Myskina Olga of One Piece

Myskina Olga is the daughter of Myskina Acier as well as Livia and comes from the island of Alchemi. She was in search of the Pure Gold.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 17 – Heart of Gold.


Olga has the appearance of a small child, but in reality she is already 206 years old. The Pure Gold prevented her body from growing any further. She has tied her long blonde hair into a ponytail. On her head, she wears a red bow. She has striking red eyes and wears a blue dress with a wave pattern and white pumps.


Olga’s sly look

Olga has a very manipulative character, as she originally planned to use the Straw Hat Pirates for her own purposes. In doing so, she often puts on a sly look with a big grin on her face. She also had no qualms about threatening Luffy with a knife. Despite this, she allowed herself to be carried away and distracted by Chopper, whom she found very cute. She is also very greedy and wanted to claim the legendary treasure Pure Gold for herself at any cost. She has a habit of often speaking her thoughts out loud, thus informing her counterparts of her plans, often leaving them to comment with a startled exclamation afterwards.

200 years ago, she loved her family above all else until her father created Pure Gold and blamed him for her mother’s death because of what happened. Since then, she has held a deep grudge against her father. Since she was swallowed by Bonbori, she has had no contact with other humans, to the detriment of her understanding of friendship. After meeting the Straw Hat Pirates, however, she realized what friendship meant and helped the gang, without regard for herself, to solve the riddles her father had set in the ruins of Alchemi. She subsequently reconciled with her father after learning the true reason for the Pure Gold’s creation.

She also has a fondness for meat and a fear of syringes.


Olga was born on Alchemi 206 years ago and lived a happy life with her parents. But she fell ill with the deadly South Blue Kaiser fever, for which there was no cure at the time. So her father began researching Pure Gold, which would stop her aging process and thus defeat the disease. By the time she was six years old, her father had managed to make the Pure Gold. He crafted a ring and presented it to her with instructions to always wear it. However, the Pure Gold attracted many malevolent people to Alchemi to take it, and during one attack, her mother was murdered. Myskina Olga blamed her father and threw the ring into the sea, whereupon a giant deep-sea anglerfish named Bonbori appeared and swallowed the island along with Acier and Olga. Olga, believing that her father had died, was separated from him and lived in Bonbori’s stomach for 200 years on nothing but fish and fruit. She befriended the water lizard Tibany.


Encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates

Just before she encountered the Straw Hats, she escaped the stomach, but fell into the clutches of the Navy, who wanted to use her to find the Pure Gold for the World Nobles. As the naval fleet, under the protection of a CP0 agent, made its way to Mary Geoise, it was attacked by Mad Treasure and his gang. These wanted to get their hands on the girl as well as to get their hands on the fabled treasure. Olga took her chance and jumped overboard, where her mount picked her up and ran away with her across the water. As she grew hungry, she spotted the Thousand Sunny in the distance and faked a faint, causing Luffy to pull her aboard. However, Olga took advantage of this and captured the Straw Hat to extort food supplies. However, they didn’t take her seriously and Olga was quickly taken with Chopper, whom she found extremely cute. Sanji brought her some food anyway, and Nico Robin recognized the pattern on her clothing as the symbol of Alchemi. She then told the story she knew about Alchemi and the Straw Hats decided to help Olga in her quest. However, suddenly the gang Treasures appeared again and attacked the Thousand Sunny. During the fight, Olga’s ring fell into the sea, attracting Bonbori again and threatening to eat the ships. As they were about to turn away, Olga told the Straw Hats not to fight it if they wanted to get to the Pure Gold, at which point Treasure had turned his ship back as well. Both ships were engulfed and bumped into each other several times in the mouth, causing Luffy to disembark and Olga to chase and rescue him on Tibany. The three of them ended up separated from the rest in Bonbori’s first stomach.

Back in Bonbori’s stomach

Shortly after, dinosaurs appeared, but Luffy was able to finish them off quickly. During the following meal Olga told the pirate about herself and her past. But suddenly Mad Treasure appeared, who managed to tie up the Straw Hat and already captured more Straw Hats. In exchange for Luffy’s life, Olga offered to help him and so she went with Tibany and the other hostages to his ship. There, Olga chatted with the other Straw Hats and learned about Nami’s past with Mad Treasure, among other things. Arriving on Alchemi, they entered an abandoned mine inside which their father’s laboratory and thus the Pure Gold should be, but he had protected the place with traps. Together with the Straw Hats, Olga was able to disarm the traps or solve the riddles, so they made it to the last room. This time they seemed to fail, but Luffy appeared with Myskina Acier, so father and daughter met again for the first time in 200 years. Their father saved the Straw Hats and his daughter by opening a trapdoor through which they fell into the lab. There they eventually found the Pure Gold, but also her father’s notes, which taught her the truth of why her father created the Pure Gold. He did this to save her, causing Olga to tearfully forgive her father. He, on the other hand, wanted to sacrifice himself to stop Mad Treasure and triggered a self-destruct mechanism to bury him and Mad Treasure. However, this also caused Olga and the Straw Hats to flee the lab with the Pure Gold. Their opponent had survived, taken Acier hostage, and was able to take the treasure. Luffy confronted him and was eventually able to win the fight, and while the Treasure Gang lingered in the stomach, Myskina Olga, her father, the two lizards, and the Straw Hats were able to escape from the stomach on the Thousand Sunny. Bonbori then disappeared.

The new life with her father

The Straw Hat Pirates docked on an island, whereupon Olga and her father thanked them. However, her ring was now gone and it was uncertain how long she had to live. However, when Chopper learned what disease she was suffering from, he was able to reassure her. For by now a cure had been discovered and he even had it with him. Fearing injections, she ran away at first, but Chopper was able to catch up with her and give her the cure. After the pirates left, Olga and Acier looked forward happily to their future together.

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