Myskina Acier of One Piece

Myskina Acier is the father of Myskina Olga and the inventor of “Pure Gold”.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 17 – Heart of Gold.


Acier earlier

Acier is a very robustly built man, what with his monotonous diet of only meat for the past 200 years. He has the appearance of a middle-aged man and sports wild blond hair with a full beard. He wears a white lab coat over a green shirt as well as light colored pants tied by a blue belt. He also wears black socks and blue shoes. However, these clothes are completely tattered and are now too small. In addition, to avoid being eaten and fed, he wore a sewn dinosaur costume.

200 years ago he was much slimmer and already had wild blond hair, but it was tied in a big knot at the back. He didn’t have a beard back then. He wore the same clothes he wears today, but they were clean and fit him perfectly.

In the credits to Heart of Gold, he invented a serum that, when ingested, restored his old appearance.


Myskina Acier cares very much about his family and so he would be willing to make a deal with the devil himself to save them. He invented the Pure Gold and never regretted it for a second, even though it killed his wife. After learning from Luffy that his daughter was still alive, he wept with joy and was immediately willing to sacrifice his life to save her once again. After they escaped from Bonbori’s stomach, all he wanted was to live a happy life with Olga.

Skills and strength

Myskina Acier is physically very weak, but an excellent scientist who managed to create Pure Gold and a serum to restore his old appearance. In addition, he was also gifted as an architect, and through puzzles and traps, converted an abandoned mine into a safe hiding place for the treasure.

Through his life among the dinosaurs, he learned how to communicate with them, but also with the water lizards. Furthermore, he can make the water lizard laugh with a certain facial expression, but also Luffy.


Acier creates the Pure Gold

Over 200 years ago, Acier lived a happy life with his wife Livia and his daughter Myskina Olga. But the latter fell ill with the deadly South Blue Kaiser fever, for which there was no cure at the time. So Acier began researching Pure Gold, which would stop her aging process and thus defeat the disease. When Olga was six years old, her father had managed to make the Pure Gold.

He made a ring and presented it to her with instructions to wear it always. However, the Pure Gold attracted many malevolent people to Alchemi to take it, and during one attack, her mother was murdered. Myskina Olga blamed her father and threw the ring into the sea, whereupon a giant deep-sea anglerfish named Bonbori appeared and swallowed the island along with Acier and Olga. Acier was separated from his daughter and lived in Bonbori’s stomach for 200 years, assuming she had already died. To avoid being eaten by the dinosaurs there, he disguised himself as one of their own and lived among them. Because there was always only meat for him to eat, he gained considerable weight in the last 200 years.


Acier can tame Chavez

When it was feeding time again, Acier approached the nest disguised as a dinosaur, but the prey freed itself from its mother’s mouth and revealed itself to be Monkey D. Luffy, a human. However, he was in chains and Acier freed him from them before telling the Straw Hat about his past. Luffy was taken back, having only recently heard a girl with a similar story. Luffy told of Acier’s daughter, Myskina Olga, to which the latter was overjoyed that she was still alive. Both determined to free the girl and the rest of the Straw Hats. While searching for a way to cross Bonbori’s stomach acid, Luffy discovered a water lizard and Acier showed that he could communicate with him. Eventually, he was able to make the water lizard laugh in a staring contest and thus convinced it to carry him.

They named the lizard Chavez and rode off. They arrived at Bonbori’s second stomach, however the Water Lizard’s feet could no longer withstand the stomach acid and they stopped at an island. There they were attacked by Psycho P, who was given the ability to copy other faces – more badly than good – by a devil fruit, but it was enough for Luffy. In order for Luffy to see who the real Myskina Acier was, he asked him to put on his face, which he used to make Chavez and him laugh at the staring contest. Psycho P then fled and Luffy ran into his friends Zoro, Sanji and Franky.

After preparing Chavez to continue riding through the stomach acid, Luffy and Acier rode towards Alchemi while Franky rigged up the Thousand Sunny and the other two set off as well. Once there, they were stopped by Psycho P and Naomi Drunk, but Sanji and Zoro took care of the two, allowing Luffy and Acier to push on into the abandoned mine where the lab, Pure Gold, and their friends and Acier’s daughter, respectively, were located.

Father and daughter are reunited

When Mad Treasure and his hostages were about to fail at the last puzzle, Luffy as well as Acier appeared and the latter finally saw his daughter again after 200 years. To save her, he opened a hidden trapdoor, causing them to fall into the lab while he remained alone upstairs with Mad Treasure. He then triggered a self-destruct mechanism to interrogate himself and the Treasure Hunter alive, however the latter escaped with Acier as a hostage. Outside, his daughter embraced him and forgave him, as she discovered his notes in the lab and learned why her father was researching Pure Gold in the first place. He did this to save her. A battle ensued between the two captains, which Luffy eventually won. While the Treasure Pirates stayed behind, the Straw Hat Pirates, the Water Lizards, and Acier and his daughter escaped Bonbori’s stomach on the Thousand Sunny.

The Straw Hat Pirates headed for an island, whereupon Acier thanked them for everything. But now the ring on Olga’s finger was gone and they didn’t know how long she had to live. However, when Chopper learned what disease his daughter was afflicted with, he was able to reassure her, for there was now a cure for South Blue Kaiser fever, which he even had with him. Myskina Acier now knew that the exploration and the last 200 years were worth it, and looked to their future together with his daughter after the Straw Hats had departed.

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