Naguri of One Piece

Naguri was once a pirate captain. However, after a defeat at the hands of Gol D. Roger, his crew split up and he ended up on Goa in Gray Terminal.

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Naguri in his younger days.

Naguri is already an old man with long, graying hair and bushy eyebrows that almost permanently cover his eyes. On his head he wears a brown hat with sunglasses on it that have orange lenses. Always with him he carries a pipe and his hammer. Naguri wears a dark blue cloak that he has tied around his neck. Under his cloak, he wears brown clothes and grayish pants. There are green sweatbands on his arms.

Skills & Strength

While Naguri normally seems to use a hammer in battle, he apparently also possesses the Haoshoku. As the captain of his own gang, he even went up against the future Pirate King, but they didn’t stand a chance.


Pirate Life

Naguri was once a pirate, until he and his men met the Roger pirate gang. They were easily defeated by them. Naguri then begged Roger to take only his life and spare that of his men, at which point Roger let them all live. The team split up and Naguri ended up in Goa, where he became a trash collector in the Gray Terminal.

Meeting with Ace, Sabo and Luffy

Then ten years ago he saved Luffy, Ace and Sabo from a bear. In the evening he ate with the children and told them his story. Luffy was fascinated by him and wanted to be taught by the former captain about being a pirate.

Eventually, he took Luffy under his wing a bit. So, with the help of Naguri, he managed to use his gum-gum powers in a somewhat controlled manner. Later, Sabo and Ace also joined them to learn some tricks from the old captain to defeat the giant tiger in the forest on their own. Naguri thus taught the boys many things. In return, they helped him rebuild his old pirate ship, which he had always tried to do with junk from the Gray Terminal before. When they finished in the spring, after the boys defeated the tiger together, Naguri set out to sea to find his old crew again.


Naguri’s old flag
  • Naguri is a Japanese word for hammer.
  • His cape is actually his old pirate flag.

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