloud enormously, so Zeus immediately flew ahead to clear the enemies out of the way. In the process, they were also able to defeat Bao Huang and use her to broadcast Tama’s words throughout Onigashima. In this way, the poisoners, who had previously eaten Tama’s kibi dangos, were drawn to the side of the alliance.


An early version of Nami from Color Walk 1

Nami’s flag
(top old, bottom new)

Nami’s bronze statue in
Nishihara, Kumamoto

  • Nami means “wave” in Japanese, which underscores her strong affinity for the sea and navigation.
  • Her birthday, July 3, can be derived from a play on words. “Na” here is a short form of the Japanese word “nana” ( and “mi” (=three). So, put together, its name means nothing more than July 3 according to Asian reading.
    • Nami has a plate with the number 73 at the Human Auctioning House. If you look at the two digits as month and day arranged according to the rules of the in Japan usual ISO 8601 date formats (month – day, without leading zero) results in 3.7, i.e. July 3. This fits Nami’s birthday. (Show image hide)
    • During the Roller Race, Nami wears a yellow bodice with the 73 on it. Again, it represents Nami’s birthday. (Show image hide)
  • She initially, according to Sanji, had body measurements of 86-57-86, which Oda changed to 95-55-85 during the course of the story at the request of fans. After the time jump, her measurements changed to 98-58-88.
  • Their two greatest treasures are money and oranges. (Which are often translated as tangerines. These fruits represent wealth and prosperity in Japan. So when Nami says, “I love money and oranges/tangerines!” it actually means, “I love money and more money!”).
  • Nami has a tattoo of a windmill and an orange on her left shoulder. These two things should always remind her of her childhood. The windmill comes from Genzo, who himself wore a small windmill on his cap and the orange stands for Bell-mère, which ran a whole plantation.
    • It used to bear the sign of the Arlong gang in this place.
  • Nami often holds Luffy’s straw hat during fights (see chapter 81) and takes care of him when it breaks (see chapter 22). She also sewed Ace’s Vivre Card into his hatband.
  • Her dream is to draw a map of the world.
  • Oda once said himself that Nami reminded him of a cat, which fits her nickname “Thieving Cat.”
  • In both versions of Romance Dawn there is a female main character who has a great resemblance to Nami (compare Silk in RD1 and Ann in RD2) and not only visually! Silk is also an orphan and she also hates pirates more than anything else.
  • Nami can hold a lot of alcohol because she used to have betting bouts with her victims.
  • The Color Walk 1 artbook features an early design of Nami, showing her with a large axe and a metal arm.
  • Also in One Piece Green, Nami can be seen in an early sketch with a battle axe.
  • Nami’s autograph can be seen on Nami’s Vivre Card and in Volume 333. (Show image hide)
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting. The characters were created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed. (Show Nami’s Character Design hide)
  • On July 31, 2021, at the Moe no Sato Tawarayama Exchange Center in the city of Nishihara Kumamoto, a bronze statue of Nami was erected as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project. Eiichiro Oda specially contributed a colorful drawing he created himself. In addition, the statue was used as a Pokéstop for the game Pokémon Go set up.

Information from the SBS

  • Nami would prefer to be on a spring island in the summer. (SBS Volume 38)
  • Nami smells like oranges and money, according to Chopper. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Nami’s assigned color is orange. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Nami’s assigned numbers are 03 and, in reference to her birthday, 73. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Nami’s favorite food is mostly oranges and dishes with orange garnish/sauce, but she likes fruits in general the best. (SBS Volume 45)
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Nami would be the daughter. (SBS Volume 48)
  • In SBS Volume 56, Oda shows us what Nami would look like if she were male. (Show image hide)
  • If Nami lived in the real world, she would be from Sweden. (SBS Volume 56)
  • Nami’s thoughts are “money, money, money, beauty” and as with all straw hats, “friendship.” (SBS Volume 59)
  • If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Nami would bear the closest resemblance to a sunflower, according to Nico Robin’s Seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi. (SBS Volume 60)
  • Nami, like Sanji and Nico Robin, bathes every day. (SBS Volume 67)
  • Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Nami is. Nami-ya(SBS Volume 72)
  • Nami would be the prefecture in Japan Ehime represent. (SBS Volume 72)
  • Nami doesn’t like orange pie because she only eats fruit unprocessed. (SBS Volume 73)
  • Nami goes to sleep at 23:00 and gets up again at 07:00. (SBS Volume 74)
  • If Nami wasn’t a pirate, she would be working as a kindergarten teacher. (SBS Volume 76)
  • The dish that Nami can cook the best is duck a la manderine. (SBS Volume 79)
  • Like Zoro, Sanji and Franky, Nami doesn’t like eating ice cream. (SBS Volume 84)
  • In a 50-meter race, Nami would finish in 7th place. (SBS Volume 85)
  • In SBS Volume 92, Oda Nami drew at 40 and 60. (Show image hide)
  • If Nami was allowed to give O-Soba Mask another name, it would be “cape.” (SBS Volume 94)
  • Suppose Nami ate a devil fruit, she would receive the powers of the thunder fruit. (SBS Volume 98)
  • Nami likes her fried eggs best fried on one side, poached and with orange sauce. (SBS Volume 99)

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